Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh with Local Favourites next to a Kampong Garden

Soi 47 Thai FoodSoi 47 Thai Food is the go to place in Singapore for authentic Thai food helmed by Thais. You can also enjoy many Singapore favourite foods in this Thai restaurant. This is the newly revamped Toa Payoh outlet next to a Kampong style Garden that you can enjoy after your meals at Soi 47 Thai Food.

soi47 thai food outlets singaporeSoi 47 Thai Food currently has 6 outlets in Singapore. These outlets are located in Orchard Central, Clarke Quay, Tiong Bahru and King George Ave near Jalan Besar and Clementi. We are visiting this recently revamped Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh to check out their chef recommended Thai Food, local delights and the Kampong Garden next to it. Besides bringing authentic Thai food to Toa Payoh estate and community, we are also honoured to witness a spectacular cultural dance to grace the opening of Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh. The dance artists with graceful movements backed by authentic Thai instrumental music attracted a large curious crowd to watch the cultural dance. We get to enjoy some beautiful Thai food and culture that day at Soi 47 Thai Food.

soi47 thai food menuHere are some of the dishes we tried from Soi 47 Thai Food menu. From top to bottom, yellow curry with crayfish, Steamed Seabass with soy sauce, tom kha coconut cream, Deep fried sotong with Thai chilli, claypot boat noodles, masamman chicken, hor fun with beef, Prawn with tamarind sauce, bean sprout with salted fish, homemade Thai fish cake, handmade breaded prawn cakes, seafood salad, salted egg chicken and sweet & sour pork. Drinks are iced lemongrass and ice roselle.

Soi47-thai-food-at-toa-payohHere’s our Soi 47 Thai Food review at Toa Payoh outlet after trying the chef recommendations and their local style Singapore favourite food. The Thai style food are authentic with various choices and the local food do taste like our local zichar food too. You get the best of both worlds – authentic Thai food and Singapore local food here. This place is neat, clean and bright, great for family dinner and friends gathering.

kampong gardenThis is the Kampong Garden next to Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh outlet. This is a newly revamped garden crafted by them that is meant for all to enjoy. There is a thick coverage of vine patio with lush greens and flora, cute mushroom tables and stools, vintage swings, puppy spring ride for children and lots of fresh air. It is a great place to chill after your meal at Soi 47 Thai Food with families and friends, take some pictures and make some pretty memories.

soi47 thai food crayfishYellow Curry with Crayfish ($19.80) is a not too spicy and sweet curry with halved crayfish in an eggy sauce made with grounded spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander, lemon grass and more. Crayfish also known as slipper lobsters has firm and sweet lobster-like tasting meat. This is one of the dishes to try at Soi 47 Thai Food if you love crayfish.

prawn-with-tamarind-saucePrawn with Tamarind Sauce ($16.50) are deep fried crispy whole prawns, coated with a sweet caramel sauce with subtle sour notes. The prawns are seasoned, coated with a light batter before deep frying to a yellowish-red sunset hue. The deep fried prawns looks delicious after frying, these crunchy gems are then tossed into the bubbling tamarind sauce for a beautiful caramelised glaze. These crunchy prawns are sweet tasting and pairs well with the sour undertones from the tamarind sauce and some serious heat from the crisp red chilli pepper seeds.

steamed-seabassSteamed Seabass with Soy Sauce ($22) is a whole freshly steamed butterflied seabass, drizzled with soy sauce and sesame oil and topped with aromatic fresh cilantro, fried ginger and chilli. The sweet and savoury sauce does not overpower the natural sweet flavour of the flesh. Seabass is loved for its delicate and tender flesh. It is a popular dish ordered by many during a family dinner as it is a simple dish that everyone from the young to the elderly can enjoy.

sweet sour porkSweet & Sour Pork ($7.50) are delightful crunchy fried pork in tangy tomato sauce with fresh pineapples, crisp peppers and sweet white onions. This is one of Singapore’s popular and essential family dinner dishes to try.

Masamman chickenMasamman Chicken ($9.50) is a sweet, salty and nutty curry with chicken and potatoes. The thick and sweet curry is best enjoyed atop a bowl of steamed Jasmine rice. This is a curry that is not spicy and a great starter dish for beginners to curry.

Salted Egg Chicken ($7.50) is one of the chef recommended dish in Soi 47 Thai Food. This is a dish with crunchy chicken meat and crispy skin coated in golden sauce. Mildly briny and grainy salted egg sauce with crunchy chicken is an addictive dish and very popular with teenagers.

SOi47 thai food finger foodDeep Fried Sotong with Thai Chilli ($12) is one of the finger foods in the menu. The thick crunchy calamari in hot and sweet pineapple sauce is very appetising, makes a good starter dish to your Thai feast at Soi 47 Thai Food.

Tom Kha Coconut Cream ($8) is a sweet and sour tom yam soup with seafood party in it. This is a non-spicy tom yam soup and is great for those who love to try tom yam but cannot take the heat. The seafood includes fried fish meat nuggets, squid rings, prawns and mussels.

beef hor funHor Fun with Beef ($6.50) are charred flat rice noodles aka Hor Fun that are kissed by some much wok-hei to render it with that irresistible mildly smoky, bitter and savoury flavour that many enjoyed. The tender sliced beef are coated in a silky umami sauce.

beansprout with salted fishBeansprout with Salted Fish ($6.80) is old but gold dish from ah ma era. There are so much wok-hei for a simple dish to bring out the strong umami in the salted fish with sweet bean sprouts. Highly recommended must try dish for dinners with elderly.

soi47 thai food toa payohIf you love what we tried from Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh, do head over. This is where you can get some wallet-friendly Thai seafood and zichar style cooked food around Toa Payoh. You can also visit their 5 other outlets nearest to you for these authentic Thai food and local favourite food by Thais.

Address of Soi 47 Thai Food at Toa Payoh (Featured outlet):
47 Toa Payoh Lor 6, #01-130, Singapore 310047
For enquires, pls call: 6266 4747
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 3pm, 5.30pm to 10pm Daily

Address of other Soi 47 Thai Food outlets:
⌂354 Clementi Ave 2, #01-235, Singapore 120354
For enquires, pls call 6355 4747

⌂ 27 Yong Siak Street, (near Tiong Bahru estate)
Call: 6588 4747

⌂ 181 Orchard Road, #04-08
Orchard Central, S238896
For reservation, call: 6555 4747

⌂ 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Clarke Quay Central #02-78
Call: 6788 4747

⌂ 111King George’s Ave
Call: 6255 4747

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