Overeat Korean BBQ Buffet with Free Flow Wagyu, Sashimi & Oysters at Marina One

OvereatOvereat now has a newly added Korean style barbecue together with their international buffet. You can enjoy a variety of seafood, premium meats for bbq, shabu shabu meats for hotpot and charcoal grill live stations specials. Enjoy the best of both worlds here. In addition, they also have hot stations with master roasted delights, Japanese sashimi, maki and oyster bar, salad and desserts, and even a DIY Laksa noodle bar for dinner buffet.

overeat seafood buffetThe highlight of this newly added Korean style bbq are the variety of seafood. You can grill seafood to your hearts delight with sticks of mozzarella cheese and lots of kimchi.

overeat korean bbq buffetAs with all Korean bbq buffet, Overeat offers a wide variety of all you can eat meats such as Australian wagyu, premium cuts of meats for bbq such as ribeye, flank, skirt and so much more. The varieties of meats available are various cuts of chicken, pork and beef in both marinated and non-marinated flavours.

overeat-hotpot-buffetThere is something for everyone at Overeat buffet. For hotpot lovers, you can enjoy a mix pot of customised seafood and meats of your choice with several soup bases to choose from such as pork bone soup, sukiyaki soup and tomato soup.

shabu shabu meatsThere are a variety of freshly cut shabu meats such as pork collar, pork belly, beef shortplate, marinated chicken and chicken fillets that you can help yourselves to at their iced meat grocer bed. These are sliced very thinly so that they cook quickly and retain the tender meat texture.

overeat reviewHere’s our Overeat review after trying their new Korean style bbq, hotpot with their international spread of hot station food. There is a good variety of meats for both barbecuing and hotpotting. The cook for you charcoal grill live station are great for those looking for charcoal grilled flavoured Chinese bbq food such as eggplant, enkoi, oysters and scallops in Chinese garlic sauce and peppercorn chilli powder. If you love free flow seafood and meats in a bbq buffet, this buffet is for you.   

grilled-oystersThis is the Grill For You Charcoal BBQ Live station. The bbq delights here are on a rotational menu with items such as oysters, scallops, beef striploin, enkoi, eggplant and more. The grill style is more of Chinese style BBQ with heavy use of garlic butter, chilli, scallions, mala and peppercorn powder with stronger flavours and kicks.

Chinese-bbqHere are some of the charcoal grill delights that we tried. Grilled half shelled scallop in Chinese garlic sauce, grilled oyster in garlic butter, grilled striploin with sea salt, Korean style bbq wings, eggplant with fermented bean sauce and stir fry enoki in Sichuan peppercorn powder. The strong flavours should go well with an add on icy cold booze for maximum enjoyment. Availability varies daily.

seafood bedHere’s all the seafood on ice for your bbq and hotpotting needs. Enjoy free-flow seafood such as slipper lobster, crawfish, giant river prawn, tiger prawns, baby crab claw, bamboo clam, shishamo, cuttlefish roll, dory fish, Tioman fish, octopus leg, scallop, conch, various shellfish, hamachi collar, vannamei prawn, grilled unagi and so much more.

premium meat

For meat lovers, the premium meats are great for grilling with their intricate marbling. Ribeye, flank, skirt, oyster blade, Australian striploin, Australian wagyu, flat iron steak, bone in short ribs and more. You can also try their marinated meats in bulgogi sauce, sukiyaki sauce, oyster sauce and bbq sauce. Grill them quickly to enjoy the buttery and soft texture.

There are condiments bar where you can get a variety of toppings. Top with sweet milk mozzarella cheese for a savoury and sweet bite with the chewy cheese texture.

overeat korean bbqMelt some cheese and dip the grilled meats in into the cheese pool, grill with kimchi or even wrap your meat with mozzarella cheese sticks. There are so many ways to enjoy this Overeat Korean style bbq meat buffet.

Remember to drop by their Japanese bar to get sashimi, maki and shuck for you live oysters. The maki are on a rotating menu. On our day of visit, we had salmon carpaccio, salmon sashimi, swordfish sashimi, various maki made with unagi, squid, tempura and salmon.

makiThey also have furikake maki such as unagi tamago maki, squid maki, sesame california roll, shrimp cheese dog maki and more.

master roasted delightsIf you love roasted delights, they also have various Hong Kong style roasted Pork belly. These are super crunchy & moist and go well with some mustard sauce and sweet and sour sauce. Japanese chashu with sweet shoyu sauce, German pork knuckles, bbq pork ribs which are fork tender of honeyed bites. Lastly is the meat Carving station, where you can carve out an all you can eat amount of smoked beef brisket. You can pair all these with sukiyaki, onion, gochujiang & Truffle cheese sauce on a hot water bath. They also have plently of western condiments sauces such as A1, HP, colemen’s ok sauce for your bbq meats and steaks.

overeat marina oneIf you love seafood, meat, Korean style bbq, hotpot and international buffet spread, you can take a look at Overeat at Marina One. This place is great for large gatherings, events and team building get together. It has a large dining food hall with various bars, live stations, hot stations and counter for you to choose from. Lunch and dinner menu are different.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY PROMOTIONAL buffet price for Overeat Marina One
(call to find out more details on the ending date)

Address of Overeat:
5 Straits View, Marina One West Tower, #02-04, Singapore 018935
For reservation, pls call: 8876 0098/ 3138 5314

PROMOTION buffet price for Overeat
Price of Overeat Buffet
Mon to Thurs Lunch
Weekday lunch adults : $29.90++
Weekday lunch kids : $16.90++

Mon to Thurs Dinner
Weekday dinner adults: $49.90 ++
Weekdays dinner kids: $ 26.90 ++

Fri to Sun Lunch
Weekend lunch adults : $32.90++
Weekend  lunch kids : $19.90++

Fri to Sun Dinner
Weekend Dinner adult : $52.90 ++
Weekend dinner kids : $29.90++

Public holiday Eve/ Public holiday
Lunch adults : $35.90++
Lunch kids : $24.90++

Dinner adult : $57.90 ++
Dinner kids : $34.90++

Note : 7-12 years old kids/child price
6 years old and below dine for free

Note: Full spread of buffet items is available for dinner buffet only. What featured here is based on the dinner buffet menu. Menu for lunch buffet will have less items.

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm (last order 2.15pm)
Dinner 5.30pm to 10pm (last order 9.15pm)

Non- alcoholic free flow beverages included.
Buffet menu are on a rotating basis and will differ from what is featured here. Prices and promo are subject to changes, please call to get the latest updates.

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