LAUT Smoke Shabu Grill Seafood BBQ & Hotpot Buffet by the Sea in Singapore

LAUTLAUT Smoke Shabu Grill is a bbq meat and seafood bbq buffet restaurant with hotpot that is located by the sea. Enjoy an all you can eat buffet in this seaside restaurant in Singapore with a fun private beach and dine by the sea experience.

LAUT smoke shabu grillAt LAUT Smoke. Shabu. Grill, you get to enjoy ready to eat smoked roast meats, shabu various premium meats in a hotpot and grill to your delight assorted seafoods and marinated meats. Get a table next to the sea to fully experience this dine by the sea bbq buffet restaurant experience.

LAUT smoke shabu grill buffetIn LAUT Smoke Shabu Grill buffet, you can pick and choose your own seafood, meats, vege, fruits, Asian cooked food hot stations and western fusion assorted roasted smoked meats at the resort style display buffet line.

LAUT-bbq-buffetPick your own seafood and grill them all. With more than 20 types of seafood such as oysters, giant river prawn, slipper lobster, crab claw, three spot crab, tiger prawn, vannamei prawns, crawfish, scallop, bamboo clam, salmon steak, white fish steak, baby octopus, squid legs, baby cuttlefish, squid rings, sea conch, black mussels, gong gong and so much more.

dungeness crab buffetLook out for their special catch of the day, where there are some unique limited quantity prized seafood up for grabs in the seafood buffet display chiller. We got some dungeness crab as the special catch of the day during our visit. It is a pleasant surprise to find this available in a buffet and we need to get some of it to try. The Dungeness crab is large and full of orangey buttery roe with large meaty claws.

LAUT smoke shabu grill reviewsHere’s LAUT Smoke Shabu Grill reviews after trying their entire buffet menu. There are a good variety of seafood variety for us to grill with and various premium assorted meat for bbq and shabu shabu too. While the food are cooking on the stoves, we can also load up on the Asian cooked food from their hot stations and western fusion roasts from their buffet line.

romantic-buffetThe beautiful seaview is also unique to this restaurant and very rare in Singapore to find a buffet restaurant in the sea. They have these high bar stools by the edge of the waters where you can enjoy a cosy romantic bbq date with your love one while enjoying the glistening water, the calming sound of waves, the beautiful sunset and the night’s cooling sea breeze.

seafood-bbq-buffetThe fact that it is charcoal bbq grill buffet also adds a nice earthy aroma to the bbq meats and seafood. We love the family size grill plate that is large enough to grill both seafood and meat concurrently. The hotpot is also large enough to shabu shabu lots of ingredients at one go.

large restaurantThis is a great place for large gatherings. This restaurant has a sheltered main dining area with carpeted grass and large tables. We were there on a Tuesday and it was packed with buffet lovers, large families were there for LAUT’s bbq buffet and children are seen playing on the private beach under the scrutiny of their caregiver. This could become the most popular BBQ buffet by the sea in Singapore.

oysterIf you love oysters and not a fan of al carte oyster, you can now enjoy unlimited grilled oysters at this buffet. You can either grill these oysters in their own briny juices or get some condiments to create your own perfect grilled oysters. We love ours with their in-house spicy mayo mentaiko sauce for extra creaminess to complement the plump oysters. These cannot be eaten raw.

We created our own mix seafood grills with garlic butter tiger prawns, sea salt three sot crabs, Japanese hotate scallop with oysters sauce, baby crab claws, octopus with Thai green chilli, baby cuttlefish with bbq chilli seasoning, squid rings with chilli balachan, sea conch with sambal chilli, mussels with lemon butter and so much more. If you are looking for a Singapore seafood buffet, do give this a try.

laut smoke shabu grill hotpot buffetBesides Barbecue seafood and meats, you can also do shabu shabu hotpot at the same time in this buffet. There are assorted marinated and non marinated meats for all your shabu shabu needs. You can hotpot chicken, beef and pork with various greens and carbs. Their soup bases available are collagen chicken soup, mala, tom yum soup base, pork bone and more on rotating menu.

For meat lovers, load up on your proteins here with various premium cuts, steaks, marinated meats, non marinated meats, shabu meats and even Australian wagyu cubes. They have chicken, beef and pork available for you to grill and hotpot to your delight. Pictured above are some of meats we picked from their more than 20 types of meat display chiller.

bbq meat buffetEnjoy a mix grill of various marinated meats, beef in teriyaki sauce, Korean Gochujiang wings, black pepper chicken, garlic butter beef steak and more. Get more kick out of these bbq meats with various condiments from their bar counter.

roasted delightsThere are various roasted meats in the buffet line such as cumin masala grilled lamb in traditional brown sauce, German pork knuckle, red wine jus beef brisket, Japanese chasu and more roasted meats in rotating menu daily. We were told that these are made in house that includes more than 10 hours of marinating, stew, roasting before these can be served to the buffet line. Do check out these savoury roasts if you love smoked and roasted delights.

laut changi beach resort

laut smoke shabu grill priceIf you love unlimited seafood and meat buffet in Singapore by the sea with a ready to eat buffet line and hot station, do head over to LAUT smoke. Shabu. Grill buffet restaurant today at Changi Beach Club. This is a rare buffet restaurant built right into the sea in Singapore that is great for large gatherings and events.

LAUT Address:
Changi Beach Club
2 Andover Road, Singapore 509984

Opening hours :
5pm to 11pm daily

For reservation/latest food menu/latest promo/LAUT buffet price, pls call: 8870 3998
or reserve via external App- Inline App – online booking below
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