Shujin Master Sushi Bar Seafood Grill Buffet with Seafood in a Bag, oysters & Sashimi in Orchard Cineleisure

shujin master sushi barShujin Master Sushi Bar at Orchard Cineleisure has new menu with grilled seafood buffet, all you can eat seafood bag and a buffet line with western cook food, Japanese street food and their master sushi bar handmade sushi and maki, all inclusive in the dinner weekend buffet.

shujin master sushi bar lobster buffetShujin Master Sushi Bar also included a half Boston lobster baked with cheese for every dinner buffet diners.

shujin master sushi bar dinner menuHere’s what we had from Shujin Master Sushi Bar weekend dinner menu. We tried their new seafood grill buffet where the chef will grill to order the assorted seafood you pick from the seafood bar. Besides that there is also seafood in a bag in 2 popular sauces, ready to eat food at their hot buffet line with various roast, bake meats, sashimi and live oysters from their Japanese bar, aburi salmon with various toppings and more.

shujin-oyster-buffetIf you are there for their shuck-for-you live Japanese oysters, you need to be there for Shujin Master Sushi Bar weekend dinner buffet, these are not available on weekdays yet. These oysters are plump and moist and best eaten with a splash of fresh lemon juice. You can also eat them with the kimchi or Tabasco sauce for more kick and umaminess. You can get these from the same Japanese Bar where you get your sashimi.

sashimi buffetGet these chef cut sashimi of tuna, salmon, hamachi, mekajiki from their Japanese bar near the start of the buffet line. You can choose the type of sashimi inside the clear display chiller and get your preferred platter of sashimi moriawase. Do note that full spread of sashimi is only available for weekends and you get 2 selected types of sashimi of the day on a weekday buffet.

shujin master sushi bar reviewsHere’s Shujin review of their Cineleisure menu after trying the weekend buffet. We like the introduction of the new pick, choose and cook for us seafood grill buffet with its assortment of cold seafood. You get to enjoy piping hot cooked seafood in 4 flavours of your choice. The buffet line also has an assortment of roasted meats and baked cuisines that you can pick from.

grill-seafoodThis is how the seafood grill buffet works. Get a plate and tag it with a number from your table’s utensil holder. Pick and choose the seafood such as slipper lobsters, vannamei sweet prawns, white venus clams, black mussels and crawfish from the seafood display bar near the entrance.

grill-seafood-buffetPick the sauce you want your seafood to be cooked in, hand your picked seafood platter to the Japanese bar server, to get it pan grilled and cooked. There are 4 sauces you can cook your seafood with such as black pepper, chilli crab sauce, salt and pepper and Shujin’s sauce.  Shujin’s sauce is a cream based sauce that is rich and suitable for shellfishes such as the mussels and the venus clams.

seafood buffetWe had them in 4 flavours such as salt and pepper vannamei sweet prawn and venus clam, black pepper slipper lobster, Shujin’s sauce black mussels and chilli crab sauce crawfish. The vannamei prawns are sweet and crunchy with a peppery heat. Shujin’s sauce black mussels are creamy and adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice makes it even better. Chilli crab sauce crawfish are easy to deshell and goes well with chilli crab sauce which is tangy and sweet, could even be better if there is an option to have them grilled in spicy mala sauce.

seafood bag buffetThey also have ready to eat seafood bag in their buffet line. These seafood bags are available in 2 flavours such as tomato cream and spicy mala sauce. Each bag consists of an assortment of seafood tossed well and infused with the sauce.

In this seafood bag, you get assortment of seafood such as large scallops, slipper lobsters, white Venus clams, crawfish, black mussels, sweet prawns in a sauce of your choice. If you are sharing with family members who cannot take spice, you can choose the tomato cream which is mellower. Otherwise dive straight for the mala seafood bag for some seafood with a spicy kick. Pictured above is the mala sauce seafood in a bag option that we chose.

shujin orchard cineleisure menuShujin Master Sushi Bar at Orchard Cineleisure menu also includes Japanese street food such as freshly fried tempura in a light batter, tonkatsu pork topped with mayo and takoyaki with lots of bonito flakes. Pair these with the Japanese cold appetisers such as chuka idako/baby octopus, chuka kurage/seasoned jellyfish, chuka wakame/seasoned seaweed. They even have sides such as onsen egg, refreshing garden salad, coleslaw, garden salad, beetroot salad, unagi salad and kimchi. Do not forget their cold cha soba/green tea noodles with savoury dashi stock and DIY piping hot miso soup with wakame, silky tofu and spring onions.

Also check out their hot food buffet line with various types of cooked food on a rotating menu basis. Here’s what we had on our weekend dinner buffet visit, Barbeque pork ribs with potato puree, beef stew in red wine veal Jus, salmon steak in lemon dill sauce, salt grilled hamachi collar, yakiniku beef short plate stew, sautéed mushroom with sweet onions, teriyaki chicken, baked seasoned greens, garlic fried rice, mashed potato with truffle sauce, bake hollandaise sauce scallop and more.

sushiCheck out their assorted maki and sushi as well with toppings such unagi, ebi, ika, hotate, beef and salmon. They also have aburi salmon in mentaiko mayo sauce, shiok sauce (a creamy sauce) and melty cheese topping.

ice creamEnd your buffet on a sweet note with bread and butter pudding apple crumble & crème brulee from their dessert corner, tropical fruits, cold ice tea with barley, chestnut, apple tea flavours and must get the Korean ice pop with various flavours such as melon, banana, mango and yam.

restaurant for gathering

shujin cineleisure orchardIf you love seafood grill buffet in orchard with seafood bag and sashimi, oysters and a whole buffet line of hot food. Do head over to Shujin Master Sushi Bar today or make reservations to secure a table. It is a spacious 70 seater fusion Japanese buffet restaurant located in Orchard Cineleisure, a restaurant that is great for large gatherings, special occasions and corporate events.

Shujin Master Sushi Bar buffet address:
8 Grange Rd, B1-08/09
Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

For reservation & enquiries, pls call:
8020 4617

SHUJIN Buffet Price
Weekday Buffet Dinner (Monday – Thursday)
Adult – $45.90++
Child -$38.90++

Weekend Buffet Dinner (Friday -Sunday & PH)
Adult – $49.90++
Child -$42.90++

Kids 1-6 years old – eat free
Kids 7-12 years old – Child price

Reservation link:
(this link directs to an external website that we are not affiliated with and have no control over it)

Opening hours:
Dinner 6-10pm
Lasted order 9.15pm
Dine in time: 90 minutes

Buffet menu are on a rotating basis and might differ from what is shown here.

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