Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant Singapore Popular Sichuan, Dongbei & Hunan Chinese Cuisines that Opens till 4am Daily in Chinatown for Supper

jia xiang chinese restaurantJia Xiang Chinese Restaurant at Chinatown New Bridge Road is one of Singapore popular Sichuan, Dongbei & Hunan Chinese cuisines go to place. To celebrate their 4Th Anniversary, you can enjoy up to two of their signature Boiled Fish in Pepper Salt and Minced Preserved Egg with Chilli Pepper at half price for a limited time only.

jia xiang chinese restaurant menuJia Xiang Chinese Restaurant menu includes Chinese dishes from 3 different provinces – Hunan, Sichuan and Dongbei. Their menu includes barbecue skewers, deep fried China street food dishes, homely comfort dishes to banquet and restaurant style stir fried dishes. The above are their recommended dishes Boiled Fish in Pepper Salt (Peppercorn Boiled Fish), Hand-Torn Cabbage, Lamb & Chicken Skewers, Minced Preserved Egg with Chilli Pepper, Crab Flavour Mushroom, Hunan Style Sauteed Beef, Suancai Fish and Chongqing Spicy Chicken.

jia xiang xiao chu kitchenThe kitchen is helmed by seasoned chefs from different provinces of China, each with their own skilled dishes from their provinces.  You can enjoy some serious authentic Chinese cuisine with wok hei and savoury flavours from Jia Xiang’s Kitchen (家乡小厨).

jia-xiang-chinese-restaurant-chinatown-new-bridge-rdJia Xiang Chinese Restaurant location is within Chinatown at New Bridge Road and conveniently located opposite Chinatown MRT station exits. They are no new comer to the Chinese cuisines food scene, Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant is under Pan Gaoling Catering group with 16 outlets in Singapore who is well versed with various style restaurants. You can find their other restaurants and eatery in shopping mall, coffeeshop and food courts near People’s Park Centre as well with various styles of Chinese Cuisines.

pocket friendly chinese food singaporeIf you are looking for Singapore popular Chinese food which is pocket friendly with big portion and savoury, do try their signature Chinese food starting from $1 bbq meat skewers and more and large portion of Boiled Fish in Pepper Salt (Peppercorn Boiled Fish) and Suancai Fish.

jia xiang chinese restaurant promotionTo celebrate Jia Xiang 4th Anniversary, you can now enjoy $10 off cash coupon off $50 minimum spend for in-house dining when you register as their member (coupon / voucher link at the end of this food review). This Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant Promotion is valid for 1 month till 25 July 2024. As a member, you also get to enjoy 10% service fee exemption and up to 15% member discount for dine in. They also have a one-off promo for up to two half price main specialty dishes (Boiled Fish In Pepper Salt, Minced Preserved Egg With Chilli Pepper). Quoting Jia Xiang’s promotion “if you are not satisfied with the Boiled Fish In Pepper Salt dish in this promotion, the boss will pay for you.”

interior家乡川湘菜 has a homely and cosy dining ambience where dishes are cooked to order and served piping hot straight from the kitchen. They even have a 8 seater round table for big gathering or cosy tables for small group dining. If you are there to try their Chinese food, do check with their service crew for their recommended signature dishes such as the Boiled Fish In Pepper Salt, Minced Preserved Egg With Chilli Pepper, SuanCai fish and more.

Boiled-Fish-In-Pepper-SaltHere’s what we tried, Boiled Fish In Pepper Salt (Peppercorn Boiled Fish) with sizzling hot numbing peppercorns. This dish consists of poached sliced fresh Tioman fish atop a generous bed of poached vegetables such as soybean sprouts and bean curd skin noodles. The sliced fish are dusted with grounded secret spices and a drizzle of fragrant oil. Next, smoking red hot oil are poured on the dried chilli pepper, peppercorns and fresh scallions to release the mala flavour and aroma.

boiled fishEach slices of Tioman fish is silky and tender fish and hit the spot when you are craving for a numbing saline shiok bite of boiled fish. The soybean sprouts are sweet and crispy and offers a refreshing bite. The beancurd skin noodles are there for some springy texture and as a alternative carb to fill you up. Beware of the peppercorn when you eat this dish, these are flavour bombs that numb your tongue with tingling sensations when you bite into them.

Chongqing Spicy ChickenChongqing Spicy Chicken are freshly deep fried chicken in light fluffy batter. These are chicken chunks coated in a secret batter and dusted with flour before deep fried to a golden crunch. These are then stir fry quickly in Sichuan peppercorn and spices. These golden savoury chicken pops are addictive with a satisfying umami crunch and a tad bit of numbing sensation. We were told that they can sell up to 40kg of Chongqing Spicy Chicken in a day, hence must try this when you are there.

SuanCai Fish in Sour Cabbage Golden Broth are freshly poached fish lightly simmered in a tangy sour cabbage broth. This is also laid on a generous bed of vegetables such as soybean sprouts, glass noodle and sour pickled cabbages. Slurp up the slippery glass noodles with the rich golden broth with some sweet crunchy soybean sprout and crispy sour pickled cabbage. The sliced fish are coated with a velvety glaze and tender too. This is also our editor’s choice.

jia xiang hunan style sauteed beefStir Fried Yellow Beef (Hunan Style Sauteed Beef) $23.90/ $18.80(member price) is served on a heated mini stove with tealights. These are stir fried marinated beef in red chilli and pickled green horn pepper. The braised beef are caramelised with sweet soy sauce and infused with garlic and cilantro aroma. Springy beef texture with a tender and savoury kick. If you love stir fried caramelised beef with wok hei, you can try this Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant signature.

Crabmeat Mushroom (Crab Flavour mushroom) $15.80/ $12.80(member price) are crabmeat mushroom that are deep fried in a fluffy thin crust like tempura style. These are then tossed in a light citrusy diced pepper sauce for some flavours. Do note that there are no crab meat used in this dish and no crabs are harmed in the making of this dish.

Minced Preserved EggMinced Preserved Egg With Chilli Pepper ($9.80) is served in a dainty pink pot with wedges of century eggs and julienned green pepper. They have a minced for you table service where the service crew will pound and grind the century egg and green peppers into a savoury creamy blend of pungent century egg with refreshing pepper. You can also DIY this pounding for more fun.

bbq skewersLamb skewers and Chicken Skewers ($1.30 & $1 each respectively) are grilled to order meat skewers and coated with secret bbq spices and a dash of sesame seeds before serving. These are grilled to perfection and are umami and aromatic.  Meats are moist & tender and certainly very savoury bites of meats that goes well with some cold icy boozes. We love that these are served on metal skewers instead of wooden skewers, making it easier to remove every bit of meat from the skewers.

Hand Torn Cabbage($9) are cabbages stir fried in a wok with lots of wok-hei. These sweet cabbage has a smoky char soy flavour. We were told that these need to be hand torn for the cabbage to better infuse the seasoning flavours and release the natural sweetness of the cabbages during cooking.

jia xiang chinatownGather your Chinese food buddies to 家乡川湘菜 Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant for Dongbei, Hunan and Sichuan Food at Chinatown in North Bridge Road today.

Address of Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant家乡川湘菜:
189 New Bridge Rd, 01-02, Singapore 059422

For enquires, pls call: 6533 3928
Opening hours: 11am to 4.30am

Jia Xiang Promotion:
Jia Xiang Chinese Restaurant (Chinatown Branch) has been renovated for its 4th anniversary.
1.Register as a member for a $10 off cash coupon with min spend $50. Link to cash coupon below.
(This link directs to an external website that we are not affiliated with and have no control over it).
The merchant’s official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/share/p/Laic6A3BhBZMwJR2/
2.Enjoy up to 15% member discount when dining in.
3.Registered members can also enjoy a 10% service fee exemption
4.One-off promo: Up to two half-price main specialty dishes (Boiled Fish in Pepper Salt, Minced Preserved Egg with Chilli Pepper)
5.Boiled Fish in Pepper Salt promotion: If you are not satisfied with this dish, the boss will pay for you.

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