The Three Peacocks Seafood BBQ Buffet from $39.90++ with Snow Crab Hotpot from 11 Dec till 31 Dec & Moves to New Location

The Three PeacocksThe Three Peacocks at Labrador Park is Singapore largest charcoal bbq buffet with snow crab hotpot, oysters, sashimi and more. They will be closing The Three Peacocks at Labrador Park with last day on the 31 Dec 2023. The Three Peacocks will be relocating after the 31 Dec 2023. The new location is in another beautiful part of Singapore.

the three peacocks promotion buffet priceThis will be The Three Peacocks last promotion 2023 at the Labrador Park before they move to the new Location. You get to redeem this newly added one snow crab leg cluster for every hotpot per table. If one cluster is not enough, you can add-on one cluster of snow crab leg at $19.90++ each. You also get to enjoy the latest The Three Peacocks promotion buffet price from $39.90++ from Monday to Thursday. The above promotion starts from 11 Dec 2023 till 31 Dec 2023.The Three Peacocks labrador parkIf you are new to The Three Peacocks, here are what you need to know. There are Peacocks, peahens, chicken and hens freely roaming the grounds at The Three Peacocks, as seen above. The Three Peacocks buffet at Labrador Park has a relaxed rustic vibes like that of a resort with lush greens and seaside park next to it. The buffet spread at The Three Peacocks has various hotel style buffet lines with more than 100 items.

the-three-peacocks-seafood-buffet-singaporePopular for their seafood and bbq meat buffet, The Three Peacocks has one of the most variety of fresh seafood on ice, marinated seafood, seafood hotpot, baked seafood, fried seafood, steamed and stir fried seafood. There are so many ways to enjoy seafood here, it is really one of the most unique seafood bbq experience in Singapore.

seafood buffetThis is their seafood buffet on ice with fresh seafood. This is how it works, pick your own seafood and bring them back to your stove to barbecue over real hot charcoals. This is your seafood party dream come true, indulge in unlimited seafood on their own or with sauces from their condiments bar. Seafood includes three spot crab, slipper lobster, flat fish fillet, assorted prawns, bamboo clams, scallops, various sea conch, shucked fresh oysters, specials such as flatfish and so much more.

The Three peacocks labrador park bbq meat buffetEnjoy your meat buffet at The Three Peacocks in various ways. Get premium gourmet meats in shabu shabu cuts, non marinated premium steaks, marinated meats in international flavours, assorted roasted meats, deep fried meats, braised meats, spiced meat skewers and so much more here. Get ready for bbq galore over red hot charcoal. We really enjoy the meat infused with char smoky flavour when barbecued over real charcoal.

roasted-meat-buffetIn this international spread of buffet line, you also get to enjoy various assorted roasted meats such as crispy German style pork knuckles, roasted Texas style beef briskets, Chinese roasted Hong Kong style crunchy pork belly, Chinese BBQ pork, Filipino style Lechon Liempo, roasted chicken in various marinades on a rotated menu basis. On our day of visit, we had some crunchy pork knuckle, Chinese roasted pork belly and roasted chicken. We toast them on the charcoal as well as hotpot the roasted pork belly in their savoury seafood soup. Get some of their seasoned vegetables to roast to go with these savoury meats too.

fried-seafood-buffetThis is one of their buffet lines with fried seafood such as prawns, squid, mussels, oysters, fish and soft shell crabs on rotational basis. Get your desired mixed fried seafood platter and drizzle on the sauce of your choice. These are piping hot sauce in a water bath with 3-5 sauce options every time. The sauce above are cheddar cheese, duo cheese, sour cream, satay sauce, buttercream and kechap manis.

sauceThey also have 30 types of condiments such as gochujiang, sambal sauce, Singapore Chilli crab sauce, salted egg sauce and so much more on a rotated menu basis. In additional to these in house sauces, they also have full bar of international style condiments to choose from.

sashimi sushiThey also serve Japanese sushi, sashimi, salad & appetisers made by their in-house chef. Enjoy freshly made unagi sushi, salmon sashimi, aburi salmon sushi, tamago, chuka kurage, chuka wakame and so much more.

Get to enjoy fish cooked in various ways at the buffet line such as Cantonese steamed seabass with soy sauce & ginger, satay fish, herb and lime baked salmons, red and white water boiled fish, tomato fish stew and so much more on a rotated menu daily. Not to forget various other such as Japanese garlic rice, stir fry mixed vegetables, cheese prawns tempura, poached prawns in Singapore chilli crab sauce and more.

The three Peacocks reviewsHere’s The Three Peacocks reviews after trying the best of both worlds – bbq and hotpot seafood and meat buffet. The charcoal stove is great for barbecuing meats and seafood and imparts a great char flavour to the food which we love.

Check out this mixed meat platter consisting of marinated, non marinated meats and steaks. Customised these meats with condiments or simply get the marinated meats, to create your own Korean style bbq meat buffet. Make your own melty beef cubes with wasabi, bone in ribs with egg wash, juicy ribs & caramelised bites, Korean gochujiang ribs with mozarella cheese, pork collar with herbs, beef brisket, bacon & eggs with a crispy delightful bite, chestnut pork collar in scallion cheese roll, oyster blade & wagyu karubi with garlic butter, various wings & meats in international marinades and so much more. With over 30 types of marinated meats & premium steaks, grill them all with condiments or just a pinch of salt and pepper to enjoy the juicy and fatty cuts.

international buffetThere are also various premium steaks, shucked fresh oysters, sushi, sashimi, assorted roasts special premium seafood like the flat fish for hotpot, international cooked food buffet lines and the one time redemption of snow crab leg cluster. Not forgetting the many condiments like duo cheese tray and a myriad of international style sauce and hot food from the buffet line. Starting at only $39.90++ for weekdays, it is really one of the best value for an all-you-can-eat seafood & meat buffet in Singapore.

best buffet singaporeCome experience Singapore largest bbq buffet with so much meats and seafood to offer. Great for gatherings next to Labrador park with spacious under the stars seating. If you are craving for all these shown above and one of the best location (near Labrador MRT with a Shuttle bus service by The Three Peacocks) with an outdoor spot to do bbq buffet, do give them a try.

The three peacocks new locationDo head over to The Three Peacocks buffet at Labrador Park to enjoy this last promotion of 2023 till 31 Dec 2023 before they move to the new location which is equally beautiful. The Three Peacocks promotion buffet price from $39.90++ is valid till 31 Dec 2023 with Snow crab hotpot, shucked oysters oysters, sushi and sashimi included, available from 11 Dec 2023 onwards. Looking for a large place for big groups or company event to celebrate year end or company dinner? Do contact The Three Peacocks to book the place for your needs.

The Three Peacocks @ Labrador Park Buffet Price (11Dec to 31 Dec 2023)
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs)
Adult: $ 39.90++
Kids: $ 38.90++
Add on :$3.90++ free flow soft drinks and juices

Weekends (Fri – Sun)
Adult: $ 55.90++
Kids: $ 44.90++
Free Flow soft drinks and juices included.

PH, PH Eve & Festive
Adult: $ 60.90++
Kids: $ 49.90++
Free Flow soft drinks and juices included.

Opening Hours :
5.30pm to 10.30 pm (Mon to Friday)
5 pm to 10.30 (Sat and Sun)
For enquiry & reservation call: 3129 2374 / 8870 3998

Redeem One cluster of snow crab leg per hotpot per table from 11 Dec -31 Dec 2023.
If you want more snow crab. Add on one for $19.90++

How to get to The Three Peacocks:
Ample Free Parking available or take shuttle bus at Labrador Park MRT Exit A from 5.30pm-10.30 pm (every 30 minutes intervals)

Brought to you by The Three Peacocks

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