Cheese Story Mookata Buffet with Ala Carte Lala, Prawn, Kampong Chicken Wine Broth Claypot at HomeTeamNS Balestier Till 2am

cheese story mookata buffetCheese Story Mookata Buffet has introduced 4 new claypots dishes to their ala carte menu with add-on options of up to 50 side dishes. This is in addition to their popular all-you-can-eat seafood and meat mookata.

cheese story mookata buffet locationCheese Story Mookata Buffet had relocated to a new location from Golden Mile to their current location at HomeTeamNS Balestier(JOM) at 31 Ah Hood Rd. You can now enjoy either the popular mookata buffet or the ala carte claypot menu by the side of a pool. This is a truly a rare poolside restaurant in Singapore where you can dine right next to a pool, while your children busk in the cool pool water You can enjoy a feast of seafood and meats while keeping a keen eye on them.

cheese story mookata buffet priceCheese Story Mookata Buffet is originally located at Golden Mile complex but currently relocated to this new clubhouse location at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier. The mookata buffet price starts from $29.90 nett. As for the new ala carte menu, the lala claypot starts from $19.90. You can enjoy some of the facilities at this clubhouse such as the swimming pool, bowling alley, tennis court, gym, karaoke and games room before heading to Cheese Story Mookata Buffet for a hot meal with your friends and love ones.

cheese-story-mookata-buffet-menuHere’s the ala carte Cheese Story Mookata Buffet menu for lala claypot, prawn claypot, special add-on side dishes that include meats, seafood, vegetable and others. Do note that the option to mix the ala carte claypot menu and the mookata buffet menu is not available yet. However, you are able to have ala carte mookata and the ala carte claypot concurrently.

lala claypot on fireCome experience this newly added non-buffet ala carte claypot with add-on special sides to your claypots. All claypots are cooked fresh with tableside service by chef before your eyes. Be treated to a visual feast of flambé claypot with ingredients of your choice.

cheese story mookata buffet reviewsHere’s our Cheese Story Mookata Buffet review after trying their new menu for ala carte claypot. This newly added ala carte claypot menu has 4 options to satisfy different diet preference such as seafood or meat lovers. The usage of claypot heightens the experience, ensuring every sip is kept piping hot.

scallopOur editor choice is the Kampong Chicken Claypot. The longer the chicken simmers in the soup, the more flavourful the chicken broth becomes. The chicken soup takes on a golden hue as the skin melts into the broth creating a collagen consistency which we like. We also had an add-on side of scallop ($8.80) to heighten the flavours of the chicken broth making it more delicious.

chicken-claypotThe chicken claypot meat also become surprisingly softer and more tender, the longer it is boiled in the broth. The chicken rib cage bones are also boiled till super soft at the end of our meal almost disintegrated into the broth like soft bones.

kampong chicken claypotThis is how the savoury Kampong Chicken Claypot is cooked. Sliced gingers are added to a hot oiled claypot on charcoal. The tableside chef stirs the ginger quickly to release the aroma before adding in the Shao Xing Hua Diao Jiu (a sweet Chinese cooking wine). The adding of the wine flambé the ginger inside the claypot. Wolfberries, garlic, ginger and the chicken parts are quickly added in to catch the vaporising aroma of wine and ginger.

Kampong chickenFor this chicken claypot, they have chosen to use the pricier Kampong chicken which is less oily, with better chicken flavours, firmer and more springy meat texture after cooking. We are told that these chickens are fresh, not frozen ones and delivered daily to make the best chicken claypot they can. They use half a Kampong chicken for each Kampong Chicken Claypot, we feel that it is good for sharing for 2 pax with this portion.

Lastly the soup broth is added into the lightly browned chicken and covered with a lid to seal in all the flavours. We were told the soup broth is boiled overnight with pork bones to give it that comforting flavours. You may request to top up the claypot with these creamy white broth if it runs too low for you to cook your add-on special side dishes or if you simply enjoy the broth and would like to sip more of these goodness.

cheese story mookata buffet lala claypotSignature Wine Broth Lala Claypot ($19.90) is a concoction of sweet plump white Venus clams in a strong creamy broth made with pork bones, flavoured with sweet Shao Xing Hua Diao Chinese cooking wine, sautéed julienned fresh ginger and aromatic fried garlic pops . This is also Cheese Story Mookata Buffet’s Signature Lala Claypot with the chef recommendation.

The lala portion in a single claypot is generous enough to fix your craving for shellfish. If you are feeling the mood for more shellfishes, feel free to add on 500 grams of lala for $8.80. We are also told that live lala are used for these lala claypots. Once the claypot starts bubbling, the lala are ready to be enjoyed.

prawn claypotSignature Wine Broth with Prawns ($29.90) are an umami claypot of prawns cooked in a creamy white pork broth, julienned ginger, fried garlic chips and the MVP of the claypot dish – lot of Shao Xing Hua Diao Chinese cooking wine to bring out the natural sweetness of these plump prawns.

prawnThe prawns claypot are good for sharing for 2-3 pax. We were told that they use only fresh tiger prawns sourced from fishery port daily as they are prized for the sweeter, firmer meats and the bitter sweet buttery head roe. The flavour of this prawn claypot dish has resemblance to those wedding banquet drunken prawns but this version is mellower and more comforting with the piping hot broth.

fish claypotCheese Story Mookata Buffet also has a whole fish claypot made with a deep fried golden crisp seabass simmering in their signature wine broth. Enjoy some sweet delicate meat with a springy fish skin packed full of collagen and occasional pops of garlicky goodness.

cheese story mookata buffet plate

cheese story mookata buffet balestierIf you are a fan of Mookata buffet with melted cheese, unlimited seafood and meats or simply love piping hot ala carte claypot, head over soon to Cheese Story Mookata Buffet today with your love ones for a fun poolside restaurant dining experience.

Address of Cheese Story Mookata Buffet:
HomeTeamNS Balestier(JOM)
31 Ah Hood Rd, 01-07, S329979
For Reservations, pls call: 8678 7876

Opening Hours:
12pm to 2am Daily

For NEW Ala carte Claypot
Signature Wine Broth Lala Claypot -$19.90
Signature Wine Broth with Prawns Claypot -$29.90
Signature Wine Broth with Kampong Chicken Claypot – pls call to enquire
Signature Wine Broth with Fried Whole Seabass Claypot – pls call to enquire

For Mookata Buffet:
Monday-Thursday (12pm to 5pm LUNCH)
Adults – $29.90 nett
Child (1-1.4m) -$15.90 nett

Monday-Thursday (5 pm to 2am DINNER)
Adults – $32.90 nett
Child (1-1.4m) -$18.90 nett

Friday- Sunday (Eve & PH)
Add $3 weekend charge
Drinks are included ( soft drink, fruit cordial, Thai Milk tea & ice-cream)
Food menu same for lunch and dinner mookata buffet.

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