Zuo Ji Duck Rice Porridge 作記鴨飯鴨粥

zuo ji duck rice duck porridge

Zuo Ji duck rice duck porridge (作記鴨飯鴨粥) is one of the most famous braised duck rice in Singapore. There are so many good duck rice hawker stalls to quack about in Singapore local food scene. Be prepared to queue on the weekend for it, but on weekday, this stall is usually a breeze and has less of a maddening crowd. We shall not confuse this Zuo Ji with the another  Cheok Kee duck rice in Macpherson road, although they sound similar.

famous zuo ji duck rice

The frontage of this stall is almost wrapped up in newspaper cuttings and much raved about by local news and TV media. Today we shall review Zuo Ji in East coast Lagoon Food village.

Zuo Ji Duck Rice

rich saucy duck rice hawker

Many beach goers actually recommend them as one of the must try stalls in East Coast Lagoon Food Village. This is an alfresco hawker centre with some pavilions. The go-to place to canoe, windsurf, water ski or cable wakeboarding, cycle or a sunbath in the sun, frolick in the water, have family picnic or have bbq session for a special occasion. It is also the place for some authentic non-tourist trap local Singapore food. The precious seaside food centre that is great for the budget food hunters.

zuo ji duck rice

Enjoy the salty air with finger food such as Haron satay, Ah Hwee chicken wing, Forever stingray to match and perfect this beach mood. Chill with an ice cool beer or sip on some refreshing cool juice of a freshly open-top coconut. For those who are looking for a heavier meal, we suggest to give duck rice a go, you may like it.

Hokkien braised duck rice

History of Duck rice

There are two camps of duck rice sold in Singapore. The Hokkien type with a thick gooey dark sauce of strong herbal tone slathered over the soy flavoured yam rice. The rice is usually steamed with chopped taro bits, fried shallot oil and dried shrimps. The Teochew type of duck rice comes with deboned and thinly sliced duck meat in small bites on white steam rice. The rice is drizzled with some light watery “卤汁” – braised sauce with spices. The texture of the duck meat is firmer and more fibrous compared to the Hokkien type of braised duck.

sides of zuo ji duck rice porridge

Zuo Ji Duck Rice. Duck Porridge specializes in flavourful duck dishes that comes with add on sides such as hard boiled braised eggs, taupok(fried beancurd puffs), taukwa(firm bean curd), duck web, wings, liver, intestines, gizzards, peanuts, preserved vegetables, porridge and rice. The sides are well braised in a soy sauce stew with spices such as star anise. They have taken on a strong spice flavour besides being saline.

zuo ji duck rice

Here’s the menu of Zuo Ji Duck Rice. Duck Porridge.

zuo ji duck rice

A single serving of deboned duck rice ($3.50) comes with rice, some duck breast meat, sliced cucumber and garnish.


Remember to ask for the soup as well. The soup is light and had a chicken flavour.

duck rice at east coast

Duck is sliced super thin and small, mildly chewy texture with a strong soy flavour. Since the meat is chopped to smaller bites, the sauce can easily be absorbed and makes it more savoury.

soy flavoured rice

The rice is soft and soaked with the saucy gravy. Every grain is coated with the thick, fragrant and gooey glaze. If you ever get overwhelmed by the extreme flavours, just chomp on the refreshing cucumber sticks in the plate to cut the grease or salinity.

sambal chilli

There are two type of chilli – the sour chilli sauce (light orangey hue) is watery and helps to balance the rich flavours of the duck. The thick dollops of sambal chilli (deep red hue) which is smoky, rich with red chilli oil and “hae bee” (shrimps). The regulars will take both chill and mix them together for the rich sambal flavour and also the tanginess from the watery type of chilli. The red sambal chilli is a must try for this duck rice and adds the oomph factor to it.

Zuo Ji Duck Porridge

zuo ji duck porridge

Do swing by if you are near East Coast Park.

Opening hours
11am to 7.30 pm (Mon- Fri)
9.30am to 7.30pm (Sat-Sun)

Location of Zuo Ji Duck Rice. Duck Porridge 作記鴨飯鴨粥 Location:
East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway, unit 01-29, Singapore 468960

Tel: +65 6445 4222

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