20 Things to Do to Overcome Boredom at Home

chinese-food hae mee
There has never been a better time to rediscover your interest and speak to yourself before we return to our busy schedules. Turn your home into a experimental ground for some adventure you have never try before. Staying home can be fun and fulfilling if you try add the below activities to your routine.

1. Learning how to cook without looking at a recipe and just explore. For serious learners, time to dive into traditional recipes from grandmas, mothers, sisters or try out online recipe for a change. Make a Dalgona coffee, Dalgona Thai milk tea or Dalgona Milo, the possibilities are endless. Put a change to your routine life. You will be shocked how intense some food recipe are, try your hands on hae mee, chicken katsu, ban mian, curry chicken, seafood tom yum soup, fried spring rolls, DTF style fried rice, Jajangmyeon and Singaporean dishes. After learning to cook, you will gain a new respect for those cooking for you, like your mom, the hawkers and your canteen vendors.

20 things to do to overcome boredom at home2. Get productive and tackle all those work that you have being procrastinating and get them all in place. Go online and learn a new craft or skill that will help you grow as an individual or something that you enjoy that will boost your confidence level and generate positive vibes within.

self-sustainability greenhouse3. Take on projects that you never have time for or were left stranded halfway when you were busy. Repotting all the overgrown plants, putting up the green wall you always wanted or even building your own indoor greenhouse for self-sustainability and make less trip to the supermarket.

sour dough bread4. Take advantage of this massive time you have on hands. Bake your own croissant, multigrain sourdough bread and make your own starter! Sourdough breads are healthier alternatives to your store bought sliced white bread. Sourdough bread uses a homemade starter to replace the store bought yeast. The sourdough bread is healthier and more nutritious, great for those who needs to lower their blood sugar level but still wants the goodness of waking up to bread with jam and a cup of hot coffee latte. Eat better to feel better. Try an overnight oats recipe as well to go with your bread or make your own almond milk.

online shopping5. Do some online shopping, take advantage of the sales and free delivery now. Stay home and still get your needs met. Get some meal kits and groceries online.

watercolour painting6. Revive the artist in you and reconnect with yourself. Learn some new painting techniques online and surprise yourself with some incredible artwork that you are proud enough to frame and gift them to your love ones.

7. Take out your markers, colour pens and a piece of cardboard. Design your own board games and play by your rules.

bullet journal8. Journaling about your days in this circuit breaker, self reflection on your priorities, strengths, struggles and hopes for the future.  Keep track of the daily news and pen your thoughts and feelings, a healthy way to release the pent-up feelings and chase away anxiety. Be grateful of what you have and give thanks for all the little things in life that sparkle joy in you. Journaling also help you keep track of time and be more observant of the on-goings daily.

thank you notes9. Write some thank you notes, old school letters and snail mail them to your love ones with encouraging words to lift some spirits. FaceTime your friends to keep in touch or call your family members to encourage one another during this time.

10. Get on Netflix and do a Netflix party with your friends and extended family in the comfort of their own individual house. They offer a free month of unlimited service with access to all Netflix TV shows and movies, terms and conditions applies. Get connected remotely through watching the same show simultaneously and chat using the shot box in real time. Good show deserves your time. Catch some of the popular ones such as Love is Blind, Tiger King and Next in Fashion etc. You can also do a marathon stay home movie night on Marvel movies and Disney Cartoons. While watching Netflix, learn a new language by turning on a different subtitle in another language. Get entertained and enrich yourselves simultaneously. If you are looking at budget entertainment with good contents, YouTube is an informative platform with various diverse contents.

11. Learn Tik Tok dances or a new skill on the internet. Learn a new dance, salsa, rumba, hip hop and be equipped with latest trending dance moves. Perfect bonding time with siblings, niece and nephews. Fun, great way to exercise and get those joints moving.

self care foam bath12. Time for self care to those nails, hair and body you have been neglecting all these while. Paint your own nails, put on a moisturising face mask, and soak in a tub with some relaxing music with an aromatherapy while reading a book. Do a deep exfoliation with some homemade body scrub with organic brown sugar, essential oil and coconut oil. This is going to be your stay home spa day. Wax or trim unsightly hair and get rid of the white heads residing on your nose with a sticky nose pore strip.  Get your glow going and emerge out of this stay home circuit breaker with radiant skin.

yoga13. Wake up to sunrise and drink in the goodness of the morning sun and light crisp breeze with some stretching exercise, yoga, Pilates and mediation. Be mindful of your body, regulate your breathing and loosen all those tight knots in your body. Getting a workout but in a really relaxing way. You may feel sore after working out after a long break from being active. It may be a sign that your muscles are getting a good stretch and getting stronger. Keep going and plan a routine to keep you mental and healthy.  Cleaning out everything within sight. Clear space helps to declutter the mind and reduce the chance of you getting stress panic attacks. Declutter your digital junks on your phone, reorganising documents on your computer, catching up on emails, unfollow accounts on social media that no longer interest, motivates or inspires you.

diy wallpaper geometric design14. Rearrange your bedroom, living room furniture and freshen up the space. Hang some air purifying house plants for better indoor air quality. Give your plain wall a facelift with some artsy DIY wall stickers or paint some trendy geometrical patterns on it with approval from your parents if you are under their roof.

fort15. Build a temporary blanket tent fort in your house, lit up with fairy lights and enjoy a camp night out in the comfort of your own home. Shadow play and enjoy some time with your love ones or little ones. You are still at home but inside a new space defined by the fort.

16. Deep clean your house. It is good for your mind as well as for your home, nice clean and sanitised. Cleaning the house also makes a good exercise. Keeping thing sanitised is crucial during this outbreak of pandemic.

17. Reorganise your items that you hardly used and donate them. They could help another in this time of needs; good items will be food items, blankets and clothes for homeless people or laptops, up cycle books for the less privileged group.

coffee-reading18. Read some novels that were left off half way while sipping on some hot coffee and chocolate bites. Learn some new things and get inspired.

playing ukulele19. Learn an instrument or brush up rusty skills again. Cultivate a new hobby like knitting, playing ukulele, baking, cooking, dancing, gardening, writing, photography and whatever that interests you.

sleeping man20. Catch some sleep and rest.

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