Korean Oven Fried Chicken & Pizza Islandwide Home Delivery

pizza-korean-oven-fried-chicken-pizzaEnjoy the best of both worlds, Korean oven fried chicken (KFC) made with fresh chicken only and three cheese handcrafted pizza with home delivery by The Three Peacocks.

korean-fried-chicken-spicyCustomise your Korean oven fried chicken with one of these crowd favourite flavours such as yangnyeom (sweet spicy), honey soy, original, snowing cheese or snowing curry. The chef recommendation is the honey soy for those who love a combination of sweet and savoury Korean style oven fried chicken.

yangnyeomThe chef recommendation is the yangnyeom (sweet spicy) for those who loves a combination of sweet and comes with a spicy kick Korean style oven fried chicken. Rich and gooey red chilli pepper sauce with undertones of grounded spices. Get ready you ice cold beer to go with these Korean style oven fried chicken.

snowing curryThey have also adjusted the flavours to suit local palate by introducing snowing curry Korean style oven fried chicken and in original flavour to go with your trusted maggi chilli sauce.

snowing cheeseFor those who love a cheesy rich Korean oven fried chicken, you can try their snowing cheese oven fried chicken with cheese in fine snowy texture.

After choosing the flavours of Korean style oven fried chicken, proceed to choose the parts of the chicken preferred, half chicken, full chicken, tenders, whole wings, 300g, 600g or 1kg of oven fried chicken for the hearty chicken lovers.

kimchiAll orders of Korean oven fried chicken come with one pickled radish side or side of the day (coleslaw, cucumber pickle, kimchi etc).

beef bulgogi pizzaYou can also enjoy some K pizza together with the Korean oven fried chicken. Their pizza come in 4 flavours – Yangnyeom (sweet spicy), honey soy, kimchi (vegan) and Korean bulgogi (chicken or beef). Korean bulgogi K pizza is topped with stir fried (beef or chicken) bulgogi with sweet onions, carrots, spring onions and topped with 3 types of oven melted cheese.

honey soy chicken crispy pizzaHoney soy K pizza is topped with savoury shredded chicken tossed in honey soy sauce with chopped parsley atop 3 types of melted cheese. Enjoy chicken with a light hint of black pepper and tomato based pizza crust.

kimchi pizzaKimchi (vegan) k pizza is the pizza that is meatless and topped with handmade kimchi in house. Expect a unique combination of nicely fermented cabbage flavour with 3 types of savoury cheese.

honey soy chicken pizzaYangnyeom (sweet spicy) K pizza is topped with shredded oven fried chicken in sweet and spicy gooey sauce and held together with 3 types of melted cheese. Combination of oven fried chicken, sweet tomato base and spicy kick of the Yangnyeom.

Korean oven fried chicken pizzaCheck out the stringy cheese pull and the fluffy crust to pair with the oven fried chicken chunks, the best comfort food to stay home for.

Check out this sea of savoury browned melted cheese atop the fluffy crust.

K pizza topped with moist oven fried Korean style chicken and delightful nutty crunch from the sesame seeds.

chicken skinEnjoy some stress busting crunchy chicken skins in sweet spicy sesame dips. These are so addictive and can’t stop at one.

honey soyEnjoy K pizza and Korean oven fried chicken from the comfort of your home now.

korean oven fried chickenHere is the menu for the Korean feast.

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