Makeover Your Home In These Five Popular Styles

bohemian-styleMakeover your cozy nest to look like the centerfold of a interior fashion magazine with these guidelines for 5 popular interior style. The five design styles are Scandinavian, nautical, farmhouse, industrial and bohemian.

scandinavian-designScandinavian designs are great for those who love simple, modern and functional design for their house. Colour used are neutral (i.e. grays, beige, white, black) and muted colours.

scandinavianFor a more modern take to this style, dusty pinks and sea green are added for a pop. Walls are painted white (i.e. egg white, vanilla or other shade of white) to reflect more light into the interiors and keep the interior finishing uniformly bright.

Light hardwoods like beech, ash and softwood pine are used for the furniture, fixtures and floorings. The interior is reminiscing of a natural forest with abundance sunlight.

scandinavianFurniture used is usually clean lined solid pieces with regular shapes, curvy and rounded. Soft finishing used is often in organic, botanical reminiscent of how nature propagates, braided and plaited.

Textured rugs, knitted blankets, cotton, warm textile, mohair, hemp baskets, leather, wool, cowhide and sheepskins are often used to make the place cosier. Clutter free and visually empty space usually exposing whitewashed walls with almost non-existence of decorative items. Black framed wall art is utilised to bring a fun factor to the style that usually features abstract doodle and fun splash of neutral organic geometric shapes or portraits. Maximise use of natural light into the space. Window treatment is almost non-existence, however use of some sheer and linen curtains for some filtered light is still acceptable in this style of design. Metallic elements such a copper and brass are used in the light fixtures to being some sparks into the interiors. Light fixtures are often in the form of pendants, candle tree on window sills or as centre piece on tables, tealights and floor lights to add some glow and romanticize the space.

Plants and fresh flowers are a common sight to bring in some nature, movement and life into the very calm design. Fresh flowers are reminiscent of the sidewalk florist and the flora scent it bring about. Fresh flowers that are popular for this design style are tulips, white lily and white rose in clear cylindrical vase. Popular scandi plants are pothos, ferns, snake plant, succulents, cacti in ceramic pots or wicker baskets.

Nautical design is great for those who love a sea, sand and beach vibe. Colour used are white base and boost of blue accents. Walls are painted white or cool blue and can be made up of shiplap boards in light colour wood.

Dark aged hardwood with large grain are used for the furniture, fixtures and floorings.

nautical-design-styleThe interior is reminiscing of a ship cabin but with bright abundance light.

modern nauticalFurniture used are usually clean large pieces with stripes of blue and white or red and white stripes in tough canvas material with light coloured wood.

In place of rugs are ropes, lantern lights, decorative sea shells, ships anchors, corals, driftwood, hammocks, bold striped patterns cushions, aged nautical flags in (red, blue, white), antique cage lights, oil lamp, surfboard, ship wheel, fishing nets, paddle, life buoy, boats, yachts and ship models.

The washroom is the best place to manifest the nautical design style by simply using blue and white mosaic, seashell tiles and blue theme. Window treatment is usually made of repeated patterns of nautical elements such as anchors, ship wheels and others.

Light fixtures are often in the form of wicker finish, can be a nautical tripod floor lamp, wall mounted coastal light, pendant lamp, in black, white or brass finish.

In place of plants, the decorative elements are seashells, round mirrors like porthole, weather beaten ropes windows, sea chests and anything related to sea.

farmhouse designFarmhouse design are great for those who love tranquil, practical and functional design for their house. Colour used are neutral (i.e. grays, beige, brown) and white as the main base colour. Walls are painted white (i.e. vintage white, cream or other milky shade of white) to impart a feeling of laid back farm house outlook. Floors are large wide planks of distressed hardwood or softwood pine. Furniture used are usually practical with emphasis on storage function over decorative. Simple distressed wooden furniture with clean lines.

rustic-farmhouseFinishing used are often related to farmhouse elements such as hanging barn door, black and iron fixtures, galvanized pails, brass bronze hardware, industrial type of pendant lamps, wood basket and black wired baskets. Soft finishing used are organic wood, hemp, jute and cotton. Textured hand-woven rugs are often used to make the place more in tune with nature. The decorative items have to be functional to be considered a farmhouse design element. The interior is pivoted on blurring the line between outside with the inside.

farmhouseWall art are usually large clocks, wooden signage with heart warming verses, vintage farmhouse window frames and chalkboards. Metallic elements used are brass bronze hardware and industrial like iron are used in the oversized light fixtures to bring about the old hand-me-down farmhouse vibe.

Mason jars, ceramic pots, glass vase and milk bottles are common sight in a farmhouse kitchen. Plants are usually greens with very little flora elements. Box plant, topiary balls and succulents housed in farmhouse wares such as white mason jars, macramé hangers, teacups, milk jar, milk crates, galvanised pots, brown wicker baskets, terracotta pots, baskets, terrarium, glass globes and wood boxes.

leather-sofa-industrialIndustrial design (industrial home interior) are great for those who love rustic untreated distressed wood, exposed ceiling beams, pipes, ducts, building materials, cement floor and raw exposed red brick walls design in their house. Colour used are beige, grey, burnt orange, black and brown colours.

industrial styleAccent colours such as blue and red are also welcomed to add a pop to the space. Walls are usually exposed red brick walls that can be painted or unpainted with metal elements attached to it be it pipes, ducts, metal steel shelves with distressed wood, open flight staircase, large open windows and floor to ceiling powdered coated steel ladders. Wood, concrete screed or tiles in the shade of concrete for more practicability. Furniture used are usually vintage unfinished wood, concrete or leather pieces with exposed steel metal structures. These furniture are often leather, weathered look, vintage or linen low backed upholstery with steel nail heads. Pillows are visually strong grained leather or woven textile with colourful artistic design.  Rugs employed are often vintage, antiqued, distressed in neutral, washed out patterns or dimmed single gradient tones. Gray, crimson red, burnt orange, blue are colours that goes well with industrial design interiors. Hand knotted Asian, textured or woven jute rug are recommended. Stainless steel kitchen counters top, stone countertop kitchen, distressed kitchen island counter with exposed duct works and commercial hood.

industrial-styleThe industrial design almost brings to mind loft, old linen factory, warehouse, old doctor’s office and laboratory with their cold metallic pieces. Popular picks are those steel structured arm chairs that are inspired by the French industrial café arm chairs and backless stools. Decorative art in industrial design looks like they are salvaged from a yard sale, recycled thrift shops materials, heirloom, vintage or restored items and are should be conversational pieces.  The industrial look should be one of open plan flowing space without dividing walls with high ceiling.

Metallic elements such polished chrome, nickel finishing, iron, copper, tin and steel juxtaposed with distressed wood for added character and age to industrial design.

Light fixtures are often in the form of Edison light bulbs with steel geometric design light “shade”, low hanging wide shade pendant lamps, pendant lights with mechanical parts like wheels, pipes, pulley, chains or gears.

bohemian-interiorBohemian design are great for those who love vibrant, patterned, cross cultured unique bold colourful design for their house. Bohemian refer to a free-spirited and often arty person. Colour used is a simple base colour that is warm and earthy colour contrasted with jewel and deluxe colours (mossy green hue, burgundy, golden yellow, saffron, amethyst, jade, emerald green, zesty orange, magenta and turquoise) and patterns.

Walls are decorated with cultural handwoven pieces of tapestries, paintings, pictures and textures. Wallpaper with tropical ferns, palm patterns are also hot favourite in Boho design. Furniture are layered with fabric of different geometric prints that has a cultural tone to it. The interior is a plethora of colours with a consistent colour theme and shades of the same family, pattern and heavy layering.

Furniture are low backed pushy sofa as close to the floor as possible, various size of floor cushions, bean bags and poufs that you can chill on the floor with your love ones and guests. These floor cushions also double up as coffee table by putting a tray atop them. These cushions are decorated with tassels and pompoms which is distinctive of feature of boho soft furnishings. The whole idea of a Boho living room revolves around chilling as close to the floor as possible on a comfy rug. Swinging bohemian hammocks with crochet fringe or net hammock chairs with woven macramé are also a Boho feature which brings an easy and relax lounging vibe to the house. Art in Boho homes are usually woven wall textile pieces of geometric patterns.

bohemian lampLight fixtures are pendants with decorative with patterns, cultural pieces (especially of Moroccan design) or woven rattan lights that can be a statement in itself. String light, Moroccan lanterns with painted glass and intricately designed brass lanterns are also a Boho feature. Metallic elements such a mirrors and mosaic decorative wall arts are also very distinctive of Boho style.

bohemian-styleHanging plants are used to bring a laid back feel to the space. Boho plants that are used are usually of various scales from hanging from a macramé  plant hanger, green wall pocket planters, floating planter, succulent planter to terrariums. Popular Boho plants are snake plant, palm, monstera, cacti, bird nest ferns or any big leafy shrubs in ceramic pots and terracotta pots.

With these tips and design guidelines on hand, you should know what to add to your shopping cart to achieve your desired home style.

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