Easy No Bake Tiramisu Cake In 10 minutes For Special Occasion.

Easy no bake eggless tiramisu cake in 10 minutes for Mother’s day or any other occasion.

tiramisu-roundTiramisu is an Italian dessert cake that is rich and creamy with a layer of cocoa powder.

tiramisu vanilla Usually with a strong espresso flavour, layer of complex spongy cake-like texture interlaced with smooth as butter light airy creamy cheese- mascarpone mousse. The preparation is relatively simple with no baking required.

tiramisu partyThis is a quick easy recipe but yields a decent dessert cake to share with your family. Good news for those who are going eggless in their diet, this recipe is egg-free unlike most of the traditional Tiramisu cakes recipe that requires eggs and hence keeps longer in the fridge.

whipped-mascarponeThe ingredients are  1 ½ cup of whipping cream, 1 ½ cup of mascarpone cheese, ½ cup sugar and 2 tsp of vanilla essence(vanilla  extract or straight from a vanilla pod), 1 tsp rum or XO (optional), 2 cups of espresso (Kopi O also can), 2 packet of ladyfingers biscuits and cocoa powder( sugar free one).

Get a mixing bowl, add sugar, vanilla essence into the heavy whipping cream. Hand whisk or use a standing mixer ball whisk and whisk till soft peaks. Next add mascarpone and mix till the cream is all incorporated and stiff peaks forms. The texture should be thick and creamy.

dipping ladyfingerDunk the half of the lady finger biscuits into the Espresso and lay the base of dish with them. Spread the mousse atop the lady finger biscuit gently. Repeat the lady finger again and spread another layer of mousse on top.

tiramisuPipe little domes of mousse for a ridge finish and pop into fridge for 8 hours or overnight with a kitchen cling wrap. The tiramisu are those cakes that taste better when given some time to chill and “marinate” in the fridge.

Spray some rum and dust a layer of cocoa powder just before serving .This portion of Tiramisu cake serves 4 pax or more.

tiramisu-with-coffeeThe Tiramisu go best with hot chocolate or coffee.

matcha tiramisuYou can also make variation of the tiramisu, like matcha tiramisu, choco chip tiramisu, hojicha tiramisu, Milo tiramisu, Gula Melaka tiramisu, mixed berries tiramisu and the list goes on.

tiramisu berryHere is how mixed berries Tiramisu looks like. The berries go in between two layer of mascarpone mousse and topped with some fresh rasberries.

mother day celebrationHappy Holidays and enjoy a simple fuss free Tiramisu with your love ones.

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