Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant Largest Seafood Selection With Islandwide Free Delivery With Minimum Order $80

xi yan seafood restaurantSingapore largest live seafood selection with a wide range of premium affordable live seafood including cook for you service at no extra charge, handmade Hong Kong style dim sum, ala carte and bento is now available at Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant with free delivery islandwide above $80.

xi yan seafood restaurant live seafood dim sumThere is a further 20% off for self collection on all live seafood, ala carte and dim sum. In additional to that, Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant also has self collection gift for bill $100 and above. Redeem free Xi Yan brand abalone and New Moon bird nest based on the amount of your self-collection bill.

xi yan seafood restaurant live chilli crab boston lobster promotionGet $38 nett* for Live Boston Lobster *approx 500-600g and $10 for the 2nd 500-600g live Boston Lobster. They also have Boston lobsters that are as large as the one shown above. For those who are great home cooks or looking to hold a mukbang in the comfort of your home, you can get your large seafood at Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant. For the $38nett live Boston lobster, you can get it cooked in Xi Yan Signature Chilli crab sauce at no added charges.

xi-yan-seafood-restaurant-delivery-combo-menuCurrently Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant is having 3 types of seafood combo promotion for delivery. The seafood combo starts from $88 to $198. The combo menu includes dishes cooked with premium live Australian Lobster, live soon hock, live soon hock marble goby and live tiger prawns.

bento free islandwide deliveryFor those who need bentos for events such as wedding, corporate, funerals or others, they have customised bentos starting from $8, the bento can be customised with carbs such as noodles and rice, meats chicken, pork, salad, fruits, dim sum and appetisers. There is free islandwide delivery for bentos order of 10 sets or more.

xi yan seafood restaurant dim sum free deliveryXi Yan Seafood Restaurant is also popular for the Hong Kong style handmade dim sum. There are over 48 types of handmade dim sum from steamed dim sum, appetizers, desserts, pan-fried to baked pastry. For order $80 and above, get to enjoy free islandwide delivery.

fresh-live-seafood-marketThe fresh seafood market by Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant has some rare and exotic giant seafood that you can buy alive or cooked by their executive chef. At one of Singapore’s largest seafood wholesaler, you can find live seafood such as Tasmanian king crab- world heaviest crab species, Alaskan king crab, giant mud crab, snow crab, south Australian lobster, turbot fish, Dungeness crab, red flower crab, flower crab, South Africa abalone, geoduck, tiger prawn, USA oyster, soon hock marble goby, bamboo clam, giant sea conch and more.

tasmanian-king-crabThis is their Tasmanian king crab- world heaviest crab species. You can get them cooked in black pepper, steamed with chicken stock with egg white, salted egg style, chilli crab sauce, white pepper, Thai sweet and spicy sauce, Hong Kong style typhoon shelter and stir fry with ginger onion. According to the chef, this is the meatiest and tastiest of all crabs. Those who loves tomalley, this crab has loads of the creamy fats.

live seafoodHere are some of the popular affordable live seafood – Alaskan king crab, giant mud crab, snow crab, south Australian lobster, turbot fish, Dungeness crab, red flower crab, flower crab, South Africa abalone, geoduck, tiger prawn, USA oyster, soon hock marble goby, bamboo clam, giant sea conch.

combo CThere are 3 combo that consist of live seafood and meat at Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant. The most popular pick is their Combo C – $198. It consists of Live Australian lobster, live soon hock, live tiger prawn, bamboo clam, crispy chicken and abalone mentaiko fried rice. Enjoy live Australian lobster in black pepper sauce, live soon hock in Hong Kong Style, abalone mentaiko fried rice, live tiger prawn in butter cream, stir fried bamboo clam in XO sauce and typhoon shelter crispy chicken.

Combo B – $138 consist of live Boston lobster with lala, truffle abalone noodle, live soon hock, cereal prawn, bai-ling mushroom and lemongrass pork chop. Enjoy live Boston lobster with lala in white pepper, creamy lala, truffle ee-fu noodles with abalone, cereal prawn, lemongrass pork chop and bai-ling mushroom with spinach.

xi yan seafood restaurant combo ACombo A – $88 consist of Singapore Chilli crab, Thai style soon hock, lala, prawn paste chicken and crispy golden mantou. This is one of the most commonly ordered combo at Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant for a casual family dinner.

They also have ala carte menu for their meats and seafood. The popular ones are crabs with the chilli crab sauce made in house by their executive chef daily. It is one of their signature dish which is sweet and spicy with lace of silky egg white, definitely very addictive.

truffle abalone noodleTruffle ee-fu noodles with abalone is stir fry braised mee with truffle oil topped with a generous amount of bite size baby abalone. This noodle dish is a must order for truffle lovers as the pungent aroma of truffle hits you even before you slurp them.

australian lobster in black pepperLive Australian lobster in black pepper sauce has chunks of crunchy meat with peppery coats of butter rich flavour. The lobster is of a considerable size and great dish to pair with a bottle of sparkling champagne.

For fish lovers, you can try their Hong Kong style Soon hock marble goby in soy sauce. Lightly crispy and saline on the outside and moist and delicate flesh inside. The soy sauce add a umami depth to the briny savoury fish.

Again for those who are intending to self collect for bills above $100, do redeem your self-collection free gifts such as abalone and/or bird nest depending on the amount of the bill. Pictured above consist of both braised baby abalone and bird nest for self collection of $250.

xi yan seafood restaurant free parking jurong bird parkParking is free within the restaurant compound. The adjacent large car park between Jurong Bird Park and Xi Yan Seafood restaurant is chargeable. This is the only place that you can buy food to eat if you are around the vicinity of Jurong Bird Park. Make sure to drive in to the correct car park. The free car park is guarded by a pink Care Bear figure by the tree. See you at Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant soon.   

Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant Location:
241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Singapore 629143

Next to Jurong Bird Park

Call: 6792 1118/ 8938 1118

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