Top 5 Plants to Create an Urban Jungle for Small Space

ruby ball cactiPick up a plant growing hobit and turn your little space into an urban jungle. Here are the top 5 plants you can get at home.

Ruby Ball Cactus
Wake up to a colourful bed of cactus with these ruby ball cactus or Moon cactus. These are a type of grafted cactus made up of the colourful yellow, orange or red gymnocalycium which means a flora bud with no spines. The lower green cactus is usually Hylocereus whose main purpose is to elevate the colourful flora bud. The lower green cactus also helps to deliver nutrients and sustain the gymnocalycium. These are good for low lighting conditions, with a thorough watering weekly. Cactus mix soil with a good drainage is good for its growth and fertilise monthly.

Monstera deliciosaSwiss Cheese Plant
Get in the mood of a tropical retreat in the comfort of your own home with this Monstera deliciosa or Swiss cheese plant. This is a mildly invasive plant that needs a center moss stake to cling on to aid its growth. These are great for bright indoors under shade, Harsh sun is not recommended as the leaves will be scorched. Water thoroughly and allow to drain completely. Water again when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. Fertilise once every 2 months. Perfect plant for a mini urban jungle with the monstrous leaves, pun intended.

butterfly pea
Butterfly Pea
Butterfly pea or Asian pigeon wings are great plants that serve a dual purpose. The flora is great for tea and offers a good amount of shade and shadow play with its small leaves. The dried blue pea flowers can be air dried and brew a deep blue shade of flora tea. This flora tea has a number of health benefits such as stress busters, good source of anti-oxidants, slimming properties and even improves vitality. The blue pea flower has a mildly sweet flavour and is widely used in Nyonya style kuih desserts for its mystical blue colouring. However, it is not recommended for pregnant woman, breastfeeding mothers and those with medical conditions. These are no fuss plants that does not require much water, can water weekly or when the leaves are shivered. Pinch the tips of these plants to encourage a bushy pot.

Gooseberry plantGooseberry Plant
This is the perfect indoor plant for home as it can tolerate indoor area with indirect light. Gooseberry plant or string of pearls belongs to the succulent family. This is a hanging plant with cascading trails of pearl like leaves on a leggy stem. These gooseberry plants also fare well under artificial fluorescent light. These plants have short roots and fare well in a shallow pot. These plants loves to be on the brim of the pot for maximum air circulation as they do not like damp soil conditions. Water only when the soil is dry. Mix cactus or sandy soil works best for the plant as it loves soil with good drainage.

SansevieriaBirds Nest Snake Plant
Birds Nest snake plant or the Sansevieria is the smaller variant of the mother-in-law’s tongue plant. These plants have a distinct yellow border and deep green velvety leaves. It grows like a green rosette from the centre of the plant.  Water these plants weekly and allow the water to drain out completely. These are the hardy plant to have indoor as they require minimum light. Thrives well in well drained soil, can withstand dry spells too. These are great plants to filter out the toxins in our indoor air and add variety to the indoor jungle.

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