Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle from $5 at Yishun with Fritters, Sea Hum Laksa and Pork Tail Noodles

tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodleTong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle 东升肉骨虾面  is a popular prawn noodle at Yishun specializing in freshly cooked prawns with various ingredients combo such as pig tail, pork loin, pork intestines, pork ribs in either dry version or in their signature prawn head soup. They also have sea hum laksa, lala soup freshly fried prawn fritters and ngoh hiang to go with the prawn noodles combo.

tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodle popular yishunIt is not hard to see why Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle are popular among the regulars there in Yishun. They take pride in making their signature prawn soup from frying loads of prawn heads in a commercial size wok to boiling them till the soup takes on a darker richer shade of savoury goodness.

tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodle signatureThis soup is then used as a base for their entire prawn noodles combo soup version. The rich and savoury soup has clean flavours of prawns and meat. Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodles soup version will be sold out once they run out of the broth.  

tong-sheng-pork-ribs-prawn-noodles-chilliBut fret not, you can also try their dry version which is also made with their in house sambal chilli paste. We did not manage to catch them frying the chilli in action but we saw them cleaning up the wok they used to fry the chilli sambal. We were told that this is done early in the morning as it takes them a long time to prepare and fry the chilli till the red oil and the chill separates which means the chilli is in the optimum state to be enjoyed. The same sambal chilli is used for their laksa.

laksa sea humLaksa with sea hum ($4.50) is the cheapest item on their noodle menu with lots of ingredients such as blood cockles (sea hum), tau pok, fish cake, egg and bean sprouts in a rich coconut gravy with spicy sweet sambal chilli on the side and some aromatic chopped laksa leaves as toppers.


tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodles menuHere’s Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Noodles review after trying all the items on their menu. The pocket friendly price for the noodle dishes are a big pull factor for returning customers with laksa at only $4.50 and even comes with blood cockles.

fried-prawn-frittersThe crunchy Fried prawn fritter ($6.50 for 3) are nice additions for prawn noodles with its light texture and crisp crunch. These are fried to order so you get them piping hot every time. The fritter has shell-on shrimps which are fried till crisp like prawn vadai but minus the doughy texture.

frittersDip these fritters into some sambal, chilli padi, soak up the laksa gravy and prawn head soup or just eat it on its own. Must try!

ngoh-hiangThey also have Ngoh Hiang paired with sambal chilli for some crunchy shiokness.

signature prawn noodleSignature Prawn Noodle ($6) are flavourful with the essentials of a good bowl of prawn noodles such as fried shallots, pork lard, chilli padi, chilli powder, sambal paste, bean sprouts and kang kong all available.

soupThe in-house made prawn head soup is the cherry on top of all these. The fried shallot in the soup makes it even tastier and adds even more depth to the umaminess from the prawns head and pork. This soup comes with every dry version noodles ordered.

Classic Prawn Noodle ($5) in prawn head soup with succulent prawns that is very fresh and tender pork loin for some meaty umami.

tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodle prawnMunch on noodles intertwined with sweet crunch of bean sprouts and young tender kang kong. Slurp up the goodness of rich & savoury prawn soup. Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodles has freshly cooked prawns that are easy to deshell as they are served butterflied style for ease of consumption.

They also have Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle ($6) with fall off the bone, fork tender pork ribs paired with springy mee pok in sweet & spicy sambal chilli. Pig’s Tail Prawn Noodle ($6) with soft pig tail, melts in mouth type and with lots of collagen jelly paired with silky comforting rice noodle. Pig’s Intestines Prawn noodle ($6) with buttery powder intestines and crunchy pork cracklings. All these combo are available in either prawn head soup version or dry version tossed in sambal, chilli, shallots, lard and more seasonings. Do not forget their lala soup ($6) if you are in the mood for some shellfishes.


pork-rindsThese lovely golden nuggets of crunchy pork cracklings the size of pork rinds are the secret to the dry version hidden umaminess, also made in-house by their chef. Super crunchy fried lard that oozes rich aroma of pork flavour when you bite into them, disintegrating into a fine grainy texture.

popular prawn noodleThere are so many options you will be spoilt for choice, mostly important of all, every noodle combo dishes are all under $6 each for dine-in. With the most budget friendly Laksa with cockles at only $4.50, which is a steal. If you are there for the Laksa, be sure to be early as the laksa are sold out around noon.


tong sheng pork ribs prawn noodles yishunIt is located within S & K Eating House coffeeshop and next to a community garden with cool outdoor seats. Head over to Tong Sheng Pork Ribs Prawn Noodle for their popular prawn mee and pork innards combo noodles in Yishun soon.

S & K Eating House
Blk 632, unit 01-14, Yishun Street 61, S760632

Opening Hours:
6.30am to 7.30 pm Daily


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