LATERS’ Modern Fusion & Drinks Restaurant with Flambé Giant Cheese Wheel Pasta at Greenwood Avenue

LATERSLATERS’ is a modern fusion and drinks restaurant putting together a fusion of Italian, Japanese and local cuisines. Despite being located at Greenwood Avenue amongst the affluent Bukit Timah neighbourhood – the most expensive district in Singapore – they are committed to serving some reasonably priced dishes with premium ingredients, served in style to you.

LATERS flambe giant cheese wheel pastaLATERS’ spectacular flambé show with tableside service by chef is one of the hottest items on their menu literally and physically. The chef sets the cheese wheel on “liquid fire” with a mysterious blue hue flame to it and coupled with a change in the overall ambience of the restaurant with dimmed lights so that you can get a perfect picture of this culinary showmanship. Be sure to order this giant cheese wheel pasta when you visit them.

LATERS chefLATERS’ despite being a newly established restaurant in Greenwood Avenue, the backend kitchen is helmed by a seasoned Head Chef with more than 10 years of culinary experience in the F&B scene. We had a sharing session with the chef and restaurateur, was told that he began his culinary exploration journey with several renowned award winning famous restaurants in Singapore and even worked alongside a Michelin Star Chef.

LATERS-modern-fusion-drinksBeing ex-chef to these big names which he humbly declined to reveal, you can be sure that LATERS’ will be serving up a storm of extraordinary dishes in time to come. The restaurateur also has some big visions for LATERS’ as he is pretty hands on with what he wants in the menu, chairing frequent tasting review sessions and R&D new dishes to add to LATERS’ Modern Fusion and drinks menu.

angel hair pastaLaters’ Cold Angel Hair ($36) – pictured above – is a visual sensation encased in an earthy black Globe which opens to reveal pan seared premium Hokkaido sashimi grade scallops, glistening avruga caviar and ikura  on truffle oil and mushroom sauced pasta.

LATERS MENULATERS’ is a new boy in this Greenwood Avenue and a newly open restaurant on the 1st May 2024. They a pride themselves on serving up new menu every now and then since their opening to bring a fresh dining and culinary experience for every visit, while keeping a few popular choices a staple on their menu. They are already on the volume 2 of their menu when we visit them following their opening, you can look forward for more exciting menu reveals as they go along this culinary journey with their new found regulars.

interiorsThe spacious modern interior with lush cozy vibe is very inviting and for some is a relaxed place to unwind over a meal. Night falls with a romantic vibe bringing a lounge club ambience where you can enjoy some hearty cuisines with fancy cocktails and martini and shots.

LATERS reviewWe tried the chef recommended dishes and here’s our LATERS’ review after trying this feast made for the eyes with flavours to tease the palate. Much thought has been input into these dishes with a balance of flavours.

tiktok-worthy-dishesVariety of dishes are pretty varied from Italian fusion to Japanese, right down to our Asian roots. The variety of dishes should be able to please young and old diners alike, even Gen Z with their Tiktok worthy showy dishes.

cheese-wheel-pastaWithout further ado, let’s check out the Flambé Cheese Wheel Carbonara ($28) made with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheel aged for no less than 24 months. This is made fresh before you with carbonara pasta, champignon and some cubed bacon tossed in parmesan cheese wheel.

Flambe Cheese Wheel CarbonaraThis is the epitome of cheese carbonara with luxurious flavours. Every strand of pasta is coated with this cheesy parmesan cream with highlights of salty smoky flavours from the cubed bacons. We actually saw a parent bringing their off school children to LATERS’ and casually enjoying this as lunch with a few side plates to share.

Angus ribeyeAngus Ribeye MBS3+ 280g is seared on cast iron pan to seal in all the juices. MBS 3+ simply refers to their Marble Beef Score. The higher the score the more marbling it has and of cos a pricier price tag to it. Check out these gorgeous marbling on the steak!

Grilled over premium binchotan to impart a burnt flavour to it without the smokiness of normal charcoal that we use for a bbq beach party. The steak also retains the juices well with the use of this premium Japanese charcoal.

laters must try angus ribeye mbs3This Angus Ribeye MBS3+ ($62) is rested and served sliced against the grains to the guest, making it even better, where you can dive in gracefully with a fork and knife right away. This Angus Ribeye MBS 3+ steak is relatively tender, juicy and certainly buttery and does minor damage to the pocket but pleases the taste buds. Angus ribeye steak in red wine jus is plated with sweet potato puree and root vegetables such as baby carrots and potatoes. This is a must try here at LATERS’.

Next up, is The Cow’s Cheek ($34) a 48 hr braised beef cheek using the sous vide method where the beef cheek is gently simmer and cooked till tender at a controlled temperature retaining all the juices and flavours. It is then served with freshly concocted sauce pan of secret burnt carrot and onion jus for a finishing touch. The cow’s cheek is fork tender soft with a rich beef flavour which beef lover likes and definitely fatty.

beef tartareBeef Tartare ($23) on duck fat pomme pave. Pomme Pave are made of hundreds of sliced potato, layered upon on one another, pan seared with duck fats and fried till the layers are crisp, almost melting into one another. This is a laborious dish with sashimi beef tenderloin in secret sauce. Lastly topped with a dollop of sour cream and chive for a tart, savoury, tangy and springy bites of diced beef tenderloin. These tenderloins are delivered daily to ensure the beef is as fresh as possible to be enjoyed like a sashimi.

modern fusion restaurantThey also have various other dishes that is served in this modern fusion restaurant such as Deconstructed Kong Ba Pau ($24), Lobster Risotto in Chef Stock ($45) with creamy risotto, with briny pops of avruga caviar and the bitter sweet citrusy zest of yuzu. Foie Gras Snow ($22) are raining chef’s quince jello on the golden brioche bread. Spread these foie gras flakes like butter and enjoy the sweet and fatty flavours of foie Gras. I Cod A Fish ($42) is sous vide and torch charred to perfection with fine plating on a bed of pickled wakame. It is served inside a scent smoked glass bell where the cod steak is infused with a sweet earthy tea scent and served with sweet and pickled flavour Cantonese style broth from a small teapot. Very theatrical presentation for an Asian dish with a twist that your grandparents will approve on it tender texture and comforting flavours. You will also enjoy the Chilli King Crab Roll ($36) – a brioche char-grilled on binchotan and stuffed with Chunky Singapore chilli sauced king crab chunks, topped with briny avruga caviar.

LATERS Greenwood aveDo not forget their whimsical bar drinks by their masculine bartender. End your meal on a sweet note with Apple Bread Pudding ($14) with crumbles, candied walnut and silky meringue, those soft, warm, sweet and sour bites. They also have House Panna Cotta ($16) and Ba Na Na ($15) desserts. Head over to LATERS’ today for modern fusion and drinks. Bon Appetit, ciao and Laters baby.

Address of LATERS’ Modern Fusion & Drinks:
24 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289221

For Reservation, pls call: 8808 0191

Opening Hours : 12pm to 10.30 pm Daily

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