LAUT Smoke Shabu Grill Seafood Buffet Restaurant by the Sea in Singapore from 35.90++ with BBQ and Hotpot

LAUTLAUT Smoke Shabu Grill is a newly open seafood buffet restaurant by the sea with bbq hotpot in Singapore. It is located at Changi Beach Club – a resort hotel- at 2 Andover Road. The meat and seafood LAUT buffet price starts from $35.90++ for this opening special buffet. You can dine by the sea at this rare beach house restaurant in Singapore.

LAUT smoke shabu grillLAUT Smoke Shabu Grill restaurant is an alfresco style dining where you can dine with a beautiful sea view on a deck built into the sea. At this dining area next to their private beach, you can hear the beat of the waves against the beach shores while bbq and hotpotting. You can also choose to chill here with some icy booze, soju and more after the buffet while listening to the tunes of the sea and the caress of light night oceanic breeze.

LAUT menuLAUT has a large island style food display area where you can get cooked food from hot stations, seafood and meats from display chillers. You will be spoilt for choice with LAUT menu – a huge collection of seafood, meats, cooked food & desserts. You can make LAUT reservation via this reservation number WhatsApp 8870 3998 or via external app – Inline App – for online booking.

LAUT-reservation-bookingThis is the private beach with sun loungers fronting the sea to chill and for some instagrammable pictures.

watch sunset in singaporeYou can watch a pretty romantic sunset in Singapore while enjoying your buffet experience. The waves gets stronger as the sun sets, heightening the adventurous feel of dining amidst the sea as the night falls and let your hair down with some icy booze and soju with aroma of char-grilled meat and seafood.

Laut reviewHere’s our LAUT review after trying most of their meat and seafood varieties. There are a variety of meats on their menu of various cuts of beef, chicken and pork in a myriad of marinades and seasoning. The seafood varieties also have some unique selections such as stingray, mud crab with seasonal crab roe and three spot crabs. You can even enjoy the premium giant river prawn and oysters as part of the buffet. We love that there are thick cuts ribeye steaks and New York pork chops for grilling too.

dine-by the-sea-restaurantThis is the main dining area for BBQ and hotpot in this dine by the sea restaurant. This is a beach house with alfresco dining at 1st floor similar to a kelong style with grass carpet. Every table has their own charcoal bbq grill stove and Thai claypot for hotpot.

dine-by-the-sea-restaurantAround the periphery of the restaurant are these high bar chairs where you can enjoy a drink or two with your date and love ones. This deck is built over sea water and extends into the sea. Since the tables are smaller at the bar tables, you can do some light barbecue if you wish. Their concept is a dine by the sea restaurant in Singapore without having to make a boat ride to our offshore islands. Parking is available within the Changi Beach Club if you are visiting LAUT.

display chillerThis is how it works, head over to their cashier for payment after which you can proceed to the hot stations for cooked food, the island food display, buffet display chillers for meats, seafood, greens and more.

barThey also have a full length bar where you can get dispenser soft drinks, fruit cordials and hot beverage such as coffee. They also have add-on ala carte soju, beer on taps, bottled beers and more to chill with.

Lets check out the exciting seafood we found in their display chillers. There are mud crabs with seasonal roe, stingray season with sambal), three spot crab with garlic & herbs, sweet & buttery giant river prawn, shrimp paste cake with springy shrimps chunks, plump & juicy half shell oysters, slipper lobster, tiger prawns, lala, vannamei prawns, half shell scallop with mentaiko cheese, bamboo clam, white fish steak, salmon steak, shishamo, squid rings, black mussels, Venus clams and some other shellfishes on a rotating menu. Pick your own seafood & grill them all over the hot charcoal grill stove. Buffet items are on a rotational basis.

LAUT smoke shabu grill singaporeLAUT Smoke Shabu Grill restaurant in Singapore is also a meat lover buffet place with up to 20 types of meat on a rotating menu. There are premium cuts of meats, ribs, kebab and steaks in various marinades and seasonings.

The rotating meat menu includes kebab skewers (beef, chicken, pepper & onions), beef ribeye steak, New York pork chop, bone in beef short ribs that’s fatty rich flavour, marinated pork chop with herbs & Korean sauce, top blade beef steak packed with fats & collagen, tender & fatty pork jowl, beef tenderloin, beef striploin, marinated meats (beef, chicken, pork) and so much more.

thai claypot hotpotYou can also DIY charcoal claypot prawn hotpot, your own claypot lala, seafood claypot, meat shabu shabu hotpot with their Thai claypot charcoal hotpot stove that stays piping hot while you enjoy the hotpot. Their soup base includes shoyu, herbal soup, mala and tom yum soup.

oystersIf you love oysters, be sure to grill some plump half shelled oysters that are super juicy and grill some custardy black mussels with garlic butter sauce as well. They also have a condiment counter where you can get sauces and ingredients to grill your seafood and meat the way you want it.


LAUT SingaporeHead over to LAUT today to enjoy this meat and seafood buffet with bbq and hotpot in a dine by the sea restaurant in Singapore with your buddies. Be sure to catch the beautiful sunset & enjoy cool sea breeze while you are there. Conveniently located in a resort hotel (Changi Beach Club), where parking is available and no sea trip is required to enjoy this beach house dine by the sea buffet. Do note that only dinner buffet is served for this opening special. This is LAUT Smoke.Shabu.Grill buffet in Singapore with seafood and meat bbq buffet, the best of both worlds.

LAUT Address:
Changi Beach Club
2 Andover Road, Singapore 509984

New Opening Buffet Price:
Weekday Adult: $35.90++
Weekday Kid: $19.90++

Weekend Adult: $39.90++
Weekend Kid: $20.90++

PH Eve/PH Adult:$43.90++
PH Eve/PH Kid:$20.90++

7-12 Years old Kid price
6 years and below, dine for free

Opening hours :
5pm to 11pm daily

For reservation/latest food menu/latest promo, pls WhatsApp +65 8870 3998
or reserve via external App- Inline App – online booking below
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Brought to you by LAUT Smoke Shabu Grill

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