Hanamaruken Ramen Singapore with Osaka’s Famous Mega Soft Bone Pork Ribs Ramen at Bras Basah Road – Rated One of Singapore Best Ramen

hanamaruken ramenHanamaruken Ramen 花丸軒 is Osaka’s popular Ramen shop that opened its first flagship ramen restaurant in Singapore at Bras Basah Road on 10 August 2023, with the Signature Happiness Ramen – mega bowl soft bone pork ribs – on their menu. Hanamaruken Ramen Singapore specialises in mega size soft bone pork ribs ramen and chasyu ramen in Tonkotsu broth. They also have a unique collection of Artisanal sparkling tea and Calpis highball.

hanamaruken ramen menuHere’s what we tried at Hanamaruken Ramen menu in Singapore. From top to bottom, Chasyu ramen, Double Happiness Ramen, Signature Happiness Ramen, Seafood Ramen, Happiness Platter, Delight Platter, Happiness Don, Stir-Fried Edamame, Tempura Don, Spicy Garlic Dry Ramen, Fried Garlic Chasyu Dry Ramen, Gyoza, Chahan, Tan Tan Ramen and Dry Ramen.

Hanamaruken ramen singapore best ramenThis famous ramen in Osaka is now opened in Singapore, they are popular for their Signature Mega Bowl Happiness Ramen. Hanamaruken Ramen Singapore is also rated one of the Best Ramen in Singapore by Tatler. You can check out the details on this banner that is proudly displayed at their shop front.

hanamaruken-ramen-chefHanamaruken Ramen menu consist of over 40 items such as ramen in Tonkotsu broth, dry ramen, dons, handmade gyoza, chahan, small plate, party platters, alcoholic drinks, non alcoholic drinks and desserts. The kitchen is helmed by an Osaka trained chef who ensures every dish is made with precision preparation. The signature Tonkotsu broth is made with pork bones, chicken, secret spices and ingredients, simmered for more than 8 hours to achieve a creamy rich consistency.

zen oak interiorThe interior of the restaurant is a timeless and warm zen style with oak grain furnishings. This is also a popular spot for lunch around Bras Basah. Located a stone throw away from Bras Basah MRT Exit D and opposite of Bencoolen MRT Exit B, this is definitely a convenient spot for even a happy hour drink on your usual work week. The cool interiors is a crowd magnet for tourist and local alike to pop in for a drink over the counter. Their outdoor seating comes with a Osaka Castle wallpaper where you can chill and people watch.

hanamaruken ramen reviewHere’s Hanamaruken Ramen review after trying their chef recommendations. The Signature Happiness Ramen in Mega portion is a must try with their soft bone pork ribs in a rich tonkotsu soup base and fresh leeks. The noodle are cooked firmer than usual which I enjoyed. The gyoza are hand made by the in-house chef with a thin dough skin using in house marinated pork, cabbage and chive fillings. The fillings are juicy and umami with a nicely crisp skin. Dry Ramen is a new addition to their menu which packs a punch with the garlic base sauce and some ramen with a bite. Lastly, chill with their in-house special soothing artisanal sparkling tea with aromatic flora notes.

hanamaruken-ramen-osakaHanamaruken Ramen in Osaka’s Namba neighbourhood, Japan is known for its Hakata-style noodles where the noodles are thinner and serve firmer than the usual ramen. There are about 40 outlets in Japan. They are also famous for their Signature Happiness Ramen which you can also get in Hanamaruken Raman in Singapore. This Signature Happiness Ramen is served with extra large slab of Torokotsu aka soft bone pork ribs in a tonkotsu big bone broth that is shoyu based. The founder Takaku Arakawa of the Arakawa Pork Company started this ramen business to share his quality pork cuts and ramen recipe with the mass in 1982. Quoting founder Takaku Arakawa “I put my whole soul and passion into the ramen, which I hope will make ramen lovers happy…”, which is also the motto which Hanamaruken Raman in Singapore swear by. Be sure to swing by, if you are looking to try the Signature Happiness Ramen with mega size soft bone pork ribs. A bowl of piping hot ramen is a sure way to bring a smile to your face.

signature-happiness-ramenSignature Happiness Ramen ($22.80) mega bowl size comes with a full slab of soft bone pork ribs (Torokotsu), ramen, shoyu-flavoured tamago, bamboo shoot, narutomaki, a nori lot with well wishes and fresh leeks. It also comes in regular size ($17.80) with a smaller portion of meat.

soft bone porkThe soft bone pork ribs is a marbled slab of tender meat held together by translucent tendons and gelatinous parts. The rib bones in this slab is cooked till so soft that it disintegrates in the mouth. Certainly a lot of collagen in this slab of soft bone pork ribs and in the broth too. The fatty and melty ribs juices are glistering brightly in the light like a slab of gem.

double happiness ramenDouble Happiness Ramen ($19.80) is the ramen bowl where you can enjoy the best of both worlds with their signature soft bone pork ribs and tender chasyu marinated with shoyu. This ramen bowl also comes with shoyu-flavoured tamago, bamboo shoot, narutomaki, a nori lot with well wishes from Osaka and fresh leeks. Chasyu pork belly is interlaced with layers of fat and lean meats that are almost melting into one another. This is a sinful indulgence that you will savour slowly to make every bite counts. If you are chasyu lover, go for the chasyu ramen bowl ($18.80) where it is pure melty chasyu bliss.

We are converted by their handmade gyoza and tempura that are freshly made from scratch. These are so crunchy, crispy and served hot too. Get the perfect golden skin gyoza every time with controlled precision using this Gyoza machine with handmade crispy gyoza. These could be one of the best Gyoza in Bras Basah Road or even Singapore if you are craving for some.

hanamaruken ramen signature gyozaHighly recommended trying Hanamaruken Ramen Handmade Gyoza ($8.80 for 6pcs, $15.80 for 12 pcs). We are honoured to watch the chef handmade each gyoza with a dough skin, puff it up pork fillings and sealed it with love. The result is a plump gyoza with juicy fillings with golden crispy edges. The pork, cabbages and chives are mixed seamlessly into one another rendering a sweet, savoury and aromatic burst of juice and meat with each bite. Definitely go for the 12 pcs set of gyoza as it is so addictive and will be snapped up real soon once served.

Artisanal sparkling tea ($6.80 each) is one of the must try non alcoholic beverage in Hanamaruken Ramen restaurant. It comes in 2 flavours – Osmanthus Oolong with a stronger bitter sweet tea aroma and Chinois Lychee which is more fruity and honeyed tasting. The bubbly brewed tea with strong flora notes is an instant pick me up. Cool and soothing tea with a foamy dome shaped top served cold in a wine glass. Do not forget their icy booze with 1-for-1 during happy hour. You can also get their Highball with either Calpis Highball ($11.80) or Whiskey Highball ($10.80) – a refreshing whiskey drink – ideal for a mid day break.

party plattersAs Christmas and New Year are around the corner, these party platters are great ideas for the festive seasons without breaking the bank. Delight Platter ($22.80) consist of some crunchy karaage, gyoza and edamame. They also have Happiness Platter ($28.80) with Gyoza, karaage and tempura. These are all freshly made from scratch, freshly dipped in batter, and deep fried on the spot – fresh prawn tempura and karaage. Feel free to add on more sides such as stir fried edamame ($5.80) and even chasyu bun ($6.80 for 2 pcs) to this party platter for more joyful bites!

dry ramenDry ramen menu with various garlic flavours is a new addition to their Ramen menu. From left to right, dry ramen, dry tan tan ramen with chasyu add on and spicy ramen. All dry ramen comes with onsen egg, shoyu marinated ground pork, fresh leeks, miso soup, narutomaki and more. Dry Tan Tan Ramen is hearty with fresh onions and chasyu, Dry Ramen is rich, smoky and garlicky. They also have other ramen such as Seafood Ramen for the seafood lovers, Tan Tan Ramen, Happiness Don, Tempura Don using Japanese pearl rice, Chahan aka Japanese Fried Rice and so much more. Feel free to add Japanese condiments for more kick and enjoy free flow bean sprout salad for every ramen ordered.

hanamaruken ramen bras basahHanamuruken Ramen Singapore at Bras Basah road is the go to place for some springy Ramen with soft bone pork ribs in rich creamy tonkotsu broth that is brought here from Osaka’s famous Ramen restaurant. This is truly happiness brought over from Osaka to Singapore specially for you, ramen lovers!

Address of Hanamaruken Ramen Singapore:
51 Bras Basah Rd, #01-07
Lazada One, Singapore 189554
How to get there: stone throw away from Bras Basah MRT Exit D or  opposite Bencoolen MRT Exit B

GST and service charge applies.
Opening Hours : 11am to 10 pm daily.

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