The Three Peacocks Epic BBQ

The Three PeacocksThe Three Peacocks alfresco seafood buffet has launched a new menu with Japanese flair.

live bbq stationThey have a live BBQ station serving Japanese oysters, miso chicken thighs, Teriyaki BBQ pork belly and half shell scallops.

live oystersChoice of 6 types of sauce for the Japanese Oysters-Korean Gochujang, spicy mayo, green chilli ginger, sweet onion, citrus ponzu and sweet fish sauce.

miso-chickenMarinated whole deboned miso chicken thighs with salty tender skin and strong tones of umaminess and rich soya undertones.

cha-siewTeriyaki BBQ pork belly roasting lightly over charcoal and glazed with a sweet gooey teriyaki sauce. Tender and soft melty morsels of chashu to go with ramen or beers.

scallopsHalf shell scallops barbequing in golden garlic dressing and their own briny juices over authentic charcoal grill.

There is also a newly added deep fried seafood and meat counter serving tempura, calamari, oysters and crispy pork belly.

ramen stationTo wash it all down, get a bowl of hot piping ramen at the Japanese mini bowl station.

ramen bowlServing up ramen in tasting size in a broth of the day (Pork broth or XO fish broth).

They also serve mini bowls of wagyu beef sukiyaki bowl and tendon on a rotational basis.

wagyu sushiNot forgetting their wagyu beef sushi, torched to perfection before your eyes.

Drizzle on a glaze of Yakiniku sauce for a sweet and savoury flavour.

mentaiko-sushi-buffetIf you fancy some fatty rich salmon sushi with a creamy top, you should try the Aburi salmon sushi.

mentaiko-sushiBlow-torched every piece of Aburi sushi till they are slightly brown and melts in your mouth.

Mini wagyu beef burger is also a must try at the teppanyaki station. Palm size juicy wagyu patty sandwiched between two toasted buttered burgers.

Huge Buffet SpreadThey also have an international spread of Western, Chinese and Indian cuisine such as tandoori chicken, naan, butter chicken and mixed curry vegetables, ready to eat spaghetti Bolognese, Tortilla chips and crispy wings, Thin crust pizza, onion rings, salted egg French fries, chicken pop corn, nuggets, potato wedges and many more.

roasted-bbq-porkThe crowd favourite is their roast platter such as the Chinese roasted pork, Lechon and roasted chicken.

roasted porkRoasted pork belly made in house daily to ensure the pork stays crispy and juicy.

lechon-rawLechon is a national dish that is enjoyed by the Filipinos on happy occasions to celebrate community gatherings and family bonds. It is also a dish that symbolizes happiness.

pork preparationThis is a labour intensive dish that requires hours of preparation and cooking. The Three Peacocks prepares this Lechon daily in the in-house kitchen where the preparation starts from the night before the buffet.

luncheon buffetHere is the sweet fruits of labour – Lechon presented to the buffer patrons in the “limelight”.

roast-chickenRoasted soya chicken and some Mexican wings are available at the ready to eat counter.

mexican-wingsMexican mid wings that are glazed with a sweet honeyed coating.

charcoal-bbqThe highlight of The Three Peacocks has to be the meat and seafood BBQ on charcoal.

There are over 20 types of shabu shabu and marinated meats for BBQ and hotpot.

For bacon lover, help yourselves to unlimited bacon with cheese topping.

How about a “gudetama” style beef rolls?

Dip the cooked beef in egg wash for that extra silky texture.

seafood bedHelp yourselves to unlimited seafood on ice from the DIY iced seabed.

oyster-shucking-stationGet freshly shucked oysters by the crew. These oysters are sashimi grade and good to eat with a dash of fresh lemon juice or Tabasco sauce.

live seafoodCheck out the live mud crabs too. These are free flow and will be dispatched by the crew for your ease of cooking. They also have a catch-your-own live prawn tank if you love some fresh bbq prawns.

The Three Peacocks Thai River prawns are back in season now. Load up on these giant prawns with head roe. Barbecue these in butterfly style with cheese or just some sea salt to enjoy the naturally sweet and crunchy texture.

the three peacocksHead over for some magical alfresco authentic charcoal BBQ experience amidst the lush landscape, beneath the cold blue skylight while drinking the stars and getting caress by the night breeze.

the three peacocks buffetChill and enjoy a stroll along the beach right next to The Three Peacocks alfresco buffet. Perfect for large get-together, dates and family gatherings.

the three peacocks entranceSee you at the Three Peacocks soon.

Adult outdoor BBQ buffet price:
Mon-Sun (including PH and Eve)
Adult $41+
Kids (7-12 years old) $20.50+
Kids (6 and below) eats free!
Senior (60 and above) $31+
Add $3.99+ for free-flow drinks
All prices subject to 10% service charge, no GST.

Free half Boston lobster (cooked) per pax

Dine time:
No time limit

Buffet operating hours:
Monday – Sunday: 5pm – 1am
Last walk-in : 10pm

8 Port Rd, Singapore 117540
(Close proximity to Labrador Nature Reserve)
If you are driving, parking is free with plenty of space available.
15 mins walk from Labrador MRT station (CC27)

Call them at 62510213

Brought to you by The Three Peacocks

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