That1 BBQ & Steamboat Buffet at Geylang with Seafood Boil Platter

that1That1 BBQ & Steamboat buffet at Geylang has new additions to their menu. With exciting choices for 2 pax and above, like seafood boil platter, claypot grill fish, chicken pot, self pick food display chiller, Malaysian lok lok, Chinese Dong Bei claypot mi xian, Singapore Zi char stir fry vegetables, Korean sides & finger food, spicy dry pot and more. You will be spoilt for choice at this buffet.

That1 buffet geylangThis is how it works at That1 buffet at Geylang. They have a few price options for lunch & dinner buffet starts from $19.90+ to $39.90+ per pax with minimum 2 pax to dine. The buffet featured here is the $39.90+ buffet option with choice of seafood in the display fridge and choice of seafood boil platter. In this buffet, choose 1 out of 4 option, one time order signature food for every 2 pax. The signature food choices are Seafood Boil Platter, BBQ & Steamboat, Claypot Grilled Fish and Chicken Pot. Every 2 pax, you can choose 1 signature food, for 4 pax- you can choose 2 types of their signature food, 6 pax can choose 3 types.

That1 seafood buffetThis is one of That1 buffet popular signature food you can choose. This Seafood Boil platter consist of various seafood such as mud crab, scallops, slipper lobsters, mussels, clams, squid, prawns, corn, sausage, broccoli and potatoes. You can customise the platter by choosing different type of sauce such as chilli crab, butter tomato, black pepper and mala curry.

that1-bbq-steamboat-buffetThe other popular signature of That 1 buffet is the BBQ & steamboat option. Choosing this option means you get to enjoy all the seafood, meats, vegetable and surimi in the displayer chiller. Not forgetting their marinated meats and shabu shabu meats which you can order directly from the service crew. The soups available are spicy chicken soup, chicken soup and tom yum soup for the steamboat.

claypot grill fishFor grilled fish fans, you can choose the claypot grilled fish as your one time signature dish too. This claypot fish is served on a heated stove and you can use the remaining gravy to hotpot the food from the display chiller as well. The fish is available in Tom Yum and spicy flavours. The fish is of a good size and the tom yum is spicy and on the soothing tangy end in terms of flavours. The meat is delicate and firm enough to enjoy with a chopstick.

that1 reviewHere’s That1 review after trying their $39.90+ buffet. We love the fact that the signatures are mostly served on stoves that keep the food piping hot with every mouth. With the stove and a chiller display full of food, we can now hotpot every item using the gravy from their signature food. They also make sure that if you choose the seafood boil platter, you can also enjoy the display chiller food items by providing a cook for you service, into dishes like zi char greens, hot soupy Dong Bei Mixian and spicy dry pot. This cook food you service is made available to their guest no matter what signature food is chosen, so make good use of it.

chicken-potChicken pot in 2 flavours is also part of the signature food option. The above is the herbal chicken pot with tender chunks of chicken parts in a rich herbal base. Just check out the golden hue of the soup and the amount of herbs we found in the soup. We were told this chicken soup is nourishing and simmered to achieve this luxurious consistency. If you are feeling under the weather, get hold of this soup, to give your body a boost.

chicken-pot-buffetThis is the chicken pot in spicy gravy option. The flavour is more of a soy based flavour with the mild heat from dried chilli like gong bao chicken. For chicken fanatics, this dish will sit well with you as the chicken are infused with soy umami flavour. the rich gravy is great for noodles, bean curd skin, meats and any other ingredients that needs a strong tasty base.

displaySo much talk about the food display chiller, here’s a close up on it. This food display chiller has full range of seafood after 3 pm daily. If you are having lunch, some of the seafood such as prawns and scallops are not available. Seafood such as mussel, cuttlefish and clams are available though over lunch. The full range of seafood after 3 pm are mussels, scallops, prawns, cuttlefish, squid rings, bamboo clams and fish chunks.

dry potChoose your ingredients from the display chiller. The chef will assist to cook a spicy and aromatic dry pot for you. This is similar to mala xiang guo flavour with exception that the numbing peppercorns are removed from the equation.

These lok lok skewers are also from the display chiller, get them and the chef will assist to deep fry them. These crispy and crunchy morsel bites are full of umaminess from the seasoning used. Very addictive indeed.

That1 menuHere’s That1 menu for the buffet. The menu consist of lunch and dinner of various price points. For example, the $39.90+ buffet option consist of 1 choice of signature food for every 2 pax, unlimited food from main menu such as food from display chiller, Dong Bei Mi Xian, dry pot, zi char vegetables, lok lok, Korean finger food and more. Top up $3 for free flow drinks, $10 onwards per pax for free flow 90 minutes beer buffet for buffet eaters.

These are the Korean finger food that is part of the Main menu. Enjoy free flow popcorn chicken, fried buns, French fries, luncheon fries, fried mid wings and Korean spicy wings.

Korean wingsWe particularly enjoy the Korean wings with juicy hot meat encased with a light mildly briny crispy skin. The mid wings are also drizzled with sweet spicy Korean Gochujiang and sesame seeds for that extra pop.

dongbei mixianThat1 is also well known for their claypot Dong Bei Mi Xian. These are springy rice noodles with a bite in a savoury spicy sour bean based soup. You can customise this noodle dish with more ingredients from the display chiller such as meats and seafood. This noodles dishes is normally enjoyed with bean curd skin, kelp, bean curd, lettuce and sprouts. This noodle dish is best enjoyed with a drizzle of vinegar and peppercorn oil. Go easy on these as the peppercorn oil does pack a punch but is definitely enjoyable as a noodle claypot dish.

that1 geylangWith so many food beckoning at THAT1, there is every reason to make your way to Geylang, Singapore food heaven to try their many choices of bbq steamboat buffet, chicken pot, fish pot or seafood boil platter aka seafood bucket like right now. Pocket friendly price starts from $19.90+ for lunch buffet.

That1 Buffet Price:
Mon-Thurs Lunch (11am-3pm): $29.90+ per pax
Mon-Thurs After 3pm & Fri-Sun & PH: $39.90+ per pax

Choose 1 out of 4 signatures (one–time order for every 2 pax)
Signatures: Seafood Boil Platter/ BBQ Steamboat/Chicken Pot/ Fish Pot
Enjoy unlimited food items from Main Menu mains : zi char vegetables, Korean wings, various fried food, Dong Bei Mi Xian, Dry pot stir fry, lok lok & ingredients from food display chiller, full range of seafood only available after 3 pm.

Mon-Thurs Lunch (11am-3pm): $19.90+ per pax
Mon-Thurs After 3pm & Fri-Sun & PH: $29.90+ per pax

Choose 1 out of 3 signatures (one–time order for every 2 pax)
Signatures: BBQ Steamboat/Chicken Pot/ Fish Pot
Enjoy unlimited food items from Main Menu mains : zi char vegetables, Korean wings, various fried food, Dong Bei Mi Xian, Dry pot stir fry, lok lok & ingredients from food display chiller, full range of seafood only available after 3 pm.

Note: That1 Buffet needs Min 2Pax to dine.
Dine in time : 90 mins peak hours, longer dine in time for off peak hours.

For buffet eaters only, top up $3 for free flow soft drinks, $10 for Tsing Tao, $15 for Heineken & Carlsberg 90 minutes beer buffet or add on seafood bucket at $48 (U.P. $98).

Opening Hours: 11 am till 12 am daily

Address of That1 :
99 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389208
For reservations, Call: 9091 3288

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