That1 BBQ Steamboat Buffet with Chilli Crab Platter & Karaoke

that1That1 is a buffet restaurant at Geylang with different options to suit buffet diners with various budget and food preferences. Their buffet is at an amazing price from $19.90+ to $39.90+ with various options. They are having a daily buffet promotion from 01 Oct to 30 Nov 2023, where with every 4 pax diners, 1 pax eats free.

that1 buffet menuThat1 buffet menu varies for lunch and dinner buffet. This is how it works – for dinner menu at $39.90+ each,(with every 2 pax diners) you get to choose one of their 4 highlights in this buffet. They are mud crab seafood platter, bbq & steamboat, fish in pot or chicken pot. If there are 4 diners, you can choose 2 highlights in this buffet.

that1 buffetTheir highlights are one-time order items but fret not, you can enjoy free-flow meats and seafood from their display chiller with cook-for-you service and any items on the main menu for a good 90 minutes of dine-in time during their peak hours.

that1-seafood-boil-buffetFor seafood lovers, you must give their chilli crab flavour seafood platter with mud crab a try. This seafood platter is prepared to order by their in-house chef. This is familiar platter in many seafood boil buffet in Singapore but here you get to enjoy bbq & steamboat too for 4 pax – the best of both worlds.

bbq steamboat buffetFor bbq & steamboat, you get to enjoy various marinated and shabu shabu meats. For example, their signature whole pork belly thick cut slab in 4 unique flavours, marinated soya chicken thighs, bbq sauce beef steaks for grilling, soy pork steak, shabu shabu beef shortplate and bacon. Barbecue all the meats and watch them sizzles on the hotplate.

that1 reviews geylangHere’s That1 food reviews at 99 Geylang road after trying the dinner buffet. We love that the highlight dishes are served piping hot on portable stove, free flow of mini claypot, chef cook to order zichar dishes and sinful spread of Korean style deep fried snacks. The various friendly price point for buffet diners from $19.90+, the good spread of ingredients in their display chiller inclusive of free flow seafood and meats during their dinner buffet, is also something that keeps diners returning for more.

seafood-buffetThe seafood platter comes in mala curry, chilli crab, butter tomato and black pepper gravy. Our pick is the mud crab seafood platter in chilli crab gravy or black pepper. The seafood platter comes with mud crab, slipper lobster, sweet prawn, large squid rings, mussel, clams and half shell scallop. There are also cocktail sausage, sweet corn cobs and boiled potato to dunk into the savoury sweet tomato chilli gravy. Check out the meat in these crab claws from the seafood platter!

mini-claypotsFor those who want more variety of cooked seafood and meats during their dinner buffet, you can pick and choose various seafood and meats from the display chiller to fix your craving. They have a cook-for-you service to cook your seafood with sambal, mala dry pot or even their famous claypot rice noodle soup.

cheap seafood buffetThis is the display chiller during the dinner buffet with various green, carbs, surimi, meats and seafood. The seafood available are bamboo clams, mussels, prawns, half shell scallops, cuttle fish, Asari clams, squid rings, fish chunks and more. Make a interesting steamboat with cabbage, xiaobaicai, romaine lettuce, beancurd skin, glass noodle, crab sticks, luncheon meats, various meat balls and so much more. If you are looking for cheap seafood buffet, try their dinner selections on weekdays.

bbq steamboat seafood buffetEnjoy the seafood bbq steamboat buffet here with the various seafood selection from the display chiller. Do note that they have the full spread for seafood after 3pm daily for their dinner buffet. Get creative by barbecuing the seafood with DIY seasoning from the condiments bar. Grill your own prawn in sea salt, scallop in special chilli sauce, bamboo clam in garlic chilli, fish in soy sauce chilli, clams with spring onion, squid in sambal sauce, mussel in vinegar chilli and garlic and squid ring in bbq dry spices. Do not forget to hotpot your seafood such as cuttlefish in their chicken hotpot to bring out its natural crunchy snappy texture. The steamboat soup comes in various choices such as spicy chicken, chicken soup and tom yum.

We also get to pick our own skewers aka lok lok from the display chiller, deep fried to crisp tasty snacks. Enjoy it with the satay sauce or dry spices rub for that sinful briny spice kick. This is as good as a mini lok lok buffet with the must haves like fish cake, hotdogs, cheese tofu, otah fish cake and ngoh hiang.

that1 fish potFish in pot is served in a spicy and tangy tom yum soup with a deep fried whole seabass with crisp skin and tender meat. You can also add in more ingredients such as beancurd skin, prawns, squid, mushrooms to enjoy the tom yum soup base. Get it in mala spicy flavour if you prefer Chinese grill fish style pot and be ready to sweat it out!

This is their Chicken Pot in a traditional claypot on a portable stove. This is available in either spicy, rich & savoury gravy or in clear nourishing herbal soup. The above is the spicy chicken pot with tender bone in chicken thighs in thick dark soy sauce and herbs. You can add unlimited shabu shabu meats and seafood from the display chiller. If you are feeling under the weather, try their herbal chicken – a comforting and nourishing alternative.

korean snackTheir unlimited mini claypots has returned to their main menu! Enjoy unlimited mini claypot rice, sesame chicken, stewed beef, yellow wine pork belly, sambal seafood and claypot brinjal. Freshly fried Korean style snacks such as ngoh hiang meat roll in crispy skin, chicken popcorn with loud crunch, original/ gochujang mid wings that’s tasty thin crust and juicy, crispy and fluffy golden buns, luncheon meat fries and crinkle cut fries. Enjoy zi char dishes such as oyster omelette, peppery fried rice, kangkong, broccoli & romaine lettuce in sambal, garlic or soy sauce.

ktvThis is the private karaoke room on the second storey that sits up to 20 pax. Do note that minimum spend of $300 applies on weekday and $400 for weekends (Friday to Sunday) to book this private karaoke room. They have a variety of songs from various regions – China, Hongkong, Taiwan, America, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

that1 buffet supper geylangHead over to That1 – a star gaze themed restaurant- all in one seafood and meat bbq steamboat buffet that opens till 11pm for supper at 99 Geylang Road. With 2 storey dining space, a private karaoke room, a buffet feast and some pocket friendly lunch buffet price – you will be in for a good time.

That1 Buffet Price:

That1 Promotion – Start from 01 Oct to 30 Nov 2023 daily, Every 4 pax, 1 pax eats free (3+1 Promo)

Mon-Thurs Lunch (11am-3pm): $29.90+ per pax
Mon-Thurs After 3pm & Fri-Sun & PH: $39.90+ per pax

Choose 1 out of 4 signatures (one–time order for every 2 pax)
Signatures: Seafood Boil Platter/ BBQ Steamboat/Chicken Pot/ Fish Pot
Enjoy unlimited food items from Main Menu mains: mini-claypot, zi char vegetables, Korean wings, various fried food, Dong Bei Mi Xian, Dry pot stir fry, lok lok & ingredients from food display chiller, full range of seafood only available after 3 pm.

Mon-Thurs Lunch (11am-3pm): $19.90+ per pax
Mon-Thurs After 3pm & Fri-Sun & PH: $29.90+ per pax

Choose 1 out of 3 signatures (one–time order for every 2 pax)
Signatures: BBQ Steamboat/Chicken Pot/ Fish Pot
Enjoy unlimited food items from Main Menu mains : zi char vegetables, Korean wings, various fried food, Dong Bei Mi Xian, Dry pot stir fry, lok lok & ingredients from food display chiller, full range of seafood only available after 3 pm.

Note: That1 Buffet needs Min 2Pax to dine.
Dine in time : 90 mins peak hours, longer dine in time for off peak hours.

For buffet eaters only, top up $3 for free flow soft drinks, $10 for Tsing Tao, $15 for Heineken & Carlsberg 90 minutes beer buffet or add on seafood bucket at $48 (U.P. $98).

Opening Hours: 11 am till 11 pm daily
Address of That1 :
99 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389208
For reservations, Call: 9091 3288

Brought to you By That1 那忆家

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