Sun Kee Drinks 山记饮品 – Singapore Cheapest Breakfast At 30 Cents – Soya Bean Curd, Grass Jelly, Bird’s Nest

sun kee drinksSun Kee Drinks hawker stall at Kovan has been selling 30 cents soya bean, grass jelly, bird’s nest drinks since 1985. This is the place to reminisce the good old days where old street hawkers peddles their bird’s nest drink with a white acrylic sign spotting a swallow in flight for only 5-10 cents in the 70s. This is where you get your cheapest drink in Singapore be it tau huay (soya bean curd), soya bean, grass jelly or bird’s nest drink.

old-school-food-HougangHistory of Sun Kee Drinks

The stall is currently run by the husband and wife team – Mr Goh Kai Suah and Mdm Chua Choon Huay – working in a harmonious clockwork manner with a joyful disposition. This is the 2nd generation of the Gohs, whose father used to peddle drinks along the street of Kangkar (the current Upper Serangoon Rd) in the 80s. When our government starts building hawker centre, old Mr Goh seized the opportunity and settled down in this stall in 1985. Shortly after, the couple took over the family business selling drinks at $0.30 and the price has remained unchanged since 1985 even with inflation of food prices.

sun-kee-drinks-menuAccording to them, they are working on the 薄利多销 meaning reaping profits based increasing quantity of sales with low profit margin business model. They are also able to do so because of the subsidized rates from rental as the stall is handed down from old Mr Goh. The reason for keeping their price low is to retain the regulars and making it available to the less fortunate and poorer community. This is their way of giving back to society.

cheap soya bean drinkTheir daily routine begins at 5.30 am, 6 days work week. This may seem tough to many but to this couple they are enjoying the process of serving their customers and plans to continue working as long as they can.

sun-kee-drinksOn the Sun Kee Drinks menu are 3 drinks – soya bean, grass jelly and bird’s nest drink. The drinks come in 2 sizes, small (30 cents) and large (50 cents). They also have tau huay (30 cents) and grass jelly jello (50 cents).

soya-milk-drink-kovan-marketThe soya milk drink is similar to an average soya bean drink that is usually sold for 90 cents to a dollar. Even though the price is low, the soya milk is amazing and not diluted. Here, we did a light test, yes the soya milk is thick. The rich and buttery flavours of a usual soya drink but one-third the price.

kovan-breakfast-foodI usually get a Chinese Fried dough stick or fried fritters/ cullers from their neighboring stall to dip into the drink. The airy dough stick soaking up the creamy soya bean drink, best breakfast food in Kovan.

tau-huay-kovanThis is the must try food in Kovan – The legendary silky soya bean curd at only 30 cents. It could be the most amazing Tau Huay in Singapore. The texture is so smooth and slippery. Literally melts in your mouth with a milky flavour. This is one of the popular tau huay that usually gets sold out way before closing around 11 am daily. The syrup that goes with the tau huay also has aroma of pandan.

grass-jelly-kovan-marketThe grass jelly pudding is at 50 cents and is well worth the money. It is served in a jello bowl with chunks of dark intense grass jelly. These chewy and slippery chunks are hand cut by the boss from a big block of grass jelly from supplier. Grass jelly is known for its cooling properties and helps to reduce blood pressure. Best dessert in Kovan after lunch in this sweltering weather.

bird-nest-drinkThe bird’s nest drink has small tiny slippery threads of agar agar swirling around the drink when you slurp them up. The drink has a strong rock sugar flavour with pandan aroma. For 30 cents, this is not the real bird nest drink but made to replicate the bird nest feel with agar agar strip.

sun-kee-drinks-at-kovanHead over this old school drink stall today for breakfast and lunch when you are near Kovan Market and Food centre.

Operating hours:
Mon- Sat 6am to 3pm or till sold out
Closed every Sunday

Sun Kee Drinks hawker stall
Kovan Market and Food centre
Blk 209 Hougang Street 21, #01-65, Singapore 530209

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