Shujin Master Sushi Bar Japanese Buffet with Snow Crab Leg & Sashimi in Cineleisure Orchard Singapore

shujin master sushi barShujin Master Sushi Bar at Cineleisure Orchard is serving dinner buffet with hotel style hot food line. There are ready to eat seafood on ice, unlimited creative dishes, chef cut to order fresh sashimi , Master Sushi and Carving Bar with assorted surf and turf dishes.

shujin master sushi bar menuShujin Master Sushi Bar at Cineleisure Orchard buffet menu consist of various Japanese food, sashimi, maki, handmade pizza, deep fried seafood, assorted meat roasts, seafood on ice, baked seafood, DIY hot ramen, chilled soba, desserts and so much more.

shujin buffet priceShujin Master Sushi Bar at Cineleisure Orchard buffet price starts from $45.90++ for weekday dinner and $49.90++ for weekend dinner. They are conveniently located at Basement One of Cineleisure Orchard in Singapore. This is their opening promotion for their popular Japanese buffet in Singapore. This buffet place is great for gathering with a large spacious interior and a hotel style buffet line.

shujin-reviewHere’s Shujin Master Sushi Bar Buffet review after trying out most of their dishes. There are a good variety of hot foods to choose from. Baked seafood, meats, roasted pork knuckles, roasted chicken, hot beef stews, deep fried seafood, Japanese street food takoyaki, handmade wood-fired pizza and seafood on ice. For those who love sashimi, there are handmade maki, master sushi, chirashi mini bowls and chef cut for you sashimi live station. Their free flow snow crabs leg is one of the most popular items in their seafood on ice.

snow crab leg buffetFor those who are looking forward to this snow crab legs buffet, they are opened daily for dinner buffet only from 6pm onwards. Be sure to make your Shujin buffet booking via reservation from inline, walk in may be subjected to availability. These are newly added in their buffet menu and displayed on their iced seafood buffet line where you can help yourselves to the snow crab leg clusters. Get the crab claw cracker by the side to assist in cracking open these legs. These snow crab leg are stringy, sweet with briny notes.

shujin popular japanese buffet singaporeShujin Master Sushi Bar buffet is an all you can eat popular Japanese buffet in Singapore with hotel style buffet line. Be sure to try these chef cut for you sashimi at their Master Sushi live station bar. This is how it works, the available sashimi are displayed inside a chiller and you can inform the sushi chef which sashimi you would like in your sashimi moriawase.

sashimi-buffetYou can now enjoy free flow sashimi buffet. We chose the sliced scallop sashimi, swordfish sashimi, yellowtail sashimi, salmon and ikura for our sashimi moriawase platter. These sashimi are fatty, buttery and melt in the mouth type. Get your soy sauce and wasabi from the hot food buffet line to go with your sashimi.

sushiThis is the Master Sushi Bar in Shujin where you can get assorted handmade maki, master sushi overflowing with toppings and assorted chirashi donburi mini bowls with sashimi, ebiko, tamoyaki and ikura. Enjoy various maki handmade by their in-house sushi chef such as avocado roll with creamy centre, unagi maki roll with soft caramelised eel, mentaiko aburi salmon roll and so much more with a rotated menu.

shujin seafood buffetThis is Shujin Master Sushi Bar seafood on ice buffet line with ready-to-eat half tender springy half shelled scallop, sweet crunchy poached vannamei prawns, custardy buttery black mussel and sweet, briny stringy snow crab legs. There are various sauces by the side for you to pair with these seafood for extra kick and heat.

hot ramenThis is the chilled noodle section at their buffet line where you can make your own ramen and soba. Get your hot ramen topped with ingredients such as nori, narutomaki and scallions or top it with hot shoyu & tonkotsu broth. Enjoy some chewy ramen in umami rich broth. For chilled soba noodles, just get the dipping sauce next to it and dip the soba insavoury umami sauce to enjoy. You can even make your own miso soup with the wakame seaweed, tofu and green onions provided.

At the hot food line, get these baked oysters that is creamy with umami crunchy. The meat is plump and briny with a garlicky crunch. Enjoy these shucked oysters to your heart’s content.

shujin buffetShujin Master Sushi Bar buffet experience is not complete without trying out these assorted surf & turf at their carving bar in the buffet line. These are their oven baked short plate in a savoury sweet and smoky glaze. The short plate is carved into single portions for ease of consumption. The juicy meat is tender and held together with the melty fatty muscles.

Pork Knuckles are served at the buffet line as well. The pork knuckles are carved into bite size with a rich sour cream by the side for dipping to cut the grease if any. Enjoy some crunchy festive cheer by indulging in these meaty bites.

carving stationThis carving station also allows you to self-carve baked salmon from a whole fillet. Enjoy as much moist baked salmon with lemon butter as you please. You can also try grilled smoked duck and grilled chicken thighs. Enjoy all these with various unique toppings such as black pepper gravy, bbq gravy, tomato puree, pesto sauce and spicy sauce.

In this buffet line that meanders from the entrance into the depths of this buffet restaurant, you will discover various Japanese food spread as you weave along it. Enjoy unlimited creative dishes such as handmade stone-fired pizza with smoked ham & bonito shaving by the western cook, Aburi salmon hamanasu with ikura, chawanmushi, tamagoyaki with bonito flakes, Japanese beef stew with marbled beef cube, shabu shabu beef in sweet onion broth and roasted vegetables.

crabThey even have Japanese street food and deep fried seafood such as takoyaki, deep fried soft shell crab, mentaiko fried fish and fried squid. End your feast with some chilled house salad with roasted sesame sauce. Also try the chuka appetisers with various seafood and green for more kick.

dessertDo not forget their sweet desserts, eclairs, choux, rolls, lychee pineapple iced dessert bowls, melon popsicles by the door, brewed tea and fruit cordials near the Master Sushi Bar.

Shujin Master Sushi Bar Cineleisure Orchard buffetIf you are looking for a popular Japanese buffet restaurant in Singapore near orchard, do try Shujin Master Sushi Bar buffet at basement one of Cineleisure Orchard.

Shujin Master Sushi Bar buffet address:
8 Grange Rd, B1-08/09
Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

For reservation enquiries, pls call:
8020 4617
Reservation link:
(this link directs to an external website that we are not affiliated with and have no control over it)

Buffet price:
Weekday (Monday-Thursday) Dinner
Adult : $45.90++
Kids : $38.90++

Weekday (Friday-Sunday & PH) Dinner
Adult : $49.90++
Kids : $42.90++

Opening Hours: 6-10pm daily (Last order 9.15pm)

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