Salute Coffeeshop Family Set and Lunch Set

salute-coffeeshopSalute Coffeeshop is no longer in operation
Salute Coffeeshop is no ordinary coffeeshop. This coffeeshop is a congregation of speciality chefs whipping up international cuisine from different parts of the world. Italian-American meat ball spaghetti, French profiteroles, Spanish paellas and German schweinshaxe, just to name a few. What are these atas food exactly?

salute-coffeeshop-choice-3-bestThey have launched a new set menu creation from family friendly sets to individual quick lunch sets.

Summary of Salute’s New Lunch Set and Family Set (dinner set):
Lunch SET for only $8.00 nett
One main + 1 soup of the day + 1 soup refill.
Choose one main from: German knuckle & fried rice, Black pepper & pineapple pork Burger, Fish fillet with butter lime sauce, Grilled salmon carbonara, Grilled Chicken with black pepper & cheese sauce, Meat ball spaghetti, BBQ pork chop, Chicken paella.

Family SET A $45nett
Includes German pork knuckle, Soft shell crab burger, Chicken paella, soup of the day, choose 2 beer or 2 drink of the day, salad bowl and profiteroles. (3-4 pax)

Family SET B $45nett
Includes Prawn & mussel pomodoro cream, Brartwurst, Italian & Chorizo sausage platter, Pacific Cod & King prawn combo, soup of the day, choose 2 beer or 2 drink of the day, salad bowl and profiteroles. (3-4 pax)

Family SET C $65nett
Includes German pork knuckle, Sirloin steak with truffle mash, French duck confit with orange+mango salsa, Grilled Salmon spaghetti carbonara, Slice BBQ beef Burger with Jalapeno, 2 soup of the day, 2 beer + 2 drink of the day, salad bowl and profiteroles. (5-6 pax)

FAMILY SET Csalute-coffeeshop-set-cFamily set C ($65nett) consist of

salute-coffeeshop-pork-knuckle-dishGerman Pork Knuckle with Thai sauce – A good size marinated pork knuckle with crispy skin. Succulent juicy meat dipped in sweet and tangy Thai sauce. Toasted herb garlic bread with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

salute-coffeeshop-pork-knuckle-singleThis is a must try for meat lovers.

salute-coffeeshop-sirloin-steak-with-truffle-mashSirloin steak with truffle mash – plated with rings of pumpkin purée and a char-grilled Sirloin steak and roasted sweet corn.

salute-coffeeshop-duck-confitFrench duck confit with orange + mango salsa – Duck thigh roasted in its own fats. Plated on spiced zesty orange and ripe mango cubes, comes with rocket salad in vinaigrette dressing. Two other mains are grilled salmon spaghetti carbonara and sliced BBQ beef burger with Jalapeno.

Salute salad bowl – garden salad consist of crisp butterhead lettuce, crunchy Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red lettuce romaine in vinaigrette dressing.

salute-coffeeshop-soup2 Soup of the day (tomato soup and wild mushroom soup with cream for us).

salute-coffeeshop-profiteroles-custard-puffProfiteroles – Dessert are delicious bite-sized fluffy balls, chilled sweet cream choux pastry with a drizzle of Hershey’s’ chocolate flavoured syrup.

salute-coffeeshop-drinks-goodFor Family Set C: You get 2 drink of the day + 2 bottles of Cresten beer.
For Family Set A  & Set B: Choice of 2 drink of the day or 2 bottles of Cresten beer.

salute-coffeeshop-best-beerFor family set A & B, I will choose the beers over the drinks which seem like a better deal. Family Set C is good to share among 5 pax, but you may need to order more drinks.

FAMILY SET Bsalute-coffeeshop-set-B-dinnerFamily Set B ($45nett) consist of

salute-coffeeshop-sausagesBratwurst, Italian and Chorizo sausage platter – Stuffed with ground meat, black pepper, spices and herbs, these are fat juicy sausages that will not disappoint you. Creamy mashed potatoes in Japanese mayo and a good dose of sweet pumpkin purée.

Prawn and mussel pomodoro cream – spaghetti tossed in pomodoro cream made from ripe tomato purée.

Pacific cod and king prawn combo – Good size butterfly king prawn which is fresh and a breeze to de-shell them. Poached cod fillet drizzled with butter lime sauce, topped with roasted almonds flakes. Baked potato cubes and some poached summer greens. Fillet taste good even when cold. Yum

Soup of the day (Tomato soup for us) and Salute Salad Bowl.

Dessert of the day (Profiteroles)

Choice of 2 bottle of Cresten beer or 2 drink of the day (honey lemon and ice lemon tea). Good to share among 3pax, but you may need to order more drinks.

FAMILY SET Asalute-coffeeshop-set-aSet A ($45nett) consist of

salute-coffeeshop-pork-knuckle-crispy-skinGerman pork knuckle in wine sauce – single serving of good old German pork knuckle in wine sauce marinade, bell pepper fried rice and coleslaw. Thumbs up.

salute-coffeeshop-chicken-paellaChicken paella – savoury tomato based chicken paella with a dash of freshly squeezed lemon topped with fragrant thyme.

salute-coffeeshop-jack-ripper-softshell-crab-burgerJack Ripper’s Soft Shell Crab Burger with Homemade Tartar Sauce – Light flaky panko soft shell crab and the seafood goodness of soft shell crab.

salute-coffeeshop-soft-shell-crabSandwiched between 2 fluffy burger buns is a perfect golden brown crab still retaining the juice from the crab. Tartar sauce complements the flavour of soft shell crab with a creamy and tangy undertone. Comes with hand-cut fries too. This crab is definitely not ‘crappy’.

salute-coffeeshop-inked-burgerSo good that they have to ink the burger.

Soup of the day (Cream of mushroom soup for us) and Salute Salad Bowl.

Dessert of the day (Profiteroles) and choice of 2 drink of the day or 2 bottles of Cresten beer.

Good to share among 3pax, but you may need to order more drinks.

 ($8 nett) choose one of the following:salute-coffeeshop-a-set-lunch-$8salute-coffeeshop-lunch-fish-fillet-with-butter-lime-sauceFish fillet with butter lime sauce – Pan-grilled dory fillet in rich creamy butter lime sauce, sautéed baby potatoes and young garden asparagus.

salute-coffeeshop-jack-ripper-black-pepper-and-pineapple-pork-burgerPineapple pork burger – Thick slab of marinated ground meat patty with the correct amount of fats and lean meat. Topped with melted cheddar cheese, crunchy onions rings and slices of  tangy tomato, the perfect tango partners with the fluffy buns.

salute-coffeeshop-collageOthers: German pork knuckle in Thai sauce with fried rice, grilled chicken with black pepper cheese sauce, meat ball spaghetti, grilled salmon carbonara, BBQ pork chop and chicken paella. With so many choices, you can eat to your heart’s content.

Comes with Soup of the day + 1 soup refill and Top up ($1 nett) for 1 drink of the day.

Set lunch is available from 11.00am to 3.00pm and family sets from 5.30pm till 10pm.

Good deals do not last, head down to Salute today!

Salute Coffeeshop has ceased operations.

Blk 119, Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40 (S)151119
Near Alexandra Village Food Centre

Restaurant permanently closed.

Opening hours
Lunch 11am–3pm
Dinner 5.30pm – 10pm
Tuesday- Sunday
Closed on Monday.

Salute Coffeeshop has ceased operations.

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