Peach Garden With 50% off Dim Sum Just Bring Your Seniors

Peach gardenPeach Garden Chinese Restaurant is now having a 50% off dim sum over lunch for a limited time only, just bring your seniors along to enjoy this deal. Dinner dim sum is also available exclusively at their Thomson Plaza outlet. Peach Garden is an authentic Chinese restaurant that specializes in quality dim sum and cuisines.

peach garden buffetThis Peach Garden promotion on dim sum is extended due to popular demand till end of November 2022. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant is also popular for their high tea buffet and ala carte Chinese cuisine Peach Garden buffet with a 1 for 1 deal at selected outlets.

peach-garden-menu-dim-sum-promotionThey have curate a Peach Garden menu for this dim sum promotion with 12 of their most popular selections. The style of dim sum here are Hong Kong style with traditional must-haves such as steamed prawn dumplings, siew mai, steamed bbq pork buns and steamed chicken feet.

peach-garden-reviewHere’s our Peach Garden review during our recent visit to Peach Garden @ Thomson Plaza. The variety of Peach Garden dim sum has around 12 items to choose from with some really addictive baked mini egg tarts and to die for steamed BBQ pork buns. We were served by a friendly elderly lady with pleasant disposure coupled with attentive service. It was a relaxed and enjoyable dim sum experience with her.

Hong kong dim sum in singaporeHere’s a close up of Peach Garden dim sum. We tried all their 12 types of dim sum on the menu. Steamed char siew rice roll, Deep-fried prawn roll with banana, Steamed fresh prawn dumpling, Steamed siew mai with fish roe, Deep-fried sesame ball with pandan paste, Steamed chicken feet with spicy sauce, Steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce, Deep-fried prawn dumpling with salad sauce, Steamed bean skin roll with oyster sauce, Deep-fried bean skin roll with seaweed, Steamed bbq pork bun and Baked mini egg tarts. These are Hong Kong style dim sum that we can try in Singapore if you are not keen on travelling there any time soon.

peach garden locationsPeach Garden has a total of 5 outlets at very convenient locations accessible by MRT and drivers alike. Peach Garden locations are Hotel Miramar, Chinatown Point, OCBC centre, The Metropolis and Thomson Plaza. We are particularly in love with their Thomson Plaza branch for their interior décor and atmosphere.

aquatic-themed-restaurantHere’s the aquatic underwater themed interiors of the restaurant. The classy and spacious ballroom setting can seat over 200 guests at one time with private rooms available for booking. Each table is set with a lazy Susan for ease of sharing of dim sum or Chinese cuisines. High back cushioned banquet chairs with pressed crisp white cotton table top setting for a more exquisite dining experience. Enjoy your dim sum with therapeutic views of underwater fishes and marine life as a backdrop.

dim-sum-promotionDuring our visit, we noticed that many of the guests has already taken advantage of the 50% of dim sum total bill to enjoy their dim sum feast with their seniors who are 55 years and above. This dim sum promotion is as follow, dine in with one senior for 40% off. For 50 % off dim sum total bill, bring along 2 or more seniors to enjoy. If you are not a senior, fret not, you get to enjoy discounts too as long as you bring along a senior. Gentle reminder – blackout dates and public holidays are not eligible for this dim sum promotion.

piping hotEnjoy piping hot dim sum straight from their kitchen. Their popular steamed dim sums are Steamed char siew rice roll ($7.80), Steamed fresh prawn dumpling ($8.80), Steamed siew mai with fish roe ($7.80), Steamed chicken feet with spicy sauce ($7.80), Steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce ($7.80), Steamed bean skin roll with oyster sauce ($7.80) and Steamed bbq pork bun ($7.80).

freshly baked egg tartsBaked items such as mini egg tarts are served freshly baked to order from their oven. The baked mini egg tarts has a nice runny custardy center when you bite into it. The crust are those crumbly types that melts in the mouth. Crust is thin with a mildly sweet wobbly egg custard. Must try!

fried dim sumTo enjoy a variety of texture in this dim sum feast, get some deep-fried dim sum to enjoy with the steamed dim sum at the same time. Our favourite has to be the deep-fried prawn roll with banana. It was served hot off their deep fryer that is not overly greasy.

dim sum at peach gardenChunky sweet prawns and sliced banana are encased in this crispy roll. The texture of the roll is similar to Chinese fried dough sticks. The crispy roll is coated with roasted sesame that adds a delightful aroma and pleasant pops. This is our pick for the deep-fried dim sum at Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Deep-fried-sesame ball with pandan paste. The ball is a good size bite coated with roasted sesame seeds. The burst and pops of these sesame seeds are delightful aroma bombs. The pandan filling is a fine smooth paste that is not overly sweet and just right for our liking. The crust has a mild mocha like texture and well made dim sum with thin consistency throughout.

prawn dumplingDeep-fried prawn dumpling with salad sauce is a crispy wanton skin wrapped with a generous amount of chunky prawns. The deep fried wanton skin has a distinctive flavour that I enjoyed and super crunchy. Prawns fillings are crunchy and moist. Dip these bites in salad sauce or sweet chilli sauce for more kick.

big longevity bunWe were enticed by their Big Longevity buns accompanied with longevity buns in Lotus Paste and Leaf ($78.80 for 38 pieces). This is a must order in my opinion if you are bringing your seniors there to celebrate their birthdays or any special occasions. The longevity buns symbolises great health and is auspicious in Chinese context. The buns are shaped like peaches that symbolises immortality. As these buns are handmade, do call in advance to reserve and check the availability. Do note that these are not included in the 40% or 50% dim sum promotion.

peach garden addressHere’s the Address of all 5 outlets of Peach Garden for those heading over to enjoy this dim sum with seniors promotion.

peach garden chinese restaurantIndulge in quality steamed and fried dim sum and get piping hot dim sum served to your table. Head over to Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant in Singapore today to enjoy their up to 50% off selected dim sum total bill, service charge and gst applies. Lunch Dim sum available at all 5 outlets till end November 2022. Dinner dim sum is only available at Thomson Plaza with special dim sum selections like Super “Bo Lo” Bun with Char Siew and Pineapple. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant Chinese name is known as 桃苑.

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