Overeat Marina One International Buffet with Free Flow Oyster, Sashimi and Hotpot In Singapore

OvereatOvereat is a Singapore International Buffet located at Marina One that has various food selections from hot stations, teppanyaki, bbq bar, live station, DIY carving station to dessert bar. They even have free flow premium items such as seafood on ice, shuck for you live oysters, hand cut sashimi and even shabu shabu hotpot.

overeat buffet priceOvereat buffet promotional price for adults starts from $18.80++ for weekdays lunch (limited time promo) and from $40.80++ for weekday dinner. Booking for this Overeat buffet can be made via Inline app. We tried their dinner buffet where you get to enjoy a variety of ready to eat Teppanyaki buffet dishes such as chicken yakitori, spicy Korean pork, beef bulgogi, teppan salmon steak and more on a rotated menu.

overeat marina one buffet menuOvereat marina one buffet menu consists of international dishes cooked in various methods and style over different stations within the restaurant. You get to enjoy international dishes such as Cantonese restaurant food, Malaysian style stir fry, local favourites, hotpot, DIY laksa noodles, teppanyaki, iced bed of hotpot surimi, full height display of hotpot must have ingredients, seafood on ice, shabu shabu meats, sashimi counter, bbq bar, various bakes, Italian cuisines, various roasted meats, Texas style smoked beef briskets, hot soups, desserts and cake bar, and free flow dispenser drinks.

overeat-seafood-buffetOvereat has a seafood on ice where you can eat to your heart’s delight by hotpotting various seafood such as crawfish, black mussels, sweet vannamei prawns, tioman fish fillet, white dory fish chunks, Venus clams, sea conch, Asari clams and shuck for you fresh live oysters (oysters not available for lunch).

oyster buffetFor oyster fans, these will be on your radar – freshly shucked for you live oysters, which you can get from their sashimi bar. Since there is no limit for these succulent sea gems, you can have your oyster buffet party with your friends here, pair with some ala carte add on cold beers, sake or soju from their drinks bar.

overeat buffet reviewHere’s Overeat buffet review after trying most of their popular items on their menu for their dinner buffet. There are a wide variety of meats on the menu for the meat lovers. There are also various items such as the Swiss rosti made to order, the laksa noodles, sashimi, curry fish head, Chongqing mala chicken, Singapore style chilli flower crabs and so much more. As with all buffets, we were at the buffet at their opening time at 5.30pm to check out their full spread of food for the day.

roast-duckThe various types of meats include Texas smoked beef briskets, roasted whole duck, crispy roast chicken, Japanese honey chashu, German pork knuckles, Country style bbq pork ribs, Korean pork belly and so much more. We were told that these are all made in house daily.

pork-bellyThe Cantonese roasted pork belly topped our list with it superb cracking skin, moist and tender savoury marbled loin meats held together with laces of melty fats. These indeed did not disappoint and were quickly snapped up plates after plates whenever they are replenished.

carving stationThis is the DIY Carving station where the star of the show is a Texas style smoked beef brisket. We managed to get to the fresh out of the oven smoking hot beef brisket, with juices oozing out from within the layers of beef fats and meats. You can cut as big a serving as you wish, with the set of carving tools provided by the side of the carving board.

country bakesNext to the Smoked beef brisket carving stations are some country style baked items such as baked cherry tomatoes, Stir fry eggplants, baked shimeji mushrooms, BBQ pork ribs and more, to pair with the Texas style smoked beef brisket.

Get your hands on these bbq for you Beef striploin upon request at the charcoal bbq stove. You can pair these bbq beef striploin with the truffle mushroom sauce, black pepper sauce and the buttery mashed potato, all these are hot sauces sitting on a hot water bath.

overeat asian delightsOvereat buffet also has a team of Asian food delight chefs whipping up some exciting Asian cuisines. Enjoy some curry fish head, Sichuan mala crawfish in peppercorn sauce, Thai style pineapple fried rice, Singapore chilli flower crab and braised longevity Ee Fu noodles with chives. We saw many buffet guest stacking their plates with the Singapore Chilli flower Crab and could tell it is one of the popular dishes there.

Next, try the DIY laksa noodles station that comes with rich & savoury gravy and soft tau pok. Since it is a diy laksa noodle, you get to customised you own ingredients portions such as deshelled crunchy prawns, fish cakes, quail eggs, bean sprouts, the hardness of your rice noodles, the amount of sambal chilli and laksa leaves. I love mine with lots of tau pok, fish cakes and prawns, the sambal chilli makes it so shiok with the hot coconut laksa gravy.

mala hotpotFor every table, there is a portable hotpot on stove. You can choose your soup base such as mala soup, tom yum soup, herbal soup and Shoyu Sukiyaki soup. We choose the mala soup base and made our seafood pot out of fish fillet, crawfish, prawns and various other seafood.

seafood counterThey have a full fledge counter with seafood on ice, hotpot surimi on ice, hotpot ingredients and shabu shabu meat bar for your hotpot needs as shown above. Get all your ingredients here to enjoy some hotpot goodness. Shabu shabu meats includes beef, chicken and pork.

overeat restaurant style buffetHead over to Overeat today to enjoy this Singapore International buffet with an wide spread of local favourite cuisines, international cuisines, seafood, meats, hotpot, sashimi, roasted meats, cakes, desserts, drinks and so much more.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY PROMOTIONAL buffet price for Overeat Marina One
(call to find out more details on the ending date)
Address of Overeat:
5 Straits View, Marina One West Tower, #02-04, Singapore 018935
For reservation, pls call: 8876 0098/ 3138 5314

PROMOTION buffet price for Overeat
Price of Overeat Buffet
Mon to Thurs Lunch
Weekday lunch adults : $18.80++
Weekday lunch kids : $11.80++

Fri to Sun Lunch
Weekend lunch adults : $21.80++
Weekend  lunch kids : $14.80++

Fri to Sun Dinner
Weekend Dinner adult : $45.80 ++
Weekend dinner kids : $22.80++

Mon to Thurs Dinner
Weekday dinner adults: $40.80 ++
Weekdays dinner kids: $ 20.80 ++

Holiday surcharge $4 ++
Note : 1-6 FOC, 7-12 kids/child price

­­­Note: Full spread of buffet items is available for dinner buffet only. What featured here is based on the dinner buffet menu. Menu for lunch buffet will have less items.

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm (last order 2.15pm)
Dinner 5.30pm to 10pm (last order 9.15pm)
Dispenser drinks not included, top up $3.90++

Buffet menu are on a rotating basis and will differ from what is featured here. Prices and promo are subject to changes, please call to get the latest updates.

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