Bucketta Seafood Buffet Bucket with Unlimited Sides, Beers & Thai Milk Tea, Italian-Thai Fusion Food at Downtown East

BUCKETTABucketta newest outlet is now opened at Downtown East with a new menu that consists of Italian and Thai fusion food, their popular seafood bucket buffet, ala carte premium build your own seafood feast, a bar serving cocktail, mocktails and wine to enjoy your ItalThai pasta cuisines with.

bucketta buffet menuBucketta buffet menu consist of 7 types of seafood such as Tiger prawn, giant river prawn, crayfish, baby cuttlefish, black mussels, scallop and white clams. Fried boiled eggs, broccoli, corn cob, boiled potato and pork sausage are also added to the bucket buffet for more variety. The dine in time for this seafood bucket buffet is 90 minutes and you can refill your bucket (3 buckets max).

bucketta sidesThe Bucketta seafood buffet bucket comes with 7 unlimited sides such as plain rice, mantou, French fries with Cajun sauce, buttercorn baked cheese, crispy Thai Larb, Baked Thai Spinach with mozzarella cheese and grilled crab meat fish cake wrap on lemongrass stalks. They also have 2 types of (one time order) extra sides such as Spicy Yum salmon sashimi and Koi beef (Thai carpaccio with spicy sauce).

bucketta-premium-seafoodBesides Bucketta seafood bucket buffet, they also have an ala carte premium seafood menu where you can build your own bucket with up to 16 different types of seafood by weight. The premium seafood includes mud crab ($28 for 400-500g), Alaskan crab leg ($75 for 500g), Boston lobster ($28 for 400g), flower crab($35 for 1kg), green lobster($28 for 300-400g) and the rest of the seafood that is available in the seafood bucket buffet as well. The price of these premium seafood are listed as a unit price (with an estimate of the weight) so you know exactly how much you are charged while you are ordering.

poached seafoodThese seafood are poached and simmered in a sauce of your choice on a stove before platting into the seafood bucket so that the flavours of the sauce seeps into the seafood.

bucketta seafood buffet reviewHere’s our Bucketta seafood buffet review after trying most of their items on their buffet and ala carte premium seafood menu. They have promo price for lunch ($59.90++) and dinner ($69.90++) for weekday seafood buffet bucket with 2 pax minimum to go.

Not into buffet? This new outlet has ala carte Italian and Thai fusion theme cuisines where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can get Italian-Thai style pasta, dessert and a full fledge bar with cocktails, mocktails and wine. You can also enjoy their Thai Cajun sauced or garlic butter sauced seafood buffet bucket at the same time!

Their ala carte premium Build your own seafood bucket’s Alaskan crab is meaty and savoury, must try if you love that stringy crab texture in creamy garlic butter sauce.

seafood-menuThe premium seafood with fixed price per portion is also great for budget seafood lovers who wants to try a variety of seafood at one go, even in small groups without breaking the bank.

marinated-salmon--raw-prawnYou can also enjoy some Thai style marinate raw seafood sashimi such as salmon & prawn marinate ($35). If you have never tried these in Singapore, here’s your chance to try these buttery crab roe that is briny and addictive. It has a sweet and umami flavour just like sashimi but more kick with the pungent flavours of fish sauce and fresh shaved garlic.

marinated-raw-crabSignature marinate sashimi crab roe ($49) is mud crab marinated in a sweet, sour, briny and spicy sauce topped with fresh chilli padi and shaved fresh raw garlic. The texture is creamy and slimy with a seafood texture like sea urchin uni. It is an acquired taste for new comers but once you love it, this is a delicacy like durian.

marinated raw seafood wrapThese marinate raw seafood comes in a set with with laver, lettuce & rice. Here’s how you DIY your own seafood wrap. Gloves are provided to enjoy these marinated raw crabs with your hands. First shape the rice ball, place atop lettuce, laver seaweed and topped it off with marinated sweet crabs roe, prawns or salmon. For more kick, add Thai spicy chilli sauce like we did.

We found a Giant river prawn in our seafood buffet bucket. The head butter in this crustacean is so sinful and creamy with a little of bitter sweet aftertaste. They have 2 type of in-house Thai seafood sauce for you to dip these sweet crunchy meat to maximize the satisfaction.

bucketta beer buffetIn Bucketta seafood bucket buffet, there is unlimited all you can drink fruit soda (green apple ade soda, pineapple ade soda, watermelon soda and Singha soda water), Thai milk tea, Thai milk green tea and unlimited Mingmai booze beer buffet inclusive. They also served ala carte cocktail, mocktails and wine to go with the seafood if you are in the romantic mood. The V.mojito & V.margarita made with real lime juice, are very refreshing add on for this seafood buffet.

New items on the menu are these ala carte Italian Thai fusion cuisines. These ItalThai pasta dishes are a marriage of the signature dishes in Thai food and Italian food. Ital-Thai pasta includes Thai salted egg linguine with stuffed fried squid creamy nutty fillings ($22), Thai basil aglio olio with pan seared tiger prawns ($18), Thai sambal spaghetti with charred scallop & ebiko ($24) and Thai fragrance rice risotto with grilled chicken steak ($18).

Their chef recommendation is Tom yum linguine with char grilled giant prawn ($26) and Green curry penne with Thai herb chicken ($18) above. The pasta are cooked to a nice chewiness and tossed in very rich Thai style sauce, these are unique twists on enjoying Tom yum, Thai sambal, salted egg sauce with pasta and risotto.

seafood platterSeafood platter butter rice ($38 for small, $68 for large portion) with assorted seafood such as giant grilled river prawn, grilled whole squid, black mussels and venus clams atop a bed of fluffy butter rice. This is good enough to be shared among 2-3 pax.

how to get to buckettaHere’s how to get to Bucketta at Downtown East. At the 2nd floor E!hub Downtown East hidden behind NTUC fairprice supermarket, walk towards the lift lobby besides Liho, exit the glass door and turn right.

Head over to Bucketta Downtown East today to enjoy seafood buffet bucket with unlimited sides, beers and drinks with an ala carte Italian-Thai fusion pasta and sides, build your own premium seafood bucket with Alaskan crab legs, Boston lobster, mud crabs and more.

End your feast on a Ital-Thai fusion desserts such as panna cotta with red ruby and  dessert and Thai tea tiramisu.

bucketta downtown eastBucketta at Downtown East has a surfer themed interior with string lights, life bouy, nautical ship steering wheel, wooden anchor and many marine themed decors. They even have life size wood paddles and a instagrammable wall of cool colourful surfboards. They also have both outdoor and indoor air con dining options to enjoy your seafood. Gather your seafood buddies and dive into these luxurious spread of ocean gems.

Address of Bucketta :
E!Hub Downtown East, unit 02-125
1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599

Daily Buffet Price for Bucketta:
Lunch (11.30am -5pm) $59.90++
Dinner (5.00pm-1.30am) $69.90++

Daily Opening hours:
Mon-Sun: 11am – 3am
Last order at 1.30am
For reservation, call : 9156 6664
Minimum 2 people to dine for buffet
Dine in time limit : 90 minutes
Refill seafood bucket buffet up to 3 buckets
Unlimited sides and drinks such as selected fruit soda, Thai milk tea & MingMai Beer included in buffet

Ala carte premium Build Your Own seafood bucket, Thai street food and raw marinated seafood available

Brought to you by Bucketta

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