Ming Tang Jiu Gong Ge 名堂九宫格火锅 – The Popular Hotpot Buffet in Bugis

jiu gong ge hotpotJiu Gong Ge Hotpot buffet 九宫格火锅 is one of the most popular hotpot restaurant at Bugis cube with Monday to Thursday buffet starting from $25.80++. If you love wagyu, you can try their wagyu beef buffet B from $42.80++ where you can choose up to 100 types of seafood, meats, vegetables, surimi and so much more.

jiu gong ge seafood menuWe are reviewing Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot’s Wagyu Beef Buffet B where you can choose up to 100 items. Jiu Gong Ge seafood menu includes tiger prawns, crab stick surimi, one live mud crab (one time order), sliced squid, green lipped mussels, clam, scallops, fish paste, baby octopus, tilapia fillet, tiger prawn paste, mock abalone slices, squid fritters and fish head.

jiu gong ge price promotionJiu Gong Ge is currently having a promotion with 5 diners, you pay the price of 4 diners and 1 diner eats free (4+1 promotion). For example, 5 adults dine in, you only pay for 4 adults, 1 eats free. In another scenario, 4 adults and 1 child dine in, the child eats free, only pay for 4 adults buffet price. For 3 or more diners, you get to enjoy for free – single, dual or triple soup base of your choice. These promotions are available daily from now till end of March 2024. There are 10 types of soup bases includes mala, sauerkraut, collagen, wild mushroom, tomato, tom yam, laksa, herbal chicken and green pepper.


jiu-gong-ge-hotpot-menuThis is Jiu Gong Ge Menu for both Hot Pot Buffet A and Wagyu Beef Buffet B. If you choose Buffet B, you get to order buffet items from the Buffet A menu as well. The Buffet B menu includes 10 soup bases, ala carte frog meat fish head soup base, various cuts of meats (chicken, pork, beef, lamb), animal offals, marinated meats, premium surimi, wild mushroom platter, fungi, bean products, noodles, vegetables, seafood, appetizers, drinks, fruits, exotic meats, crispy pork, squid fritters, canned drinks and so much more.

wagyu beef buffetCheck out these beautiful marbling on the wagyu beef from their premium Wagyu Beef Buffet B from 42.80++ Monday to Thursday. Enjoy unlimited wagyu shabu shabu that is so buttery and soft, best enjoyed with their Mala soup base. You can also try hotpotting these delicate wagyu beef in their Chinese Sauerkraut soup base for a spicy and tangy kick.

jiu gong ge reviewThis is our Jiu Gong Ge reviews after trying their Wagyu Beef Buffet B on a weekday. The buffet is value for money with the variety of meats and seafood, free flow wagyu, one time redemption of a live mud crab per table, wild mushrooms, duck web, frog leg, ongoing promotions, crispy fried pork, hand made dumplings, fish head and even soy bean pudding to end the meal on a sweet note. You will definitely leave with a very full and happy tummy.

meatThey also have hand beaten shrimp balls, beef balls and pork balls by their in house chef. Cooking these in the soup base makes them double in sizes and explosive with juices. Be careful of exploding juicy balls of soup when you bite into them.

free-plushieRedeem 1 free plushie doll for every table, many designs to choose from such as unicorn, froggy, rabbit, teddy bears and more, whilst stocks last. For kids, you can also choose pong pong dolly with knitted winter hats bag charms, check with the service crew to get it. They also have mini snacks for you to take away and mini wobble toys to keep your kids entertained.

meat cakeLooking for a place to celebrate your Birthday at Bugis? With advance booking of 4 adults and above, they will prepare a birthday cake made of meat for you. If you never have a meat cake before, do give this a try!

meat dollYou can also redeem one meat doll with shabu shabu meat of your choice for every table. This is their signature doll that you can pose with for some instagrammable moments. The shabu shabu meats available are Spain sliced pork belly, wagyu, black pork meat, sliced pork belly, sliced lean pork, lamb and boutique fat beef for this meat doll. Lift the meat off the gown of the doll and lower into your hotpot soup base to enjoy. It is a fun and interesting way to eat shabu shabu meat.

They also have an amazing range of surimi and must have hotpot ingredients. From clockwise cheese sausage, lobster balls, organic cauliflower, cheese tofu, oyster mushrooms, ngoh hiang, Chinese mini fried dough aka you tiao, crunchy cocktail sausage, rice cakes, lotus roots, corn, kungfu bamboo shoots, otah cakes, quail eggs, sweet potato noodles, fried wanton, crab sticks, Taiwan sausage, mini sausage, kelp, sliced potato and tobiko fortune bag in the center.

jiu gong ge wild mushroom buffetRedeem 1 wild mushroom platter for Wagyu Buffet B at Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot. The size of the platter is given based on the head count in each table, more pax more mushrooms. These are excellent source of anti-oxidants and taste great in soup too.

Cook these wild mushrooms in their Collagen Chicken soup base hotpot to enjoy a very nourishing bowl of savoury mushroom soup with the goodness of collagen as well. This soup base is boiled for hours with fish maw and old hen for a richer flavour and a brilliant glistening golden hue rich with chicken essence that makes it so appetising.

They also have 2 full height display chiller where you can get as much seafood, greens, noodles and surimi as you like.

display chillerThe meats included in the buffet are not displayed in this chiller but you can order from the service crew. The cut to order shabu shabu meats will be served to your table for the optimum freshness.

spacious diningEnjoy all this hotpot in their 2 storey dining space with spacious interior which spans two split levels. For buffet A, dispenser drinks are included and for Wagyu Beef Buffet, you get unlimited canned drinks such as Pokka Oolong tea, Coca-Cola, 100 plus, Fanta orange, Wang Lao Ji Herbal tea, Qoo White Grape Juice and Fuze Lemon tea.

ming tang jiu gong ge hotpot buffet bugisHead over to Ming Tang Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot Buffet at Bugis Cube today. You will have so much to eat with a hotpot restaurant that is so giving. You get promotion on buffet price, free soup base, plushie, birthday cakes, meat dolls, plushie and up to 100 choices of seafood, meats, surimi and so much more hotpot ingredients that is here to wow your taste buds and senses. They are pretty crowded over the weekends be sure to make reservations for weekend buffet.

Promotion from Now till end of March 2024 :
-5 diners, you pay the price of 4 diners and 1 diner eats free (4+1 promotion).
For example, 5 adults dine in, you only pay for 4 adults, 1 eats free
– For 3 or more diners, you can redeem free single, dual or triple soup base.

Address of Jiu Gong Ge Hotpot (名堂九宫格火锅):
Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road,
#01-05, Singapore 188735

Adult Price for Hotpot Buffet option A
Mon-Thurs $25.80++
Fri-Sun, Eve and PH-$28.80++
Children (1.1-1.4 metre tall) price $16.80++

Adult Price for Hotpot Wagyu Beef Buffet option B
(As shown in video)
Mon-Thurs $42.80++
Fri-Sun, Eve and PH -$45.80++
Children price $18.80++

Dine in time 120 mins
Soup Add on for both buffet A and B:
Choice of Soup:
$9 for double, triple or JGG- nine type classic soup
Dispenser drinks are included for Buffet A / dispenser + canned drinks for Buffet B

Opening Hours:
11.30am to 1am daily
For reservation, call: 6338 3405 / 6977 7788

Brought to you by Ming Tang Jiu Gong Ge (名堂九宫格火锅)

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