La Jiang Shan Mala Tang With Grilled Fish Hotpot at SunShine Plaza Near Selegie, Singapore

la jiang shan mala tangLa Jiang Shang Mala Tang restaurant is now opened in Singapore with a grocer style pick your own ingredients for mala tang, mala ban and grilled fish hotpot.

la jiang shan mala tang displayLa Jiang Shan Mala Tang 辣姜山麻辣烫 have an amazing selection of seafood, meats, surimi, vegetables and carbs at only $2.68/100gram. All these ingredients are charged at the same unit price regardless of seafood, meat or vegetables.

la jiang shan mala tang banWith up to 100 ingredients, you can build your own dish by picking your desired ingredients from their row of display chiller. These can be prepared into either mala tang, mala mix / mala ban or as add on ingredients into your grilled fish hotpot at La Jiang Shang Mala Tang.

la-jiang-shan-mala-tang-priceFor Mala Tang, this is how it works, get a bowl from their UV sterilised cabinets, pick your own ingredients and get them weighed at their cashier. After payment is made, you can self collect your cooked mala tang when your food buzzer beeps. Enjoy free cook for you service and cook them in a soup base of your choice. A minimum of 300 gram is required for each order of mala tang or mala ban. Priced at $2.68 per 100 gram, you can now enjoy up to 100 ingredients of your choice at La Jiang Shang Mala Tang.

mala tang banThere are various ways to enjoy the food, they can cook the ingredients in spicy soup, non spicy soup or mix them in spicy or non-spicy dry mix. The 7 types of soup base are free for the mala tang with choice of spicy boiled meat soup base, mala soup, mala mix(dry type), sour & spicy golden soup with pickled cabbage, tomato, chicken soup and herbal pork bone with nourishing herbs.

la jiang shan mala tang grilled fish hotpotLa Jiang Shang Mala Tang even have grilled fish in 5 sizzling flavours such as Mala, green pepper, tomato, sour cabbage and tom yum soup base. These grilled fish hotpot are served on a portable stove that keeps your fish simmering while you eat.

green-pepper-fishGreen Pepper Grilled Fish Hotpot comes with a cabbage base, topped with a large grilled fish, fresh green pepper and peppercorns in a savoury tangy soup base. The meat is thick and tender with a mildy saline kick to it. This is good for 2 pax and above to share.

add-on-foodFeel free to add on more ingredients priced by weight into the grilled fish hotpot from their display chiller at 100g for $2.68.

dip counterYou also get to enjoy cut fruits of the day such as watermelon, snack such as fried fish skin and an ice cream to go for every customer. At this condiments and snack bar, there are various condiments for you to customised a sauce for dipping at no extra cost. They also have free flow pearl rice at $1.50 per customer.

free drinkQuote Singaporebeauty at the cashier during payment to enjoy a free canned drink on the restaurant for the month of March 2024. The canned drinks available are Coca Cola, apple soda, Jia Duo Bao herbal drink, F&N Orange, sprite and Minute Maid Qoo white grape soda. Enjoy an ice cream to go for every customer from their ice cream chiller. There are yam, durian and chocolate vanilla flavoured popsicles to choose from.

This is the ingredients we picked to prepare as Mala Mix or Mala ban 麻辣拌. The ingredients are poached with hot water bath and mixed with a spicy, peppery and nutty sauce. The chef will mix the ingredients well for you before serving so that every item is coated with the rich nutty sauce with a kick. The occasion pops of roasted sesame seeds and refreshing earthy scallion adds nice aroma and refreshing dimension to this rich tasting Mala Mix dish.

La jiang shan mala tang promotion menuIf you are there for their grilled fish hotpot, La Jiang Shan Mala Tang is currently having a promotion for set meals with preselected ingredients to go with a grilled fish flavour of your choice. If you prefer to choose you own ingredients to add into the grilled fish hotpot, you may do so by picking up the ingredients by weight from their display chiller and order the ala carte grilled fish hotpot at $25.80 each. Check out their menu above. They also have chicken pot, wagyu in sour spicy soup, braised beef brisket pot and luxury seafood grilled fish.

This is Spicy Boiled Meat Slices (top left of image) topped with sizzling hot dried chilli pepper oil. Feel free to add on more crunch with deep fried soy beans from the condiments counter, scallions, nuts and more. The meats are poached gently making them tender to the bite. The soup base is spicy and savoury as they use pork bone soup as their base. Enjoy boiled chicken, pork, beef and lamb all in one bowl. They also have other soup base such as tomato soup, mala tang and sour cabbage soup for your chosen ingredients.

seatingThe display chiller for food stretches from the entrance through the entire length of the restaurant. You will be spolit for choice when it comes to picking your own ingredients. They have outdoor seating and indoor air conditioned seating as well.

foodIf you are a seafood lover, get an assortment of dory fish fillet, Tioman aka snakehead fish fillet, sweet cooked prawns, shrimps, cuttlefish, octopus tentacles, scallops, surimi crab claw, baby octopus, squid rings, Asari clams, lala and more. For meat lover, they have shabu shabu pork belly, marinated chicken, pork, beef, lamb, mid wings, animal offals such as large pork intestines, beef tripes, beef meat balls and so much more. They also have a large variety of green leafy vegetables and some unique surimi too. The fresh red baby radish are a must try, these are sweet tasting and crisp when poached.

la jiang shan mala tang selegieHead over to LA JIANG SHAN MALA TANG 辣姜山麻辣烫 today if you are a fan of Mala Tang, Mala Mix and Grilled fish hotpot that does not break the bank.

91 Bencoolen Street, #01-13
Sunshine Plaza, Singapore 189652
Opening Hours : 11am to 11pm daily

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