Dragon Mala Tang Cheapest Mala Tang In Raffles Place at Republic Plaza from $1.98+ per 100 gram

Dragon mala tangThere is a new mala tang restaurant Dragon Mala Tang in Raffle Place with one of the cheapest mala tang price tag at $1.98+ (U.P $2.88) per 100g during their opening special from now till 15 April 2024 for both their Republic Plaza outlet and Hong Leong Building outlet.

dragon mala tang republic plazaThese are all the dishes we tried at Dragon Mala Tang at their Republic Plaza outlet. From top to bottom, 5 types of fried rice, Mala tang with 6 soup base such as tomato soup base, creamy fish soup base, xo Herbal soup base, beauty collagen soup base, creamy tom yum base and signature mala tang with spicy numbing soup base. They also have dry base such as mala xiang guo, mala mix / mala ban and xiang la. Their local, Korean and Japanese deep fried sides are must try. They also have 5 types of Chinese fried rice after 3pm at their Republic Plaza outlet only.

dragon mala tang signatureBesides their mala tang, the lunch crowd also love their wide selection of noodles tossed in their signature hot and pungent noodle sauce made by sizzling la jiao mian (Chinese chilli powder), scallions, sesame seeds, minced garlic, vinegar and more with hot oil. Every strand is coated with thick, spicy and tart noodle sauce.

dragon-mala-tang-reviewHere’s our review of Dragon Mala Tang restaurant after trying their dishes. There are a good variety of shabu shabu meat, noodles, vegetables, surimi and even seafood. We love the pocket friendly unit price of only $1.98+ per 100 grams during this opening special and every ingredient is of the same price. Minimum 300 grams needed. They even have special dishes like Korean and Japanese deep fried sides (ala carte) that are a must try. The varieties of cheese topped instant noodles are my go to comfort food with the springy texture, spicy and umami flavours. Best of all, you can help yourselves to various complimentary condiments to spice up your mala tang at their sauce bar.

ingredientThere are 2 sets of full height display chillers for you to pick and choose the ingredients for your mala tang. The mala tang can be enjoyed in either soup base or as dry base. With more than 80 types of ingredients such as shabu shabu meats, seafood, surimi, vegetables and noodles, you will be spoilt for choice. After choosing your ingredient, get them weigh and check out at their cashier.

dragon mala tang menuHere’s Dragon Mala Tang menu which includes the 6 types of soup bases and 3 type of dry bases. There is a base charge of $1.50+ for either soup or dry version. They have no service charge but prevailing GST is applicable on total bill. They also have various types of fried rice such as yang chow, vegetable, beef, salted fish & chicken, ebiko crab stick (only available at Republic Plaza after 3pm)

seafoodBuild your own dish as much meats and seafood as you please, since all the ingredients are of the same price. Some of the must get items includes the shrimp, shabu meats and one type of noodles of your choice to soak up their flavourful broth. Various shabu shabu meats includes chicken breast, pork belly, pork collar, pork loin, bacon, beef brisket and more cuts of meats. Seafood includes kani crab sticks, shrimp, baby octopus, dory fish, cuttle fish roll, prawn paste, fish noodles and more.

signature-mala-tangThis is their Signature Mala Tang soup base with ingredients of our choice. Mala tang is a spicy soup made with a savoury pork bone base, herbs and spices with our choice of shabu shabu beef, lettuce and ban mian.

malatang sauceAs a personal preference, I love my mala tang with rich gooey sesame sauce, lots of coriander and some raw garlic as well. You can also request for add on of milk base if you love a creamier base of mala tang during your order. This is the condiments & sauce counter, feel free to add into your mala tang to zhng the bowl of savouriness. Condiments includes crispy fried sliced garlic, coriander, scallions, Thai green pepper and lime sauce, red vinegar chicken rice chilli, crushed roasted peanuts, raw minced garlic, mala chilli, peanut sauce, the rich sesame sauce and more.

Check out this velvety blend of sauce and soup with refreshing pungent crunch of fresh coriander. Every ingredient is coated with a sweet, nutty and creamy layer of sauce.

mala xiang guoIf you love the dry version, get the mala xiang guo, mala ban aka mala mix or the xiang la dry base with ingredients of your choice. You can also request for da la meaning maximum heat if you are one who can handle spicy food well, otherwise stick to the normal numbing and spicy option.

The difference between Mala xiang guo, mala ban/mix and xiang la:
Mala xiang guo is stir fry in a wok and drier in texture.
Mala ban / mix is poached ingredients and mixed by tossing in sauce.
Xiang la base is just spicy without the numbing peppercorns.

dragon mala tang korean japanese sidesDragon Mala Tang also have some local, Japanese and Korean deep fried sides to add on your mala tang. Our crispy wanton skin, Korean fried tteokbokki with melted cheese & scallions, deep fried shishamo, crunchy crispy fish skin with bbq & cumin powder and airy egg floss that we find in our local fish soup. It is hard to choose a favourite among these, as am a fan of these freshly fried foods.

If you are looking for instant noodle shop in Raffles place in CBD, you can try their ramen as well. Choose your carbs from their crazy selection of noodles and instant ramen. Choices of noodles include chewy pad Thai rice noodle, Chinese wheat noodles, spinach noodles, la mian / ramen, Japanese udon and ban mian egg noodle. Instant ramen includes Shin ramyun, Ibumie Mi Goreng, Ibumie Mi Tom Yam, Shin Stir fry ramyun, Ottogi spicy cheese ramen, hot and spicy An sung tang myun and more.

ramen shopUsing a ramen of your choice, they will cook and toss it in their in-house signature sizzling spicy garlicky sauce. These instant ramen are of different texture, chew, thickness and very slurp worthy. They can also top up this special dish Fiery Cheese Instant Ramen with a torched melted blanket of cheddar and mozzarella cheese for that spicy cheese pull.

soup baseThey also have beauty collagen soup base boiled for 4 hours with old hen, pork skin and pork bones and more. This soup base is best enjoyed with la mian with shabu shabu pork, a side of fresh xiaobaicai and an onsen egg topped with a handful of their sliced fried garlic from the condiments bar. Tomato soup base are made with real tomatoes that is sweet and tangy. Pair it with egg floss shrimp, tofu and cabbage to soak up the goodness and the soft tomato chunks. Creamy fish soup base, we paired it with dory fish chunks, shrimp, pork loin, lettuce and crab stick surimi. Best enjoyed with in-house vinegary chilli sauce for extra kick. XO Herbal soup base with dang shen, yu zhu, wolfberry, Chinese Yam and red dates, a dish to nourish and warms the body on a cold day. Creamy tom yum base for a spicy, sour and appetising bowl of goodness, best paired with seafood, pad Thai chewy rice noodles and mushrooms.

dragon mala tang republic plaza hong leong buildingCome Try this new Dragon Mala Tang the cheapest mala tang in CBD Raffles Place at Republic Plaza and Hong Leong Building today to fix your craving for Chinese Mala Tang, Mala Xiang Guo, Mala Ban, instant noodles, Korean ramen, Korean sides and Japanese sides. They are a spacious restaurant with more than 60 seats and a colourful sauce bar of various condiments.

Republic Plaza, B1-06,
9 RaffIes Place, Singapore 048619
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri, 11am-7pm (Sat / Sun off)

Other outlet:
Hong Leong Building, B1-27/28, Singapore 048581
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri, 11am-4pm (Sat / Sun off)

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