Island Lights With Sanrio Characters 2020 At Siloso Sentosa Singapore

Island Lights with Sanrio CharactersIsland Lights with Sanrio Characters has officially embarked on the shores of Sentosa Singapore this Christmas season. The Sentosa island lights is now extended till 10 Jan 2021.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters bookingHere’s how Island Lights booking works. To book Island Lights with Sanrio Characters 2020, you need to standby at the Sentosa website at 0000hr. As a tip, load the website 5 minutes before midnight.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters sentosaAt 0000hrs sharp, the booking for Island-Lights-with-Sanrio-Characters Sentosa will be opened and refresh your page asap to get into the system. Enter the no. of adults, children attending and choose your time slot. Standby your (personal details) an email address etc. Press Next to proceed to enter your personal details. This is usually where the page seems to hang and is not loading. Our experience is that the page is actually loading and cross your fingers that the next page shows. The page loads slower than usual and could be due to the heavy traffic. Click confirm to secure your slots to this Island Lights with Sanrio characters 2020 festive beach light up asap.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters time slotChoose from 3 time slots of 1 hour each, starting from 7.30pm, 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm. These are advanced bookings up to 5 days. Your booking is successful to these seven larger than life light installations, with a confirmation page and entry code. It is the fastest fingers first to secure a slot.

sentosa bookingIf you are slow to book, you will see the scene timing showing “the time you’ve selected is no longer available online” which translate to try again tomorrow. Our experience is that most of the slots are taken up in a matter of 5-15 minutes. Besides this event, you can also go to other Christmas attractions such as Orchard Road decoration festive lights and Garden By The Bay Christmas Light Up.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters free entryGood luck everyone and have fun to this free entry Island Lights with Sanrio characters Siloso Sentosa Singapore. You will find Hello Kitty and friends such as Pompompurin, My Melody and Little Twin Stars mushrooming all over this event.

tram-to-sapphire-pavilion-silosoHow to get to Island Lights with Sanrio Characters once you got your slot? You can either choose to do a 12 minutes stroll along Skyline Luge/ MarryBrown fast food restaurant direction to the entrance at Sapphire Pavilion along Siloso Beach or take a complimentary shuttle beach tram at the beach station alongside the ticketing counter.

sapphire-pavilion-siloso-beach-sentosaThe beach shuttle tram captain will announce the island light destination when it reaches the entrance, Sapphire Pavilion along Siloso Beach.

usherThe ushers in red will key in your confirmation code and checks your safeEntry check in.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters entranceWalk through this tunnel of heart shaped lights into the main Island Lights with Sanrio Characters grounds.

Get a close up shot with your favourite Sanrio Hello Kitty and meet her friends later in this set up of Island Lights with Sanrio Characters 2020.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters hello kittyThe first light installation at Island Lights with Sanrio Characters is a towering larger than life Hello Kitty with a harp that holds some of her favourite things and a miniature Sentosa Gateway arch.

Next stop at Memory Lane, you get to go through a mini-maze and meet My Melody at the end of it.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters landmarksAlong the way at this Island Lights with Sanrio Characters are retro picture of Sentosa and reminiscence of some of the old landmarks like Palawan Pirate Ship, Ferry Terminals, suspension bridge and more.

Island Lights with Sanrio Characters fantasy islandNext Island Lights with Sanrio Characters attraction is the fantasy island rainbow slide with My Melody. This is a 8 metre tall slide that is a reminder of fantasy Island that shutters in 2001 and is only for photography purpose. You can visually slide down the colourful slide with your eyes.

This whimsical colourful waterslide is perfect backdrop for your gram.

Island-Lights-dragonGet a picture with the guardian of the dragon court. A ferocious looking dragon that emerge from the sand! This is a reminiscence of the dragon trail at Mount Imbiah if you are wondering why there is a random dragon in this Island Lights with Sanrio Characters.

kiki lala little twin starsMeet Kiki and Lala aka The Little Twin Stars. Together with monorail and cable car in soft shade of pink, blue and lilac makes you feel young again.

There is a 12metre long led neon light outline light installation along the night coastline of Siloso beach featuring Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, My Melody and Little Twin Stars.

creative picturesTime to get some pictures too and get creative.

Along the way, you can also find these magical lit up trees with dangling heart shaped lights that sway with the night breeze. This is Singapore illumination style with its carpet of lights and sexy lit up trunk and branches.

day-time-island-lightsIf you did not manage to get any slots for the night time, you can go in during the day for this Island Lights without booking needed.

my melody slidesIt is equally mesmerizing during the day with Mt Melody and slides, just that you cannot get close to the characters as there are guard rails set up during the day. Do note that you will be asked to vacant the beach around 6-7pm before the night crowd with bookings arrives.

pompompurin sentosaDressed up as pompompurin favourite things such as donuts, caramel pudding or offer it your shoes, it loves to collect shoes. This set up with Sentosa siloso landmark is outside the island lights set up after the exit.

Sentosa Island Lights with Sanrio characters 2020This is the fourth version in Sentosa’s yearly light-up programme and runs from Dec. 12, 2020, to Jan. 3, 2021. See you there at Sentosa Island Lights with Sanrio characters 2020. Latest Update – Sentosa island lights extension till 10 Jan 2021!

Island Lights with Sanrio characters 2020 Location:
Siloso Beach @ Sapphire Pavilion Entrance
Sentosa Singapore

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