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she11-we-seafood-buffetThe She11 We seafood buffet returns again after a year, bigger and better at Escape Restaurant & Lounge, One Farrer Hotel.

flower-crabs5 star hotel experience at Escape Restaurant & Lounge serving up international cuisine and local epicurean delights of more than 80 choices.

Live station – Cook to order creamy pasta alfredo tossed in parmesan cheese wheel with a dash of parsley.

Up to 11 choices of fresh seafood on ice such as sea whelk, Australian yabbies, snow crab legs, flower crabs, spanner crab with roe, sweet sea prawns, crayfish, live Japanese oysters, stone crab mussels and many more.

live-japanese-oystersLive seasonal Japanese oysters on rocks – plump creamy oysters freshly shucked for you to eat to your heart’s content.

Grab a bouquet of these snow crab legs! These are the stars of the seafood buffet.

snow-crab-legSucculent and sweet snow crab leg that stole the show from the feast. Must try.

stone-crabThe novelty seafood such as stone crabs and spanner crabs are also worth a try.

Spanner crabs are full of meat and prized for their crab roe.

spanner crab roeThe roe of these spanner crabs are of a rich and grainy texture.

Australia yabbies – Pair these with some chilli tomato sauce or some creamy garlic dips to enhance the sweet morsel of meat.

prawnsHow about a tub of sweet sea prawns?

musselsA sea of green lip mussels perched on a bed of rocks to entice your taste buds.

escape-one-farrer-hotelSo many seafood to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Cold station house a good variety of starters.

Pan seared tuna with nori salad and smoked salmon roll with apricot cheese roe.

Tomato mozzarella cheese & cold cuts.

Mixed seafood ceviche with salmon roe.

Who can resist some good old farm cheese with assorted nuts and dried fruits.

A plethora of wok-fried mains and baked specialty to choose from as well from the hot station.

Hot station – 14 cooked food – England clam chowder, seafood tom yum soup, fisherman’s pie, butter glazed seasonal vegetables, seafood penne with Pomodoro sauce with curry leaves, roast beef gravy(stew), baked Pollock fillet with farmed dill sauce, black pepper crayfish with seafood, Barramudi with hot bean paste, Asian green, braised seafood with glass noodle, seafood fried rice with conpoy and baby abalone.

Crispy soft shell crab with chilli crab sauce and pan fried mantou.

salmon-curryBaked whole salmon with Thai red curry and seasonal greens.

Black pepper crayfish with assorted seafood.

Indulge in some seafood fried rice with conpoy and baby abalone.

Get ready for the kitchen to table service -Boston lobster with mentaiko and cheese. Limited to 1 set per guest.

mentaiko cheese lobster roeFreshly prepared by the chef with mentaiko and cheese. Served hot straight from the oven and torched to perfection before platting. Must try.

Kitchen to table service – Chawamushi with chilli crab sauce, scallop and shrimp. Texture is extremely silky and custardy with a layer of velvety chilli crab sauce. Must try.

Fans of Cantonese roast – get yourselves platters of mixed roast of Hainanese steamed chicken, roasted duck and pork belly with some flavourful chicken rice.

Want more local delights? Order some prawn and pork ribs noodle with some piping hot savoury pork broth.

For some intense South East Asia food, we have a good selection of authentic Indian cuisine – ayam masak tomato, tagine inspired seafood briyani, sayur champuran, chicken masala, udang goreng lada hitam, palak paneer, sambal stingray with chinchalok dressing, dhal makahni, naan and papadum cracker.

Savoury, rich and creamy dhal makahni with crispy papadum cracker.

Must try.

DIY salad bar for those looking for some crunch and green bites.

Got room for some fresh cut sashimi, maki rolls and temaki sushi?

Fresh bakes – vegan and fruit topped thin crust pizza are also available.

End the feast on a sweet note with some fancy under the sea-themed desserts.

Marshmallows dipped in blue milk fountain.

Durian lovers shall unite at this Signature Durian Pengat dessert.

Delightful morsel of luscious durian pengat that will wow even those not big on durians. Highly recommended.

Enjoy some cooling sea coconut cocktail in this sweltering weather.

Golden beach pear crumble – a trinity of sweet pears, assorted berries and apples. More desserts are available for selection such as green tea profiterole with pearls, blue velvet cake, sea salt chocolate cup cakes, floating island and many more.

This She11 We seafood Feast buffet style is available for dinner daily from 26th April till 2nd June 2019 daily. Get 50% off $88 ++ (adult price) for 2nd diner when you quote SingaporeBeauty. The 50% off is limited to a maximum of 8 pax per table/reservation. Reservation is a must.

In conjunction with this She11 We Seafood Feast buffet style, the second bottle of selected wine is at $11 only with every purchase of Vina Tobia red/white or Le Contesse ProseccoBrut. Wines are ala carte and not part of the buffet.

Make your reservations today and head over soon to enjoy She11 We Seafood Feast buffet style at Escape Restaurant & Lounge, One Farrer Hotel.

Dinner Buffet only available from 26 April 2019 to 2nd June 2019.

Escape Restaurant and Lounge @ One Farrer Hotel
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562
(2mins walk from Farrer Park MRT station)

SHE11 WE Seafood buffet price:
Adult $88++
Kids (7-12 years old) $44++

Promo 1:
Get 50% off 2nd diner when you quote SingaporeBeauty. (Limited redemption daily, call & ask)

The 50% off is limited to a maximum of 8 pax per table/reservation. (Meaning if 8pax come, 4pax get the 50%). If more than 8pax, you must make a separate reservation to enjoy further discount.

Snow crab legs, live japanese oysters, sea whelk, Australian yabbies, flower crabs, sweet sea prawns, crayfish, mussels and flower clams. Novelty seafood such as spanner crab with roe and stone crabs. Free ½ mentaiko cheese lobster per pax.

Promo 2:
In conjunction with this She11 We Seafood Feast buffet style, the second bottle of selected wine is at $11 only with every purchase of Vina Tobia red/white ($68++) or Le Contesse ProseccoBrut($78++).

Dinner Buffet operating hours:
Monday – Sunday: 6pm – 10pm

Dine time:
No time limit

Reservations a must:
call (+65) 67057828 for reservations.

Brought to you by Escape Restaurant & Lounge, One Farrer Hotel

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