Bucketta Seafood Bucket Buffet with Thai Street Food, Raw Marinated Crab at Golden Mile Tower

buckettaBucketta – the popular Thai seafood in a bucket place has opened a new 2nd outlet at Golden Mile Tower with new menu that includes seafood bucket buffet with unlimited sides. This buffet also has add on beer buffet where you can enjoy selected unlimited bottled beers. If you are not a buffet lover, you can get ala carte food such as raw marinated seafood, mama stew hotpot and Thai Street food.

bucketta menuHere’s Bucketta menu with new Thai food items included and a refreshed seafood bucket buffet menu. This latest menu includes 3 types of ala carte seafood buckets, seafood bucket buffet with sides & drinks, marinated raw seafood in Thai style, Thai street food, mama stew, appetizers and drinks. Seafood in a bucket buffet price starts from $49.90++ per pax for lunch daily and $59.90++ after 5pm daily. Add on $9.90++ beer buffet available only for seafood bucket buffet diners.

bucketta golden mile tower interiorBooking is required and recommended for dine in at 2nd new outlet of Bucketta at Golden Mile Tower and the main outlet at The Grandstand. Walk in is subjected to availability of seats. Bucketta at Golden Mile Tower has both windy outdoor with standing outdoor cooler fans and air-conditioned dining. Can accommodate big groups with their flexible table arrangements, do check with them for more details.

seafood in a bucket buffetThis seafood in a bucket buffet is a mixture of various seafood with sauce. For this buffet, you can refill the seafood bucket up to 3 buckets in sauce of your choice. The sauces available are black pepper sauce, Cajun and garlic butter.

bucketta-promotion-beer-buffetTo celebrate with the new outlet of Bucketta @ Golden Mile Tower, they are offering free flow beer buffet for the month of Feb 2023 for every seafood bucket buffet diners at this 2nd outlet only. Meaning for the price of $49.90++ or $59.90++, you get beer buffet as well. The selected beer for this buffet is Tsingtao bottled beers or their beer of the day. This beer buffet is priced at add on of $9.90++ for any other days in the buffet without this opening special promotion.

bucketta bucket seafood buffetBucketta bucket seafood buffet comes with 11 seafood and ingredients, free flow sides, cordial, milk tea and free flow beer for the month of Feb 2023 at the Golden Mile Tower outlet. Indulge in a variety of seafood such as tiger prawns, slipper lobsters, white Manila clams, scallops, flower crab or three spot crab, mussels, deep sea squid, baby cuttlefish, corn, potatoes and Thai sausage.

sidesThe free flow sides for the buffet includes onion rings, French fries, chicken wings, fried calamari, crab fried rice and fried mantou. These are cooked to order so you get them piping hot every time and crispy too. Is hard to choose a favourite among these sides as am a fan of hot sinful good finger food.

crab-fried-riceThis crab fried rice is also part of the buffet sides. The grains are neat and aromatic. Each grain is coated with aromatic egg wash and topped with fresh chopped scallions. Topped with chunks of crab meat and a dash of peppery heat around the mountain of golden fried rice. Definitely has a good amount of wok hei from the wok and tossed rice grains kissing the flames.

thai milk teaIndulge in free flow Thai Milk Tea and 3 flavours of fruit cordials from the dispenser machine. The Thai milk tea is available in Thai red tea and Thai Green milk tea. Tea is rich and velvety with a strong tea aroma. Cooling and refreshing drink best enjoyed with the spicy seafood.

If you are not a buffet lover, go for their ala carte Thai street food. They have many Thai style marinated seafood to choose from. The most popular one is the marinated raw crab roe and crab meats. These are raw crabs with roe that are marinated in fish sauce, chilli and garlic and some other ingredients. You can also go for these with a set of steamed rice and seaweed. You can finally enjoy these Thai marinated raw crab roe in Singapore at Bucketta.

thai marinated raw prawnThey also have other types of Thai marinated seafood such as salmon & prawn marinate ($30), Japanese oysters (6 pieces)($30) besides the marinated raw crab roe and meat ($49). Enjoy these sweet seafood with a garlicky and spicy kick. For fans of marinated seafood, you need to bring them here.

bucketta seafood bucketBucketta also has ala carte seafood in a bucket. For this Special non-buffet seafood buckets, they have 3 combo of different seafood bucket to please everyone – Koh Samed (original Bucketta bucket same as the buffet bucket), Koh Phi Phi (Crawfish special bucket)($178) and Koh Pu (Crab Island)($238). Koh Samed (original Bucketta bucket same as the buffet bucket) are available in 3 sizes – small for 2 pax ($69), medium for 3-4 pax ($99) and large for 5 pax and above ($179). Choices of sauce available are Cajun, butter garlic and black pepper.

Koh Pu (Crab Island)($238) seafood bucket consist of Sri Lankan mud crabs, tiger prawns, mussels, white clams, corn, potatoes and Thai sausage. This bucket is great for you if you love mud crabs with a variety of other seafood.

crawfishKoh Phi Phi (Crawfish special bucket)($178) seafood bucket consist of crawfish, white Manila clams, flower crabs, baby cuttlefish, scallops, mussels, corn, potatoes and Thai sausage. This bucket is great for you if you love crawfish with a variety of other shelled seafood. Crawfish are split in the center for ease of eating too.

Enjoy more ala carte dishes with authentic Thai taste such as Tom Yum mama noodle pot. Slurp savoury seafood noodles with a variety of ingredients in a simmering pot of tom yum soup stew. Love flower crab but not keen to deshell them?

steamed deshell crabGet Steamed De-shelled Flower Crab steamed ($49) with 2 type of spicy and sour seafood chilli dip here. Sweet morsel of flower crab lollipops with each mouth that is so convenient to eat, even with your long manicures on!

bucketta golden mile towerGet your seafood buddies now and head over to Bucketta @ Golden Mile Tower today! Come onboard this journey of pure seafood bliss with authentic Thai street food and unique marinated raw seafood. Wash as these down with waves of icy cold beers.

Opening Special only for Golden Mile Tower Outlet:
Selected free flow beer for Bucketta Bucket buffet diners for month of Feb (GMT only)

Address of Bucketta :
New 2nd outlet
6001 Beach Road #01-52
Golden Mile Tower, S199589

Main Outlet
200 Turf Club Road, #01-06
The Grandstand, S287994

Daily Buffet Price for Bucketta :
Lunch (12pm -4pm) $49.90++
Dinner (5.00pm-9.30pm) $59.90++
Last order at 8.30pm
Opening hours : 12pm to 9.30pm daily

For reservation, call : 9845 8558
Minimum 2 people to dine for buffet

Dine in time limit : 90 minutes
Refill seafood bucket buffet up to 3 buckets
Free flow sides, cordials and milk tea included in buffet
Add on beer buffet $9.90++ per pax

Ala carte seafood bucket, Thai street food and raw marinated seafood available

Brought to you by Bucketta

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