Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang 周记串串香 Cheapest Hotpot Skewers in Singapore At Tan Quee Lan Street Bugis

zhou ji chuan chuan xiangZhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang (周记串串香) is a newly opened skewers hotpot restaurant in Bugis at Tan Quee Lan Street. It has claypot Lunch special set at Bugis for only $7.80++, cheapest skewers in Singapore and mini hotpot dishes starting from only $3. It is a great place for affordable hotpot in Bugis, serving signature handmade cooked Chinese food from LeShan Sichuan, China.

zhou ji chuan chuan xiang cheapest skewer singaporeThere are over 50 types of skewers to choose from at Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang (周记串串香). Each stick is priced at only 25 cents (U.P 50 cents each) to celebrate their opening, so be sure to make use of this golden window to try all their skewers while you are at Bugis. This Singapore cheapest skewers aka lok lok or chuan chuan is a must try. Every stick is priced at 25 cents each, you can get them in meat, seafood, surimi, fungus and greens. They specialised in Leshan Sichuan beef skewers with mint, pickled chilli, marinated meats and more in a spicy chilli rub on the meats for hotpotting.

zhou ji chuan chuan xiang menu priceBesides skewers hotpot, also includes various mini hotpot dishes ingredients such as premium abalone, large half shell scallops, handmade dumplings, braised fried phoenix feet, braised pork knuckles, Zhou Ji Huo Guo Chuan Chuan Xiang menu (周记火锅串串香的菜单) shabu shabu pork belly, lily flowers, handmade shrimp paste, fried beancurd skin, ebiko fish dumplings, shrimp dumplings, rocket squid, beef offals, pork innards and so much more. The price of these mini dishes are priced according to colour of box tray, yellow $4, green $5 and white $6. Soup for hotpot is add on from $8 onwards for single soups such as the Big Bone pork soup, $10 for mala soup. There are other nourishing dual soup such as dual soup spicy and non spicy $12, old hen and mala $18, pork trotter and mala $16, spare ribs and mala $16, tomato and mala $16.

zhou-ji-huo-guo-chuan-chuan-xiang-lunch-promotionIf you are looking for great lunch deals in Bugis, do check out Zhou Ji Huo Guo Chuan Chuan Xiang (周记火锅串串香) Claypot Lunch promotion sets that are available from 11 am to 3pm daily. This Lunch deal might be too good to miss if you are in Bugis. Every $7.80++ lunch set comes with a claypot of your choice, a serving of steamed rice and a glass of lime juice. The claypot are those piping hot ones shown above. After 3pm daily, each of these claypots is priced at $9.80 each. This is a popular spot for affordable lunch deal in Bugis if you are working nearby or simply shopping.

bugis spacious restaurantLunch in Bugis is like a battle field, it is super charged with lunch goers from nearby offices and shopping mall. Finding seats to consume your lunch is always a challenge. If you are craving for some comforting food, piping affordable hotpot that is great for 2 person at affordable prices in a spacious dine in environment, this is it. They are a 2 storey restaurant for skewers hotpot, claypot, skewers, Leshan Sichuan cooked food place in Bugis, very spacious and can house up to 125 people on both floors. As it is hidden along Tan Quee Lan street, it has kind of fallen under the radar. On the second storey, they have private rooms and some even have its own attached shower room and wash room. Subjected to availability, you can book these rooms for private meals with no minimum spend for 6 pax and above and can listen to songs on their KTV style TV monitor.

zhou ji huo guo chuan chuan xiang reviews

Here’s our Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang review (周记串串香), after trying most of the food on their menu. The skewers are definitely a steal at 25 cents each stick which includes some seafood, meats, marinated meats, beef offals, pork innards, greens, surimi and even fried stuff during this opening special promotion. The usual price is at 50 cents per stick on normal days. You can pick mini dishes and more than 50 varieties of skewers from the display chillers that stretches from one end of the restaurant to the other, we are so spoilt for choice. The pricing is a big YES for us in this restaurant and the dining environment is clean and spacious.

sichuan-leshan-claypotThe 9 types of unique claypot and handmade LeShan Sichuan style food (乐山四川特色砂锅煲) is also a bonus. The portions are generous for the Lunch promotion claypot sets and very filling too, in view of the $7.80++ price point. The Lunch promotion set, includes one claypot of your choice, a glass of lime juice and a serving of steamed rice.


Most of the claypot also comes with a second carb such as mi xian (米线) aka rice noodle or dong fen (冬粉) aka glass noodle. The soup choices are either spicy mala or non spicy with savoury flavours.

pig intestinesThere are 3 choices of claypot in Mala soup with main ingredients such as Pig Intestines, Beef Brisket and Sliced Beef claypot. The Pig Intestines Claypot is fatty and buttery with glass noodles soaking up the savoury mala soup.

sliced beefIf you need a hearty claypot, you can go for the sliced beef or beef brisket Claypot with spicy mala soup. Most of the spicy claypots also has other ingredients such as the crunchy black fungus, tofu, julienned kelp, soy bean sprouts, glass noodles and more.

The 6 other non mala savoury claypots are fried pork, fried pork ribs, pork trotters, rice noodles, meatballs with tomatoes and sliced fish with sour spicy soup. If you are craving for tangy soup, try the meatballs with tomatoes and sink your teeth into soft chunks of peeled tomatoes wedges.

zhou ji chuan chuan xiang fried porkFor some sinful indulgence, get the fried pork ribs and fried pork claypot. The fried pork adds flavour to the soup, but my personal preference is to enjoy the crunch of the fried meats. You can inform the staff in advance when placing your order to serve the fried meats separately.

The Pork trotter is for those who loves a collagen-full of goodness and some jiggly soft pork knuckles. It is cooked with some large kidney beans which is soft, creamy and buttery.

sour fishSliced fish with spicy and sour soup is great too. The sour cabbage, red pepper and the sliced fish are comforting on a rainy day or helps to whet your appetite on a scorching hot day. Wash down with a thirst quenching sweet and sharp lime juice.


They specialised in hotpot chuan chuan aka steamboat skewers. This is how it works, pick the skewers from the display chiller, each stick is 25 cents, regardless of meat, seafood, surimi, fried meats, or vegetables, as long as it is on a stick. The waitress will count the sticks in the stick holder on your table besides the hotpot and bill based on that.

Do not forget their LeShan Sichuan style cooked food such as chicken with chilli oil, pork slices with garlic mix, fried crispy pork, brown sugar rice cake, handmade dumplings, wanton in red oil, and these are so tasty.

Lastly cool down with some desserts such as Rose ice jelly and rice wine mocha balls ice jelly and end it on a sweet note.

zhou ji chuan chuan xiang tan quee lan bugisIf you are looking for Singapore cheapest skewers, do try Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang (周记串串香) at Tan Quee Lan Street. They are currently having promotion for both skewers and claypot lunch sets.

Address of Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang:
7 Tan Quee Lan Street, #01-01, Singapore 188096

Opening hours:
11am to 12 midnight daily
For reservations and enquiry, pls call: 6015 0380

Brought to you by Zhou Ji Chuan Chuan Xiang (周记串串香)

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