Eat Pizza Singapore Largest 25cm Pizza Chain in PLQ from South Korea

eat pizzaEat Pizza Singapore at PLQ (Paya Lebar Quarter) is South Korea’s largest pizza chain. This viral and extremely popular pizza is known for their 25cm rectangular pizza. This quick and convenient pizza-on-the-go concept can be enjoyed anywhere with the user-friendly packaging.

Eat Pizza’s 25cm pizzas are freshly made from scratch with more than 10 unique flavours.

Eat Pizza singaporeEat Pizza at PLQ Singapore is conveniently located near Paya Lebar MRT Interchange and outside the PLQ mall. Eat Pizza in South Korea is known as 피자먹다 (pija meokda) which means Eat Pizza. This is the latest hot spot for lunch goers in the PLQ area and for curious food enthusiast who cannot wait to get their hands on the Korean style pizza.

eat pizza menu singaporeHere’s Eat Pizza Menu in Singapore that consists of freshly made from scratch pizza with more than 10 unique flavours, baked corn cheese in 3 flavours, mac & cheese in 2 flavours, tteobokki, sides, banchan and various drinks. The pizza price starts from $5.90 onwards for a 25 cm long rectangular pizza.

Take them away in these cute 25cm rectangular boxes.

eat-pizza-singaporeThe pizza is soft and moist due to the high-protein dough.

Eat Pizza Singapore has an exclusive PLQ special Kimchi Bulgogi Pizza ($9.90) that is only available in Singapore. It is a thick crust fluffy pizza topped with beef bulgogi and lots of kimchi, held together by pizza cheese on a pizza sauce base.

beefThere are visible slices of beef bulgogi on this pizza on a bed of thick stretchy melted cheese, chased by the sharp flavours from the kimchi topping. You get the best of both worlds – tender savoury bulgogi beef and appetizing kimchi in one bite.

eat pizza reviewsHere’s our Eat pizza reviews after trying some of their recommended pizza flavours. Personally we really enjoyed the Hot Spicy Chicken pizza and the baked Corn Cheese in Sweet Potato Flavours. The Yuzu Honey Citron Slushie also left an impression on us with the semi-sweet citrusy cold drink made of snow like ice.

hot-spicy-chicken-pizzaThis Hot Spicy Chicken pizza ($7.90) is topped with K-spicy chicken, sweet corn and chipotle sauce. This pizza pack a good amount of heat, which after a few bites left my tongue tingling with a mild burning sensation, which is rather shiok by the way.

Yuzu-Honey-Citron-SlushieHere’s where the Yuzu Honey Citron Slushie ($3.90) come in handy to douse the heat in that burning tongue. The icy slushie and the citrusy flavours instantly cools you down and you may continue to fight that feisty but enjoyable Hot Spicy Chicken pizza.

corn cheese sweet potatoAfter a round of rich spicy pizza and some icy slushie, get this Corn Cheese Sweet Potato ($5.90) to end your lunch on a sweet and semi savoury note. This is a baked tray with sweet corn kernels in a savoury white sauce which we suspect is mayonnaise, topped with a bed of chewy cheese and 3 rows of piped sweet potato mash. This is also one of the must try, it is almost like a dessert with the sweetness of the sweet potato taking center stage. The Baked Cheese Corn is also available in original and bacon flavour, each priced at $5.90.

sweet potatoIf you need something more filling while on the go, get the Sweet Potato Pizza ($6.50) made with sweet potato mash, sweet corn and topped with white sauce. This is almost like a sweet and savoury dessert pizza with a mild salinity from the baked cheese and occasional sweet pops from the corn kernels.

They also have various pizza that is a convenient to go brunch such as Crispy Potato Bacon pizza ($6.90) made with turkey bacon, hash brown and pizza sauce. They also have other bacon option such as The Double Cheese Bacon pizza ($6.90), made with turkey bacon, emmental cheese and pizza sauce.

Eat pizza not halalCheck out the turkey bacon above with the cheese pull. The bacon used in Eat Pizza is turkey instead of pork. We spotted a sign at their shop front that says no pork, no lard used. Do note that Eat Pizza is currently not halal certified.

The stretchy chain of melted cheese when you pull the 100% Real Cheese pizza.

They also have various other pizza flavours such as Sweet Bulgogi, Hawaiian, Fried Shrimp, Aloha, Shrimp, Pepperoni and Sirloin Steak.

Which one would you like to try? Do head over early as some of the pizza flavours were sold out after lunch hours. It is very popular with the pizza lovers over at PLQ now. You can check with them their next session in the same day, to get your hands on these hot pizza.

show kitchenHere’s why Eat Pizza taste so good. They are freshly made from scratch with more than 10 unique flavours right before your eyes in their show kitchen at this PLQ outlet.

dough toppingsThe pizza is made using high-protein dough and topped with 100% natural cheese. The dough is proofed in individual rectangular trays, topped with sauce and generous toppings.

These are then baked using Korea’s customized oven pizza that cooks the pizza in 5mins.

eat pizza singapore plqEat Pizza Singapore at PLQ from South Korea with over 100 outlets is now in Singapore. This Grab-and-Go pizzas concept means you can eat it anywhere you like. If you love to try this Korea’s most popular 25cm rectangular pizza in Singapore, do head over to PLQ today.

EAT PIZZA address:
10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter
#01-K5 PLQ Mall, Singapore 409057

Opening Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)

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