Sengkang Square Oyster Omelette – Halal Pan Fried Carrot Cake, Fried Oyster Omelette

Sengkang Square Oyster OmeletteSengkang Square Oyster Omelette is a stall at Kopitiam Square Sengkang selling local delights such as carrot cakes (2 ways), fried oyster, oyster omelette and fried kway teow. The local delights here are halal and uses no pork no lard in their fried oyster omelette or pan fried carrot cakes recipe.

Sengkang Square Oyster OmeletteWe tried one of the recommended fried oyster and their popular carrot cake (white style). They also have fried oyster omelette.

halal fried oysterThe difference between the fried oyster and fried oyster omelette is additional potato starch to the fried oyster while the omelette is purely egg batter with oyster.

sengkang square oyster omeletteThe fried oyster comes with 3 thumb size oysters that are creamy and soft. It bursts with a seafood flavour in your mouth and combines well the eggy texture of the batter. The egg is slightly browned and has a chewy centre.

kopitiam square halal fried oysterThe gooey translucent starch is what differentiates a good fried oyster from a bad one. This plate of fried oyster hold a myriad of texture, the rough crispy eggs, the gooey stretchy potato starch with the creamy soft oysters lay on top.

spring onionThe fried oyster are naturally on the greasy end and the fat chunks of spring onions eaten with the egg batter gives it instant relieve from the greasy gelat feel.

oyster omelette sengkangThe chilli sauce with the tart notes also helps to ease the greasiness of the dish. The chilli sauce looks diluted but it does pack a sour kick to the dish with traces of chilli flakes.

kopitiam-halal-carrot-cakeNext up at the Local delights stall is the fried carrot cake in white style. The carrot cake in white style simply means carrot cake that is cooked with savoury notes. The other style is the black style which is the sweet version of carrot cake cooked with dark sweet soy sauce with a caramelised flavour. For those who are yearning for a savoury carrot cake, try the carrot cake here.

halal carrot cakeThey use generous amount of beaten egg batter to hold together blocks of bite size white carrot cakes. For $2.50, you get 2 slabs of good size carrot cake to share amongst 2 people. The egg are cooked to a perfect golden brown just enough to release the eggy aroma without the chao dao over the top wok hei bits. Served with a sprinkle of chopped green onions to add a crunch and mild pungent flavour to the cake.

sengkang-square-fried-carrot-cakeWhat makes this carrot cake different from other is the use of preserved cabbage “dong cai” to add flavour to the cake. The chopped “dong cai” is mixed into the carrot cake and given a quick stir fry to bring out the intense umami flavour. Occasionally you will get little crunchy and sour notes from the preserved cabbage which is kind of pleasant in a heavy dish like fried carrot cakes. The chilli is the highlight of this fried carrot cake as it has a strong shrimp flavour and only available upon request.

menu-of-sengkang-square-fried-oyster-omeletteDo pay the Local delights aka Sengkang Square Oyster Omelette stall a visit when you are at the Kopitiam square to try the Halal fried oysters and carrot cakes.

Operating hours:
12am till 11.59pm

Sengkang Square Oyster Omelette (Local Delights)
10 Sengkang Square
Kopitiam Square Sengkang, #01-57,
Singapore 544829

Sengkang Square Oyster Omelette number:

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