Bread Time One Dollar Bread at Sengkang Kopitiam Square

sengkang square kopitiam breadBread Time at Sengkang’s Kopitiam Square is a food court bakery selling bread, cakes, cookies, homemade kaya, Malay Kueh-Kueh , otak-otak, Apam Balik and even Putu Piring.

The bread at Bread Time are going at 3 for SGD $3 daily after 5.30pm according to the cashier. Effectively, it is only a dollar for each bread with filling. The variety of bread that is available at this price is amazing and some are really value for money. The usual prices of this bread go for between $1.10 to $1.60 each. We bought and tried the bread right after paying. Soft and fluffy bread.

kopitiam square sengkang breadThey have more than 30 types of bread, cakes and kueh here. The selection are (whilst stocks last) Hawaiian Pizza, Butter cream bun, Kaya bun, coconut bun, Polo bun, salted egg chicken floss, Coffee boy/w cheese, cheesy Parmesan chicken ham, chicken ham pizza, chicken sausage puff, chicken hotdog pizza, cheese stick, tuna bun, chicken luncheon meat, cream cheese, blueberry cheese, roti butter, Parmesan Butter garlic, chicken hotdog with chilli mayo, slice cheese bun, yam bun, chicken hotdog floss roll, egg and cheese, otah bun, mushroom cheese, curry potato bun, cheese seafood crab meat bun, fried parmesan hotdog bun and many more.

sengkang square foodWhile the hungry dinner crowd snaps up the tasty bread, the bakery staff will replenish the bread with a variety of bread until the stocks runs out for the day. I was torn between which bread to buy as the variety is really quite a lot. I accidentally overheard a conversation between an elderly lady and the staff. The elder lady was lamenting that she was unable to get the burger bun today as it was sold out. The staff informed the elder lady that she could give them a call in advance and she will set aside the bun for the elder lady in the future. I am somehow touched by the thoughtfulness of the staff and how gracious our society has evolved.

bread timeI did not manage to get the curry puff which is also their hot items.

Bread Time sengkang Square KopitiamHot Popular Bread at Bread Times at Kopitiam SengKang Square.

Nonya tapioca cakeNonya Tapioca Kueh – a slice of golden Tapioca kueh baked with real shredded tapioca with no flour added for 1.5 hours. It has a pleasant and strong aroma of coconut fragrance.

tapioca cakeThe kueh is moist and texture of the tapioca fibres is soft and chewy.

tapioca-kuehThe top of the kueh is lightly caramelised and the centre of the kueh has some chewy glutinous texture to it. The cake is extremely rich and very filling. The sweet kueh is the perfect after dinner “dessert”. Pair these with a cup of green tea or tie guan ying tea (black tea) to fully enjoy the aroma of the roasted tapioca and tropical coconut flavour.

Curry Potato Bun – is a soft milk bun filled with curry potato and green peas and topped with cream cheese crater centre.

curry-bun-fillingThe flavour of the curry potato is strong and the potato are cut into cubes and mixed with some famous curry powder, my guess is BABA curry powder. The proportion of the cream cheese crater is well balanced with the amount of curried potato, the salinity of the cheese add some depth to an otherwise pure curry potato bun.

curry bunThe curry potato fillings also have some sweet mustardy onion flavours that add a subtle “sour” tone to it, in a pleasant way. There are also traces of sweet peas to add a nutty sweet flavour to the curry potato bun. The curry potato bun is that of a milk bun with soft, slightly sweet and springy texture.

Cheese Cake – is a fluffy bar of moist melt in the mouth cake. The cake is extremely pillowy and crumbles easily. It is sold in a transparent wrapper because it is so fragile. The texture of the cake is smooth and the flavour of the cheese is not overpowering.

Cheese-cakeCheck out the air pockets in the cheese cake, these are the tell tale signs of a light cake that is not overly rich and leave you feeling gelak after eating it.

roti boy coffee bunCoffee Boy w/ Cheese – is dome shaped bun with a browned speckled crumbly coat that does not do it justice. The bun has a mild aroma coffee flavour without the bitterness and you can be assured you will not have caffeine smelling pee after eating. The brown top is nicely caramelised and forms a thin cakey coat top to the croissant like interior.

coffee-boy-cheeseThe texture of the bun is more on the rough side and is a stark contrast to the creamy cheddar cheese filling. The section of the bun shows a hidden universe of melted cheddar cheese core. It is a pleasant surprise finding this hidden cheese core. I marvelled at how pretty the hollow cheese cave is formed during baking.

fried-hotdog-parmesan-breadFried Parmesan Hotdog Bun – is a deep fried breaded roll around a chicken hotdog. The bread dough is lightly breaded with fine bread crumbs like panko. The bread has the texture of a doughnut and is not as greasy as it looks.

At first sight, many will be sceptical as the usual perception of fried items is oily and soggy. It will still have traces of grease but within acceptable limits in this bun. The bun encased a layer of parmesan cheese with chicken hotdog in the center. The parmesan cheese gives it a chewy creamy texture with the savoury springy hotdog. The coating is light, fine and airy. This is worth your calories if you are counting them.

Hawaiian pizza breadChicken Ham Pizza – is a palm size pizza made with bread dough. Enjoy it with a fizzy drink. This pizza has the basic ingredients of a pizza – the ham, cheese, savoury tomato sauce and the pineapples chunks.

As this is made with bread dough, the base of the pizza is not as crispy as we wish it could be. However, the savoury briny chicken ham and honeyed sour pineapple chunks make up for it. The cheese has a chewy bite to it and adds to the briny flavour of the ham. It is a party of the sweet and the savoury.

Buns are packed in a translucent bag for takeaway. If you want to do your part for the environment, do bring your own container or box.

Here’s an added bonus to contactless payment using the Kopitiam card. The total damage for 6 bread amount to under $6. Stay safe and save too.

kopitiam square malay kueh bread timeSee you at the Bread Time at Sengkang Square kopitiam soon.

Kopitiam Square Opening hours
7.30am to 10.30pm (3 for $3 deal after 5.30pm)

Bread Time Malay Kueh
10 Sengkang Square, Kopitiam square, #01-36
Singapore 544829

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