OverEat Buffet At Marina One Singapore with Oysters, Sashimi & Hotpot

overeatOvereat buffet at Marina One is a popular international buffet with oysters, sashimi & hotpot on its menu. You can enjoy cooked food at their hot stations cooked in various styles. Seafood on ice, charcoal barbecued meats, sashimi, sushi, Japanese shabu shabu hotpot, shucked for you live oysters and the wide spread of hotel style buffet line are the highlights in this buffet. They are currently having a 5+1 promotion* for dinner session, T & C applies.

overeat buffet menuOvereat buffet menu consists of various stations that make up a continuous stretch of buffet line that hugs the main dining hall. Starting from the entrance, is the drinks bar where you add on $3.90++ for free flow dispenser drinks such as soda, fruit cordials, coffee and Milo. Ala carte draft beer on tap, soju, sake and bottle booze are also available.

overeat buffet price reviewsOvereat buffet price starts from $36.80++ for dinner and from $26.80++ for lunch. Here are our Overeat reviews after trying their dinner buffet to help you navigate this buffet feast. We were there for their dinner session that opens at 5.30pm on a weekday. The first impression upon entering, is the long buffet line with a hotel style display that unfolds. It is lined with hot steaming food in casserole dishes on heaters and heat lamps, tiers of pastry and bakes, a colourful sushi bar, a large ice bed of seafood and shabu shabu meats and so much more.

overeat-popular-buffetThis is the most popular station at this Overeat Buffet – The Japanese food Live Station, sashimi and oyster bar. This is an all you can eat buffet where oysters, sashimi and sushi are free flow. Enjoy some elegant display of their Sushi Chef slicing up fresh salmon sashimi at this Japanese food live station.

sushi buffetIn this buffet, there are various maki and sushi rolls for you to pick and choose to create your own platter of sushi charcuterie board. The type of maki and sushi are on a rotated menu with unagi sushi, California roll, ebi mayo maki, salmon roe sushi, avocado cheese salmon roll, aburi salmon sushi, inari sushi with ikura, mentaiko salad and so much more.

overeat japanese buffetAt Overeat’s Japanese Buffet Bar live station, the sashimi are served as soon as they are sliced up. Thick slices of salmon sashimi are kept fresh in a display chiller in front of the sushi, you can get them from the sushi chef manning it. These are moist and freshly cut salmon sashimi that melts in the mouth with a buttery texture.

oystersGet your shuck-for-you live oysters served in plate of 3s, freshly sliced thick cut salmon sashimi by their sushi chef and assortment of sushi. The live oysters are served in sessions, when the first session of oysters are over, you can go for the next session. The second session begins when the chef complete shucking the live oysters to last another session. The oysters are moist, briny and plump, best enjoyed with a wedge of lemon or some Tabasco.

char-grilled-meatNext head over to the charcoal BBQ specials where the charcoal BBQ live station is. Get char grilled seafood and meats here. Check with the BBQ chef what is the meat and seafood of the day available for the bbq grill and let them grill for you, return to collect when the meat is ready. If you love char-grilled food, do give this a try. They have bbq steak, scallop and oysters on a rotated menu.

bbq meatAt the same BBQ station, there is a meat carving board where you can cut your own steak from a slab of smoked beef brisket. The brisket is tender, juicy and well seasoned. Be sure to cut against the grain and not along the grain to enjoy the best texture.

black pepper sauceEnjoy your bbq grills and roast with hot savoury black pepper sauce, truffle mushroom sauce and a side of smooth velvety mashed potatoes in a hot water bath. You can also get the perfect pairings such as pesto fusilli with olive & cheese, handmade thin crust pizza, roasted vegetables, hot truffle mushroom soup and a salad, to go with your meats.

Pick your own shabu shabu meat and seafood from their ice bed. These delicate ribbons of beef and pork of varying portion of lean meats and fats. Iberico pork and beef are sliced fresh by the butcher. They are displayed like heaps of glorious meat mountains on their ice beds.

overeat hotpot buffetAt Overeat, you also get to enjoy a hotpot available at every table. Each table is equipped with an empty hotpot and a portable stove, you need to choose and get your soup base from the soup station. Soup choices available for shabu shabu hotpot are tonkotsu, shoyu sukiyaki and herbal soup.  Enjoy a meat and seafood galore moment and hotpot everything.

Head over to their assorted seafood on ice with various shellfish, fish, squid, cuttlefish and prawn. Our top pick is their sweet vannamei prawn, which is fresh, sweet and crunchy. There are also various hotpot ingredients such as surimi, dumpling, cheese tofu, meat balls, seafood balls, udons and more. For some fresh greens, they also have an upright display chiller near the sushi bar. Check out their condiment counter with up to 25 assorted dips for your hotpot meats.

mala crawfishThere are also various cooked seafood in international style such as BBQ cheese scallop, baked mentaiko scallop, local zichar style chilli flower crab, assam curry fish head, mala crawfish (pictured above), pan fried cheese saba steak, sambal whole fillet, Cantonese steamed fish with shallots oil and so much more. These are prepared by their in-house experienced Malaysian Chinese cuisine chef.

pork ribsYou can get various ready to eat meat dishes from their hot station buffet line such as black pepper pork belly stew that is tender, fatty and melt in your mouth. Pork and tomato stew was a hearty indulgence. Honeyed bbq pork ribs (pictured above) are caramelised and tender.  Sweet & sour lemon chicken, German pork knuckles, Chinese pork belly and some other sinful indulgence.

overeat popular singapore buffetHead over to Overeat buffet at Marina One in Singapore to enjoy an amazing hotel style buffet line with live station, live station teppanyaki, salad bar & bakery, sushi and sashimi buffet, international cuisines of Chinese, Italian, Indo, Japanese and more. With over 80 food items on their menu, it is time to overeat and let the feast begin. Great location for large gathering in a prestige location in the heart of Marina One.

LATEST UPDATES as of 12 Jan :
The Promo below only applicable if one of the diner’s birthday fall on the month of January for the month of Jan 2024.
From 1-30 Jan 2024
Overeat Promotion 5+1 where 6 adults dine in, only pay for 5 & one eats free, excludes Eve and PH (for dinner buffet only. T & C applies)

Address of Overeat:
5 Straits View, Marina One West Tower, #02-04, Singapore 018935
For reservation, pls call: 8876 0098/ 3138 5314

Price of Overeat Buffet
Mon to Thurs Lunch
Adult: $26.80++
Kids: $19.80++

Mon to Thurs Dinner
Adult: $36.80++
Kids: $29.80++

Fri to Sun Lunch
Adult: $29.80++
Kids: $22.80++

Fri to Sun Dinner
Adult: $39.80++
Kids: $32.80++

PH/PH Eve/Festive/Festive Eve Lunch
Adult: $31.80++
Kids: $25.80++

PH/PH Eve/Festive/Festive Eve Dinner
Adult: $42.80++
Kids: $35.80++
Note : 1-6 FOC, 7-12 kids/child price

Drinks not included, add on free flow drinks: $3.90++ each
Full spread of buffet items is available for dinner buffet only.
Buffet items are always changing and might differ from what is shown.

Opening Hours:
Lunch 12pm to 2.30pm (last order 2.15pm)
Dinner 5.30pm to 10pm (last order 9.15pm)

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