Jin Ho Mia Alaskan Crab Hotpot

jin-ho-mia-alasakan-crab-soloJin Ho Mia has ceased operation. Have you tried Alaskan crab before?

jin-ho-miaOr Jin Ho Mia’s Tok Kong pot and Ah Boy Pot?

jin-ho-mia-alasakan-crab-and-tok-kong-potAt Jin Ho Mia, they have a Tok Kong Pot ($48.80),  top up ($16) for a full Alaskan crab in a Chinese hotpot. Tok Kong in dialect simply means superb and out of this world. This pot has garnered a lot of media attention recently, featured by U-weekly and some other publications. Fuelled by our curiosity, we have decided to give it a try too.

jin-ho-mia-fish-brothAs the name of the pot implies, expect a lot of ingredients in the pot.

jin-ho-mia-crab-stickAlaskan crab legs, flower clams, 2 tiger prawns, snow crab sticks, 4 fingers of roasted pork, long cabbages, xiao bai cai, enoki mushroom, tau gua, tau kee, 1 onsen egg, 1 raw egg and a portion of instant noodle. Enjoy all these in their signature fish broth.

jin-ho-mia-cheese-on-tok-kong-potHowever, for an adventurous eater, you could order their other soup base (tom yum, cheese, chicken and tomato). This pot is good for 2 pax, however if you are really hungry, this pot is also good for one.

jin-ho-mia-alasakan-crabDo order some steam rice ($2) to go with the hotpot, to fully enjoy the broth. This pot reminds me of the comfort food made by my own granny. Traditional fish broth and homely ingredients, best enjoyed on a rainy day.

jin-ho-mia-barley-drinkThe homemade barely tea ($2.80) is very nostalgic. I like it as it is not overly sweet and of the correct consistency.

jin-ho-mia-ngoh-hiangAlso recommended is Ah Ma Homemade Ngoh Hiang($9.80). Crispy skin with a good amount of fillings. This is a recipe passed down from the owner’s grandmother.

jin-ho-mia-ah-boy-potIf you are a meat lover, the Ah Boy Pot ($33.80) will appeal to you more. This is like a Chinese version of army stew. Pork balls, lobster balls, bacon, 4 fingers of roasted pork, luncheon meat, chicken chipolata, long cabbage, xiao bai cai, enoki mushroom, tau gua, tau kee, one onsen egg, 1 raw egg and a portion of instant noodle. Try their tomato soup base to compliment the ingredients. We added a portion of freshly cut tomatoes to enhance the soup base further. The result was a tangy and flavourful thick broth.

jin-ho-mia-sauceFor dipping sauce, you can customise from the variety of condiments available.

Jin Ho Mia is having an opening promotion for Ah Boy Pot at $28.80 until further notice.
This comes with a free plate of abalone slices for every preset hotpot ordered while stocks last. Do check with them if the offer is still available before heading over.

jin-ho-mia-shop-frontDrop by Jin Ho Mia today for the homely hotpot.
*The fish spout pot is provided by Jin Ho Mia and pot may not be available.

Opening Hours
11.30 am- 3.30pm (only serve lunch bowls)
5.30pm-10.00pm (only serve hotpots)
Weekends 11.30am -10pm (only serve hotpots)

[Restaurant ceased operation]

460 Alexandra Road #02-20
Singapore 119963
Linked to Labrador Park MRT

6352 7725

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