Ikea Chicken Wings Are Back in Singapore

ikea chicken wingsReporting from IKEA Tampines at 9.15am, crowds gathered at the three entrances into IKEA. What are these people waiting for? They are visibly excited about something.

Ikea chicken wings singapore
Yes! IKEA chicken wings. IKEA Chicken Wings lover cry no more, they are back today!

Ikea chicken wings singapore $1
From 3rd to 7th July 2017, the wings will be sold at only $1 each (limited to 12 pieces per person) for dine-in customers. Available at both Alexandra and Tampines outlets. This is an offer too good to miss.

kids running for ikea chicken wings
At 9.30 am, two security guards release the lock to the auto door and happy feet are scrambling into the lift. The lift landed, unleashing an army of hungry chicken wing lovers rushing into the IKEA restaurant.

ikea chicken wings flying off tray
The cooks are all ready and stationed at the counter as snaking queues begin to form. The trays of wings are literally flying off the counters within a couple of minutes. We can conclude that the wings are dearly missed by most of the IKEA chicken wings lovers.

On 19 May 2017, IKEA announced that they will stop selling Singapore all-time favourite chicken wings at both of their outlets from 23 May 2017 following comments that the standards for wings have dropped. 19 May 2017 is black Friday for IKEA chicken wings lovers.

The IKEA chicken wing lovers gathered in strength on the last day – 22 May 2017. Long queues were formed as they bid farewell to their beloved chicken wings. IKEA promises to bring back the chicken wings after they have improved the chicken wings to meet their customers’ satisfaction.

ikea tampines
Yes, IKEA kept their promise! The chicken wings are back after 41 days of wait! We were the first 10 customers to get our hands on the chicken wings.

ikea chicken wings dive in
Happily seated under the cosy light, we can’t wait to dive into the wings. Warning, the wings are piping hot from the tray.

ikea chicken wings golden brown
They are cooked to a lovely golden brown perfection .

ikea chicken wings crispy skin
The crackling skin is super crispy.

ikea chicken wings tender
Meat is tender and juices bubble out from the glistening flesh.

ikea chicken wings meaty twist
They are certainty meaty.

ikea chicken wings juicy
Oozing with the goodness of clear chicken juice. Savoury and not too salty.

ikea chicken wings cartoage
The cartilages on the end of chicken bones are crunchy. Yummy. This is definitely worth the wait and best value for money. The wings are improvised from the new original recipe with 48-hrs marination.

Old ikea chicken wings
As seen above, the chicken wings of the old recipe are dry and skinny.

ikea new chicken wings
Above are the wings from the new original recipe. The new IKEA chicken wings win the old version hands down.

From today onwards, IKEA will do regular food tasting test and feedback to their supplier on a monthly basis. We are confident that IKEA can uphold the current standard of the chicken wings for years to come.

What is going home from IKEA without a good plate of wings besides the designer merchandise? These chicken wings have completed the IKEA experience.

How To Get To IKEA?
IKEA provide free bus shuttle services to both Tampines and Alexandra outlets. For their schedule, you can get from here.

IKEA Restaurant Operating hours
Alexandra: 9.00am – 10pm (daily)
Tampines:  9.30am – 10.30pm (weekdays)
9.00am – 10.30pm (weekends/PH)

*Note that the IKEA furniture stores’ operating hours are different from their restaurants. This is not a sponsored post.

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