10 dollars log cake

This is a hack for a log cake under $10 for every Christmas from now onwards.
cheap log cake in singaporeIt will only take you no more than 10 minutes to complete a Christmas log cake with this no fail hack.

First of all, we need to purchase the following ingredients for this log cake hack. We need butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla essence, milk, a Swiss roll and reuse some past Christmas cake toppers.

Measure the ingredients and set them aside for use. For the frosting you need 200g block of Butter at room temperature, 300g of icing sugar, 3tbsp cocoa powder, 1tsp vanilla essences and 1tbsp of milk. To prepare the frosting for the log cake, you need a stand mixer with a paddle attachment.

Step 1 is to beat the butter in the mixer bowl on high speed till it is light, airy and become a pale shade of yellow.

Step 2 is to add half of the icing sugar into the butter and gradually increase the speed while beating the batter. Start from low to high speed beating to avoid a cloud of flying icing sugar on your face. Add the remaining of the icing sugar and continue beating the batter till the butter and sugar is almost combined.

Step 3 is to add in the cocoa powder and gradually increase the speed while beating the batter. You may add in the vanilla essence and the milk at this stage. Beat till all the ingredients are combined.

Scrap down the sides of the mixer bowl as and when necessary to aid the process.

The finished chocolate frosting should be light, fluffy and spreadable. If the frosting is too stiff, you can add in another tablespoon of milk to loosen it up.

Bring out the Swiss roll from the freezer. Frosting on a frozen Swiss roll is easier and prevents too much crumbs from dislodging from the roll while we work on it. Smudge a dollop of chocolate frosting on the turntable and put the Swiss roll on it. This helps to anchor the Swiss roll while we work on the frosting.

Work from the top of the Swiss roll and gradually spread it to the sides.

Spread the chocolate frosting using a flat spatula all over the Swiss roll. The more time you go over the frosting, the smoother it will be. However do bear in mind to work quickly as the frosting get harder to spread as it is ‘drying” up at room temperature.

When the Swiss roll is completely frosted with the chocolate buttercream, we are ready to create the texture of a bark for this log cake with the tips of a fork.

TUse your creativity to mimic the bark of a log.

Finish off the log cake with some reused Christmas log cake toppers and icing sugar to create a snowy Christmas log cake. There you have it, a log cake under $10.

Homemade log cake – decorated with chocolate buttercream and a delicious vanilla Swiss roll.

Enjoy Christmas this year without burning a hole in your pocket for this special festive season. HoHoHo, merry Christmas grinches.

Recipe for chocolate log cake and how the maths works out.
200g block of Butter at $1.72 (1 block of butter 250 g @ $2.15)
300 gram of icing at $1.17 (1 bag of 500g @$1.95)
3tbsp (22.14g) cocoa powder @ $0.69 (100g bottle @$3.10)
1tsp (5ml) vanilla essences @ $0.24 (26ml bottle @$1.25)
1tbsp (15ml) of milk @ $0.08 (1 pack of 4x125ml milk@$2.50)
1 vanilla Swiss roll from Prima Deli for $5.50.

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