Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy Crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼 – First Chinese Sichuan Restaurant In Sengkang Singapore With BBQ Meat

Tai Er Grilled Fish Fragrant Spicy CrabTai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼 is a newly opened Chinese restaurant selling Sichuan grilled fish in Compass One, Sengkang on the 16 October 2020. Tai Er originated from Shanghai in 2015 with branches in Shenzhen too that aims to serve the best grilled fish with pickles in China and hopefully Sengkang, Singapore. They have a total of 10 flavours of grilled fish on Tai Er menu. Their popular dish is grilled fish with pickled mustard greens and Tai Er grilled fish with bean curd. They also have a full range of famous Chinese dish such as cold mixed food aka appetisers/starters 凉菜 , stir fry dishes, Mains, barbecue meats, homemade desserts and drinks.

Tai Er Grilled Fish Fragrant Spicy Crab Compass OneTai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼is located on level 2 of Compass One next to the very popular authentic Thai cuisine restaurant Nakhon Kitchen. There is a greeter at the entrance to guide you through their menu and make recommendation based on your preference.


Tai-Er-Grilled-Fish-Fragrant-Spicy-Crab-menuFrom Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼 menu, choice of 4 types of fish such as Seabass, gold seabass, qingjiang or lingbo. We choose the seabass for our grills in view of the price and the flavour is actually less earthy.

Sichuan-grilled-fish-with-picklesMany regular patrons of Tai Er Grilled fish actually claims that the pickles are the highlight of the grilled fish. According to Tai Er, the pickles are handmade from whole mustard green sealed with premium mineral water in traditional Sichuan pickling crocks for one month. These are then used in the grilled fish with pickles dish.

If you do order their signature grilled fish with pickles老坛子酸菜鱼, there is also a signage in manga style on how you can fully enjoy the experience of eating a grilled pickled fish. Step 1 is to eat the fish with soup, step 2 enjoy the pickle atop the steamed rice and lastly enjoy the clear soup.


Tai Er Grilled Fish Fragrant Spicy Crab deliveryTai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼 has an interesting set of house rules and slogans that tickles when you actually read them. Like 吃鱼有讲究,烤鱼不讲究 which loosely translate as – be particular about eating fish as well as grilling fish. Tai Er is also available for delivery but without the warmers.

Tai er house rule from China Shenzhen ShanghaiThere is also a table sign that to warn you to hands off your mobile phone while you eat the fish. Did we just walk into a concentration camp or some sort of army training grounds? At Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab restaurant in Shenzhen or Shanghai, China, these teaser signages are common. They even have house rules that says no gathering of more than 4 pax, cannot join tables, no takeaways and not to fall for the charismatic staffs. Seems like they have foreseen the needs of our times except that now is not more than a party of 5 pax. Despite the oppressive signs, the staffs there are actually quite friendly.

fish-theme-mala-restaurantTastefully decorated in contemporary fish themed style with a cosy ambience that sings to the tune of some delicious Chinese style spicy mala grilled fish in the house.


Sway to some Canto-pop hits projected on the wall while you enjoy your meal since karaoke is out for the time being. The surround sound system here is commendable and is an added bonus to the experience of dining in Tai Er. 

review of grilled fish in Tai ErHere’s how the Tai Er grilled fish with pickled mustard greens looks like on the menu. The other popular dish is the Tai Er grilled fish with bean curd 太二豆花烤魚 which is ordered for review.

tai er grilled fish with bean curdTai Er grilled fish with bean curd 太二豆花烤魚 comes with four wedges of bean curd.

tau huay grilled fish in sengkangThe “tau huay” refers to bean curd not the soft soy bean type of curd, just to clarify. Besides the whole grilled fish, it also comes with some other ingredients such as cabbages, bean curd skin, potato noodles, peanuts and some black fungus.

The grilled fish is served on warmers that are a little too ferocious. The flames are literally licking the edges of the grilled fish tray and somehow this is a teething problem that the boss is trying to resolve. But fret not, the licking flames will be out in a minute or two. You can begin to enjoy a piping hot pot of grilled fish.

seabass-in-spicy-chilliThe grilled seabass fish is relatively fresh and has firm succulent meat. Cooked just to the right texture and pairs well with the spicy gravy.

mala-grilled-fish-compassoneThe grilled fish has a good amount of spices such as dried chilli pepper with seeds, peppercorns and chilli oil to give it a good kick in term of heat – taste equivalent of a mala stew.

These refreshing drinks with lemon wedge come as a relief to the heat that is building up as you polish the fish off its tray.

Stew peach gum with white fungus ($3.80) – had to get this after the meal to end it on a sweet note. The personal bowl of dessert is rich with peach gum and soft melty white fungus. It is an enjoyable bowl of not overly sweet dessert that is also good for your skin with a silky gooey texture.

tai er grilled fish with bean curdHere is a full menu of Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼 with an amazing range of Chinese Sichuan style food to choose from and this is the first Sichuan food restaurant in Sengkang too!

Here’s the menu for Tai Er barbecued food, dessert and drinks.

Tai-Er-Grilled-Fish-Fragrant-Spicy-Crab-compassone-sengkang-SingaporeSee you soon at Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼in Sengkang Compass One when your cravings for authentic Sichuan grilled fish and Chinese cuisines come knocking.

Opening hours:
10am -10pm Daily

Tai Er Grilled Fish, Fragrant Spicy Crab 太二烤鱼 香辣蟹 老坛子酸菜鱼Location :
Compass One
Sengkang Square, #02-31, Singapore 545078

Tel:  80280328 , 97248774

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