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Sex with prostitute in Singapore Hotel and Died

Tan Hock Soon, a odd-job old man, 63, died while having hot sex with a prostitute, 30s, in a budgt hotel in Geylang Lorong 10.

The prostitute claims that he suddenly fainted and fell off the bed. She alerted the hotel staff. Whats cool is that she covered up his private part before she left the room.

Taunted with Sex Details and Kills Wife

At Blk 64, Commonwealth Drive, Oon Oon Sang Tee , 48, strangled his wife, Madam Seetoh Pui Yeen, 37, to death while lying in bed. He didnt mean it but his wife forced him to kill her.

Few days ago, his wife taunted him with her sex experience with another man. He was willing to forgive her. But then she keep doing it again. Everytime in bed, she will tell Oon Sang Tee about her lover and how they made love. Oon Oon was not charged with murder. He was jailed 4 1/2 years for culpable homicide.
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Singapore Cyber Sex Club, Chinatown Brothel Raided

Two weeks ago, the Singapore Cyber Sex Club was raided. You can only join this club by invitation only. You can only access information on sex activities and services provided at the chinatown brothel through the internet.

The brothel was ran secretly like any other shophouse. It has up to 100 members and you need a secret password to enter their website.

Still remember the sex massage parlour at Neil Road? Yes, the girls are wearing the same dress at Chinatown! Air stewardesses, race queens, nurses, doctors, air stewardesses, office ladies and school girls.

But everything came to an end when someone blew the whisper. There must be some other singapore sex place hidden from the police, singapore perverts are always on a look out for these ‘hot’ place.

Tammy Video Singapore Part 5

This is the last part of the Singapore Tammy Video. The sex scandal heatness has come to an end and this will be the last video and last post on the nyp sex scandal. Enjoy the ending video. Read the rest of this entry »

Tammy Singapore Sex Scandal Victim Speaks Up

Seems like the scandal has hit many girls, especially those that have filmed their own sex video. According to the New Paper, one girl named Janet who once had filmed herself having sex with her boyfriend speaks up for the victim of the latest sex scandal.

So why did she allow her boyfriend to film it?

    ‘When you share something so intimate with someone else, it sort of strengthens your emotional bond. Filming it just shows how much you love and trust him.”

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NYP Tammy Sex Scandal Video For You

Hi singapore perverts, dont bother looking elsewhere for Part3 of tammy video. Someone made 100blogs which directs you round and round and round. View the latest singapore scandal version here! Enjoy! Now you can stop asking me for Tammy Video! Dont worry, it is not virus.
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Singapore Sex Scandal, Nanyang Polytechnic

This is the second Nanyang Poly Sex Scandal. The last time was about a lecturer having sex with the student… This year it is about this young 17 year old NYP (Nanyang Polytechnic) singapore girl, Tammy. She took videos of her sex session with her boyfriend with her handphone and it was stolen. It was reported that it was a girl who stole the handphone and distributed the video to students and lecturers. Police are investigating the case and the singapore girl that stole the handphone and distributed it will face the law. This is nothing in the western part of the world. But when such things happen in Singapore, oh well…you know. Why are people so interested in this Tammy thing?

Is it because Tammy is young?
Is it because of her boyfriend?
Is it because of her body?
Is it because singaporeans are perverts?
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Singapore Porn Girl Arrested

She is a 47 year old Chinese national who has been convicted twice in Singapore for selling porn vcd in three different identity. She was jailed once before. Now she based her operations from a rented room of a shophouse in Block 148, Potong Pasir Avenue 1. Last June, the police seized a few thousand pirated movices and more than 100 cartons of illegal cigarettes.

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Illegal Singapore Prostitutes Arrested

Picture source: Shin Min Daily

Seems like the police force is out to remove illegal sex trade from our streets. Just a day after the police raided a Sex Massage Parlour on Neil Road, 7 illegal prostitutes were arrested. Read the rest of this entry »

Singapore Sex Massage Parlour Raided

Picture source: The New Paper

An illegal Singapore Sex Massage Parlour on Neil Road was raided by the police yesterday evening. Singapore sex freaks have to strike off this place from their diary of sex visits.

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